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  1. Matchu's Avatar
    Cor, bad day for the world of one. Shake it off...
  2. Matchu's Avatar
    Dreadful error in final 2 clauses had to go...as I said in Masterblog...only requires 200 filler words, a storyline, and ending.
  3. Matchu's Avatar
    I listened to it for a second time, and am less gripped by self-consciousness [hew]. Story begins at 20' into the recording.


    Oh, it's wonderful you are pursuing life-writing, @Pip.

    It is true that a lot of my writes are autobiographical, but are always twisted [in my mind] toward awkwardness, the silly perspective, the 'play' version. I sit there drafting...and the most difficult aspect to comprehend...is how...after agonising to produce the most ridiculous and concise version...how the prose or voice...is received completely at odds [almost] from my intention. That's the handover from writer to reader. And that does happen. That's kind of magical how in pursuit of entertaining the reader you come around toward something sincere. This still confuses, and I suppose is an ambition, and a learning curve about how people read. [pompous me]

    It happened with Harry DJ, it happened before with a silly short I wrote about a lunatic shooting bees with an air rifle. An old gentleman in the audience (of ten) described it as "man's struggle with the human condition." Well, I suppose it was, but I never realised. Don't tell anybody.

    Good luck with your stuff, I would enjoy a 1000 word 'trade' any time you say. All best, Mat

    [Post needs 'unravelling,' I was all blubbbablubbbablubbba...]
    Updated November 5th, 2020 at 05:58 PM by Matchu
  4. Matchu's Avatar
    Hi Pip,

    Thanks so much for listening...I’ll type properly tomorrow , late shift, I was ‘at work’ during the interview.

    See you,

  5. PiP's Avatar
    Hi Matt, after several attempts I finally managed to tune in. Good story and interesting interview. I like the idea of the fictionalised life story. And WOW! already at 200,000 words. Is it now complete ready for editing? I think you said you were going to try and cut it down to about 70,000 words. As the presenter said you do have an ineresting reading voice which, in my opinion, holds the listensers interest. Maybe you should publish as an audio book.

    I've been writing something similiar over the last year. Digging deep into the recesses of the memory can be quite painful at times and hilarious at others. Looking back I think it would be interesting to rewrite the story exploring different paths and outcomes.

    I am only at about 70,000 words and still lots to write. How long has your creative memoir taken you to complete?
    Updated November 4th, 2020 at 11:53 PM by PiP
  6. Matchu's Avatar

    twenty minutes in - my narration - and interview follows which was ‘okay’ - bit of a dumb wormhole with the memoir, can’t be helped [precious].
  7. Matchu's Avatar
    Cripes, got told off again on the sci-fi forum. S’pose I shouldn’t be on the sci-fi forum. At least, I didn’t disparage sci-fi this time. Called for a ‘banning of comedy’ and ‘only professional or volunteer writers’ in the ‘contest’ and that the kindly reviews were simply ‘horoscopes.’ I mean, a real telling off, proper slap down. I must be some kind of germ.
  8. Matchu's Avatar
    My god that is awful
  9. Matchu's Avatar

    tha one's gone, back to Drysailorboy
    Updated November 19th, 2020 at 07:19 PM by Matchu
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