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  1. The cocktail of despair

    The cocktail of despair [ADULT SWEARING ADVISION]

    The Cocktail of Despair.
    Trouble brewed in our airs.
    • Chastisement of wife for her securement of obese Christmas tree.
    • Supermarket pizza.

    ‘Firstly You buy a fat Christmas tree, and then, woman, expect me to dine upon Sainsbury’s staff spread pizza? Do you want me to die?’ I said not unreasonably after my six day endurance of night shifting at the psychiatric pole.
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  2. Slice of Diary

    Slice of Diary

    The foghorn moans through the white sky.

    The land is grey, of pebble-dash, and is saturated and sad. Both man and a dog scamper over cliff top before the fall, and there unseen at the base of a cliff lies the cagoule, his face placed in the stones. The dog barks, mad, bad, back and forth he climbs the cliff face, chases obscene scent of nothing, chases his tail.

    ‘Over here, good boy,’ I cry from my window ledge, yet the fog occludes [hew]

    This is home where I scribble. Sometimes I live there a lot. When things are rocky I close the site down, like when I embarrass myself, y'know, or when the despair rings my every rocking. In my rocker. My rocker ringed in black ribbon, black dog at my knee, black Peter visiting once a year, Black Betty every night, black powder piled in my cellar.


    Love, Betty
  4. Christmas Dinner 2020

    Christmas Dinner 2020

    by brightonsauce

    dr1, 20 minutes, will transform toward great novel, in literature. Group gargle scene is presently in progress…

    Christmas Dinner 2020

    Ethel and Frank stood in the porch, the many wrapped gifts at their feet.

    ‘Well Ethel, finally, and finally the opportunity to dispense these fine boxes from Amazon.’

    ‘From Santa,’ chided Ethel. ‘We made it, Honey for Christmas with the family.’

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    My short story 'Big Dog In Persia' will be broadcast on the Harry Whitaker Show, BBC Radio York, tomorrow evening 4th November at about 19:30 GMT, I think. I'm interviewed 'live' at 7.45 - so that will be horrific, obvs...

    So, that's good, eh? They had me in the studios back in February, the night of the first English COVID case, in York. That time I read 'Mudland.' Should really get Mudland published, and my Big Dog.

    All best,

  6. Flash Fiction Online Reject 2 [Adult themes, drugs]

    I believe this one to be inferior even. Needs work on the tempo, the defs, indef, and punchline issues. I'll have a poke about now the family [1] is watching television.

    His blood felt chunky: sensation of the minestrone circulating toward his aortic valve; this blood slopped along the heart corridor, sludged into his black heart, and only a tiny lump of blood ever reached the brain. Even when lying down Master was light-headed, in the brain.

    He smoked his cigarette, ...

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  7. Daddy Great Relief in Draft 1

    Distilled, my character blended, and churned, addition, the dash [tabasco, bucket splash @ 50%] of the English aristocracy crazy horse, so-called. And the result was a boy child raised properly at the turn of this century.
    ‘Hooray,’ I cried for those first eighteen years, and I cried for the next eight.
    I am crying today.
    For several months now the telephone calls:
    ‘I have no shoes, it is snowing. What are you going to do about this, you old bastard. I am sleeping in dustbins ...

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  8. Blog births [language warning]

    Matty owned a pro-blog for many years, it made me, and him, very very very very poorly.

    Arisen anew we thought to beta-test this here WF facility, see how men might arise together, we might re-indulge art-form toward mutual delights alone at the screen face...


    I am...in

    writing diary.

    1. Seems like Crust still have my manuscript in progress.

    2. Meanwhile sub-ed Q has not replied to short version 6000 story, ...

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