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  1. Sean


    Heís mostly on time
    no matter the weather
    no jacket no gloves
    he likes the cold

    Like an energized bunny
    he dances in place
    to his own special beat
    waiting outside
    for his big yellow ride

    Pacing, smiling, earbuds in place
    humming his sound
    head facing down
    his eyes seldom rise
    as people walk by
    dogs stop and stare
    a light from within
    shines joy in his world
    oblivious ...
  2. Pick Your Own Title

    Ebony eyed,
    raven black hair
    curled to the shoulder
    next to his ear

    Prominent nose
    modest dark beard
    neatly surrounding
    a friendly wide smile

    Flawless white teeth
    invites conversation
    discussions debates
    critics contention

    His sense of humor
    flows on all levels
    sophomoric, cerebral
    silly and rye

    Doubters, complainers
    jesters and true
    hearted companions ...
  3. Send in the Clouds

    I see a mouse
    in the grey bellied clouds
    the wind blows
    mouse becomes a rat
    billows pass above me
    ears begin to spread
    advance the rat to possum
    ten and ten seconds eastbound
    cumulus mash potatoes
    possum charms the dove
  4. If I Could

    This was co-authored with JC LaMaster
    originally 7-11-17 revised 3-1-18

    If I knew what was ahead of me
    Iíd walk backwards
    Iíd take a right turn at the sign of pain
    and walk on down the line

    If I knew what was ahead of me
    Iíd find another way
    Iíd walk the hills
    kick every stone
    so I could breathe and get back home

    If I knew what was ahead of me
    Iíd walk backwards
    slow to awaken, not being alone
  5. Paradelle Form

    This is a modern form of poetry,
    created as a parody, mocking the
    Villanelle form. The original formís
    lines are intended to be nonsense.
    I have taken a slightly serious approach...
    tell me what you think.

    Always Forever

    Death passed away
    Death passed away
    Lost in her ages
    Lost in her ages
    Passed ages lost
    Away in her death

    Will you meet me on the other side
    Will you meet me on the other side ...
  6. Adele

    This was written for my friend Adele,
    and with her encouragement, now
    shared with you.

    You gave it your all
    you gave your best
    Itís not your fault
    Itís time to rest

    Rest from the stress
    that guided your life
    distance yourself from
    turmoil and strife

    You tried to fix something
    that didnít want to be fixed
    and over the years
    thereís been plenty of tricks

    Create a new home
  7. Saturday

    Morningís first shadows
    striped sunshine white walls
    hot coffee, warm kiss
    hum your soliloquy
    I cherish your mind
  8. How to Change the World

    If we are all energy and energy flows
    and surrounds us
    the Earth then is energy also as is
    everything on her, in her and around
    her...every form, ever seen, everyday
    Earth now needs positive reinforcement
    more than ever
    Love, to feed her amongst the greedy
    opportunists that exploit her
    What can be done to heal her?
    The power of one
    The power of intent
    What kind of energy?
    How much energy must be projected? ...
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