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  1. Smith 'n Wesson

    I should emphasize that this is more fiction based on my reality.


    Take a good hard look. This is a Smith and Wesson, J frame, defensive revolver. Did they ask me, why a guy like me bought the thing? Nope. They just told me, well you don't look like a criminal, here have this gun. I threw four hundred dollars at the man behind the counter and now just look at it. Dark, steel frame. It's speaking to me.

    My life been the ...
  2. Repeating Cycles of Pain

    I am not doing good. Depression is taking me away. I am suffocating in toxicity. And I am alone. In pain.

    I want more than what I have. I am working and fighting for what I want. But it seems so far away and I keep living without even the basic needs. A comfortable home. A loving relationship with friends. A stable financial situation. Even food sometimes. That's all I ask, those basic needs.

    I need to feel important to people.

    I need to feel like I can do ...
  3. An Actual Thought.....Wuuuuh

    Not sure if this is random or not. Still.

    I'm 26, and am beginning to realize the things I want in life. I want a companion who can deal with me, being me. As being on the spectrum, I have my routines, rigid structure. I try my best to compromise the best for my partner, but often times that ruins my relationships anyway. My previous ex, current ex, was actually the very woman I was looking for.

    She truly did care. She did some amazing and great things. But eventually the ...
  4. Ooo a Fancy New Blog

    Smell that?

    Take a whiff of the air.

    It's Clyde's first blog entry on his new account in a new writing environment. It smells......new.

    I guess this is an introduction to everyone about the way I blog. Generally they are rambling rants from the backwards door of my mind, somewhere locked away in a deep vortex of churning lava rage.

    Or I might be joking.

    Or I might not be joking

    And yes, one of your staff members ...
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