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  1. doodling

    So we got a new drawing tablet this week and I had to have a little play so here are two versions of the same picture that I drew what do you think about them? what do you like or dislike?
    Attachment 19729Attachment 19730
  2. Writing as a job...

    So today I got to thinking how can one use their writing as a job? Obviously there is getting published in one way or another, however I always hear about how blogger's can get paid for their blogs. But how does this work?

    I know when you type into google 'getting paid to write' brings up a vast wealth of knowledge on this front but how can you trust the information you are being given?

    Does anyone else have any thoughts upon this subject?
  3. What's the point...

    Is it wrong to worry when your partner decides that even though your in debt, it's the right time to launch a music bussiness? Does having fears mean you do not support them?

    Is it wrong to feel pissed off when your wages are lower than either of you expected and then your other half who is planning on being unemployed and earning no money until the music starts to bring in money, am I wrong to be pissed off?

    Is it wrong of me to expect anything different after plunging ...
  4. That's life....

    So we all at somepoint face that horrible time of having a loved one in hospital, that time when all we want to do is curl up in a ball and hide away from the world. You hear a doctor, in their plain, smart clothes, with a stethoscope hung around their neck. As they utter a string of words that you only understand one in every five.

    You stand surrounded by machines that utter a clutter of out of rhythm bleeps. Other patients lay in their own white beds as their family also visit. The ...
  5. Creative burst...

    I'm alone in a meadow on the cliff top. I can smell the briny sea, hear the waves as they crash in the darkness. A storm rages around me, a rough caress through my short hair. I know she'll be here she always comes. As I watch and wait all I can think is this time it will be different. This time I'll save us. There she is! Her long dark locks flaring out behind her in the storm as she slowly approaches. A smile lights my face as her blue eyes come into view, her timid smile graces her lips as she ...
  6. Passing of another year.

    I have found the sands of time do fly,
    as each day, week, year passes by,
    soon it will be Christmas my dear,
    with no time for anymore fear.

    The drinks, drugs and presents,
    yes that's it love stuff that pheasant,
    cries of joy and shouts of sorrow,
    all are mingled until tomorrow.
  7. Love...

    Through hardships we toil, with hope and with care,
    These moments that test us, almost make us dispair.
    They bring us together, forged me and you into one,
    This is how I have realised, our bond can not be undone.
    Thou are my greatest treasure, my seeker of fun,
    To hear those three words from you, after tour done.
    There where we lay, our limbs tangled together,
    Time it stands still here, love takes flight on a feather.

    Updated September 7th, 2017 at 08:31 PM by H.Brown

  8. Ramblings of an idle mind...

    Hustle and bustle this week,
    has been tough,
    get in​, one week complete,
    another seven to do.

    Through long days ahead,
    plentiful hours I watch,
    the sun from shaded corners,
    travel across blue skies.

    I wish of soft couches,
    warm food, drink and bed,
    as weekend draws,
    towards my weary head.
  9. I know it doesn't rhyme...

    Here I sit surrounded,
    yet I only feel alone,
    even when I smile,
    all I feel is pain.

    I couldn't let you go,
    you my little blob,
    no matter how I tried,
    you're a part of me forever.

    I've missed you every day and night,
    and though my tears ain't fallen,
    since the day that I decided,
    to never let you grow.

    Regrets are truly binding,
    they hold you fast and true,
    as here I sit frowning,
    still ...
  10. Sunny days and plants in pots

    So today I have been of work and the weather has been fantastic. I have definitely soaked up the vitamin D today. I have managed to do four loads of washing with another ready to go tonight, I have tidied up, sunbathed and even had a mini picnic with my one and only. Not done much writing today but when the weather is this nice who could?? Not me. My new job is still going well and I am thoroughly enjoying being management. Had my first shift alone yesterday which went swimmingly and even came home ...
  11. ...Manchester...

    So last night Manchester became a victim however the city stands tall:

    There are those that won't come home today,
    There are those that lost their world,
    There are those that sleep alone tonight,
    There are those that won't sleep at all.

    Some will blame and hate,
    Other's will stand together,
    We may weep, we may shout,
    But today we'll all remember,
    All of those that died.

    RIP to all those that did not make it home last ...
  12. Saturday thinking

    It's Saturday and the sun is shining, well at least for now it is. Yet here I sit glued to my laptop screen thinking maybe just maybe I've got it right now. The troubles of re-editing your own novel it is a battle in it's own way I have found. It can be fun but tedious at times when you re-write the same sentence over and over until you are finally happy with it. Now do not get me wrong i love my novel and the wa it is shaping up however I wish I could make the process go faster sometimes or know ...
  13. Robin Hobb

    So today has been perfect. The sun has been shinning and I even took a trip to bigger city. Sheffield to meet author Robin Hobb and let me tell you she is a lovely women. Her world of the farseer's and bingtown have always amazed me in their detail and the characters that inhabit them have taken me on so many adventures that it was amazing to meet the women behind the words. If you have not already read her books I would suggest that you pick up a copy and start right now they are (in my opinion) ...
  14. Surprise in the post

    So the postman brought me a nice little surprise in the post this morning. A postcard sent from Tacoma in the USA. From Robin Hobb ahead of her Uk tour and even though I will be unable to meet her on this tour as none of her tour dates are near enough for me to travel to I am glad that she is releasing her new book very soon. If I ever make it as big as her with my writing I want to be like her in the way that she responds to her fans and even goes the extra mile of writing and posting a postcard ...
  15. First novel draft completed

    Wahooooo I have finally after a full year of writing completed my first draft of my first ever novel. The word count is lower than I had wanted but I still have to redraft it god knows how many times until it has been completed but this is a mile stone for me. Attachment 17530
  16. Random burst of creativity.

    Here is a little something that I wrote when listening to nothing but the greatest love songs from throughout the years. Let me know what you think if you want.

    A moment in time.

    I sat there on that summer day with you beside me. Smiling. I was happy. Neither of us knew what was to come but we didnít care, we would linger enjoying each otherís company. I can remember that day even now.

    How we sat with the grass tickling the backs of our legs. Listening ...
  17. Inspiration today...

    So I am plowing my way through the last few chapters of my first draft this morning and I have completed my entry for this month's COF challenge. All thanks to the fantastic beats of 90's dance music. It reminds me of a simpler time when I was a school and I would spend three hours dancing to it every Friday and Tuesday night. I am sat her at my laptop typing and bouncing. I miss how dance-able and singable music used to be compared to now. So catchy and funky.

    How is your writing ...
  18. Monday Morning Moaning

    Well I think I now hate Mondays.

    Everything bad recently seems to happen on a Monday, this morning I woke up to a sever allergic reaction which ended me up with me in hospital by 8 am. I was seen fairly quickly and prescribed a course of both steroids and anti-histamines for the next seven days to clear it up. However I am now going to be missing two days of work this week, I owe the hospital money for my tablets and my eye is swollen shut and will stay that way for at-least the next ...
  19. A lot can change in a year, but somethings never change

    Many things can change in a year, four seasons have passed us by. Only 360 days I think, such a small looking number when it is wrote down.

    This time a year ago I had just been discharged from hospital and I could not walk very far, I had a completely different job, my situation was precarious as some of you may remember. Now just 360 days later I no-longer work in a kitchen but with small children, my novel has now reached 70,000 words and is still rising. I am more stable in my relationship, ...
  20. Looky, looky what I got...

    Well I know the english has dropped in my title but I am just so excited to share. At the beginning of the month I found out I could possibly get signed bookplates from Robin Hobb and look here they are. They also came with a signed thank you card. So happy right now.
  21. From doom and gloom to positive thinking...

    So now that the gloomy month of January is almost over and the weather (at least in England) has turned crappy and wet, I thought that it was about time I injected some positivity into my reality.

    After a frantically busy stretch at work a guest took me aside today and said to me: "You are an amazing young women, you bounce around from table to table with a giant smile and have all thesebrief conversations with everyone you can. While you clear, wipe and reset your tables (there ...
  22. 1 year....

    Well guys it has arrived I have now been a member for a year and I must say I have met some fantastic people, learned so much, felt welcome, had some awsome conversations and wrote stories that I normally wouldn't.

    Thank you everyone for making WF a brilliant place to spend time.

  23. Bad times at work...

    Hello guys,

    So things at work have been steadily getting worse to the point where I have felt the need to Whistle-blow on my General Manager due to his seeming lack of care. Now there have been a few incidents that have happened that should not have:

    1. I applied for one position but still have not received said position with no reason as to why.
    2.He always arrives 25 minutes late for work, but then feels that he can tell staff members off when they are late. ...
  24. An eventful week...

    So this wek has been a good one, firstly I was made a mentor on here, which I am over the moon with. Secondly finances seem to be falling back into place after what seems like an eternity of being all over the spot. My hours at work have become more manageable, which means I have more time to spend with the loves of my life, my boyfriend and my writing.

    Yes I am feeling more and more positive as January continues.

    I am feeling hopefully again and I hope that everyone else ...
  25. Writing goals of the day

    So each day I have the goal to spend at least an hour sat in front of my computer to with the intention of writing more into my novel. Even if I just sit and re-read what I have already written I count that as my goal achieved. So today I thought that I would build upon that simple goal and set myself to sit at my computer until I had at least written one more line and I ended up writing another 1,000 words, to my surprise. I am looking forward o reading my novel in full once I have completed my ...
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