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  1. Professional Copywriting...

    I am embarking on a new adventure in breaking into the Junior Copy-writing industry. I have a lot of portfolio example ideas that I will be creating for an upcoming interview that I will be concentrating on to show that I am the right candidate for the job which is difficult as I have never held a professional copy-writing position. However I am currently helping my mum create copy for her new business venture which will include creating website content, blog content, advertisement content, developing ...
  2. Frozen, Forgotten, Forsaken!

    Forgotten, Frozen, Forsaken!

    Forgotten by others you decide.
    Frozen in the place you died.
    Forsaken in life no tears cried!
  3. Darkness within

    Darkness within.

    You taint my thoughts,
    creating doubt after doubt.
    Your hawk eyes haunt my memory,
    as your hands withhold my dignity.
    locked away inside, as life crumbles,
    as ever onward I try to fumble.
    Darkness within it grows and grows,
    my mind whispers; it's wrong you know?
    Stuck in consequences tight might,
    I struggle to wake from that dark night!
  4. No more...

    There's no more tears, a dried up well,
    your fool for years, living in hell.
    All those words and broken promises,
    sugared lies and empty dreams.
    Broken, defeated, alone inside my mind,
    silently banging on a prison wall I find.

    Ignored and hidden deep within,
    to those grand delusions did I cling.
    Numbness reigns inside my broken heart,
    Empty, dead, no more tears left to shed.
    Hesitant to voice my growing fears,
    this is the life ...

    Updated September 25th, 2018 at 09:27 PM by H.Brown

  5. My next wip...The shadow wars.


    Once upon a time the fae folk walked amongst, brushing shoulders with us simple humans. They’d come to earth to blow of steam by playing tricks or being enchanted by music or pieces of artwork they’d seen. But then the darknesss came to Fairee, and shadows spread across the land, it came slowly, silently stealing away one fairy at a time, changing them and returning them to cause chaos. Brother turned on brother, sister agianst sister, mother against child as the darkness ...

    Updated July 12th, 2018 at 07:48 PM by H.Brown

  6. Rainbow obsession...

    As some may know I have a slight addiction to anything that is coloured in rainbows, whether it be striped, dotty, blended together like an oil slick if a rainbow is around you can guarentee that my gaze will be drawn to it. My collection of rainbow coloured items used to be massive but over the years I've not been able to buy anything new to feed my obsession. Until today that was, when walking around my local Lidl I came across this beauty...

  7. Just a little something...

    "There's no-one, only us." You whisper.

    "Good." I reply happily.

    It's just the two of us, laying in that abandoned field. Seagulls circling and cawing over head, as I laid trapped in your arms, your warm chest pressed against my back, making me shiver in delight. Rolling over I smile and just stare at your face bathed in the orange sunset. Pale blue eyes boring into mine and I know your seeing the real me buried deep inside. Your thick brown eyebrows ...
  8. New hair,new me...

    I find it amazing that just a little change can make a huge difference to your mind set. So today I went and got my hair cut back into a bob, for the last five years I have had long hair and not felt completly myself, however moments after having my long locks chopped off, I felt more like my old self. Yes, that's right folks I am even more positive and chirpy. Not to mention feeling freer.

    So here is my new look, rocking the natural curls today.
    P_20180512_154339_BF.jpg ...

    Updated May 13th, 2018 at 04:32 PM by H.Brown

  9. An eventfull day...

    So today was far from a boring day at work, we had a poor customer that got herself stuck in a bucket swing (was fairly funny), we had a great laser party and then to top it all off i had to chase a goat...

    Yes you did read that right, I chased a goat.

    Just another day in a child's play center, fun times.
  10. Strange feelings...

    This question is mostly for our female members, that have had children and isn't writing related...

    So last night I had some pretty strange feelings in my belly, it at first felt like muscle spasms, but then I began to watch my belly and it was moving just under my ribs to the right. It feels like something is swooping inside my stomach and when I pressed on the moving patch last night, I felt like something push back.

    Now I know this could be a variety of things but my ...
  11. No Chocolate....

    You know it's bad when you still have three days until payday but all your craving is a nice big bar of chocolate, or a giant gooey chocolate cake. Fingers crossed our baker at work is baking tomorrow so I can eat chocolatly off-cuts.

    If anyone to send some in the post I will be very greatful, hahahaha.

    What was the last thing you craved?
  12. Hidden tomb

    Follow down the golden path,
    'tween the trees that always laugh,
    passed the singing daffodils,
    into fields of swallowed pills.
    Upon the stage I wait and wait,
    'till the day you push the gate,
    through open stone of memory,
    at the end you'll surely see,
    this glass tomb that you built,
    where my body softly wilts.
  13. Poems for a fairy novel.

    A father's spell.

    Red, blue, gold and green,
    threads I bind remain unseen,
    hide my daughter from his eyes,
    until the day that my hope dies.

    Yellow, brown, silver, pink,
    give her all the time to think,
    as he searches high and low,
    steady time's gentle flow.

    Orenge, peach and indigo,
    please disguise her inner-glow,
    fade into the setting sun,
    'til Shadow lord's fun be done.

    Slumber of a Fairy Queen.

    Updated March 11th, 2018 at 01:16 AM by H.Brown

  14. Longing of dreams.

    I feel the empty place inside,
    a place where you could live 'n' thrive.
    Wishing for the day that I find,
    a bright, familiar inquiring mind.
    To gaze upon your fragile form,
    encased inside a mother's warmth.
    Looking deep into eyes like mine,
    my heart it soars to hear, 'she's fine.'
    With each beat of your tiny heart,
    I lose myself, we'll never part.
    Dreams sweet edge casts me free,
    to wake and find there's no little me.

    Updated March 8th, 2018 at 11:58 PM by H.Brown (revision.)

  15. Dreams of the shadow lord.

    Across decades, centuries, millennia our love reaches back to that fateful day. You remember it almost as well as I, don't you? I stared across the filled ballroom, bored to tears, as you entered. Your dark hair obscuring half your face, one twinkling blue eye arrested my attention. Holding me in place as you crossed the room. Breathing became harder as you neared but still I didn't look away, you were powerful and magnificently proud as you stalked you way over to the President's daughter.

    Updated February 22nd, 2018 at 08:23 PM by H.Brown

  16. Fateful day...

    ​I have yet to sort out spellings but here is some more story if anyone is interested.

    Across decades, centuries, millennia our love reaches back to that fateful day. You remember it almost as well as I, don't you? I stared across the filled ballroom, bored to tears, as you entered. Your dark hair obscuring half your face, one twinkling blue eye arrested my attention. Holding me in place as you crossed the room. Breathing became harder as you neared but still I didn't look away,
  17. General life.

    I'm waiting for the blasted pan to soak,
    elbow deep in suds. I scrub at stubborn,
    baked on rements of last nights meal.

    Aromas rising out of my oven,
    they tantalize my stomach,
    and cause my mouth to water.

    I await the cooking of my potatoes,
    to turn a golden, shade of brown,
    and crisp up at the edges.

    Then I toss the gammon in the pan,
    red hot, that I listen to it sizzle,
    my belly gurgles at aticipated meat. ...

    Updated February 18th, 2018 at 11:35 PM by H.Brown

  18. Wishful thinking of adventure

    No Rhyme just an out pouring of pent up thoughts.

    Wishful thinking of Adventure.

    Do you ever dream of being able to fly?
    Of being caught up in a huge battle?
    Have you ever wanted an adventure?

    Here I sit at my window, looking out.
    Wondering about where I would go
    if I could, leave all of this behind.
    Start a new life? Would I go someplace
    warm or cold, sunny or snowy.
    Would I make new friends or just
    morn ...
  19. Revised poem....

    In the dark night.

    Darkness, with another close.
    Absent love, my feelings froze.

    You left, vanished, in deep night.
    Heavy crystals falling from tried eyes,
    hidden gems of silver moonlight.
    No-more of dreams safe retreat,
    now it's the only place we meet.

    Time suspended, shadows shift.
    As from my lips, the truth will lift.

    Whispers uttered in the dark,
    break upon this lonely heart,
    I stumble through ...
  20. In the deep night...

    Darkness draws another close,
    not feeling loved, again I froze.
    Day to night in dreams retreat,
    tears are shed in pale moonlight.

    Time's suspended as shadows shift
    and from my cheeks the truth will lift.
    Whispered thoughts break, against
    solitude's tortured kiss.

    As bells toll twelve across the night,
    I burry my soul with such tight might.
    My mind flying across silver fields,
    blocks out reality as pain yields.

    Updated January 25th, 2018 at 11:43 AM by H.Brown

  21. A wedding...

    I turned as the orchestra, began to play the traditional march. There she was; walking sedately down the isle of white backed chairs. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at her, she was perfect. Her brown hair was caught at the nape of her neck, with a couple of loose curls framing her elfin face. Brown eyes shone with unshed tears as she gripped her father's arm.With each slow step, she came closer, nearer to becoming my wife, I realised as I watched enraptured in her beauty. Her dress was white ...
  22. Chapter one...

    For anyone interested here is another re-write of my first chapter, i hope it reads better than before. any and all comments welcome.

    New beginnings.

    Filey, with its tiny population of five thousand It was minuscule in comparison to London, in every way possible: there would be no decent high-street shops and everything would be closed by 10pm. My thoughts churned as my anger grew, as we crossed the town’s boundary, gold letters flashing in our headlights declared: ...
  23. Jolabokaflod...

    Is an Icelandic christmas eve tradition, where families exchange books as presants, and then spend the whole day reading said book and drinking hot chocolate. I was reminded for this again this evening, after stumbling across it a few years ago. And thought you guys migh find it as intereasting as I do.

    Follow the link for more information:


    Does anyone/where have ...
  24. In the spirit of the month...


    The bed lifted slightly from the floor. Terrified Elise ducked under her patchwork quilt, shivering in the midnight moonlight.

    What was that? She asked herself as her mind conjured images of zombies and murderous ghosts.

    Shaking from head to toe she carefully peeped her eyes out and watched shadows dance across her white walls. One poster in particular caught her attention, keep calm and carry on, it proclaimed with three innocent ginger kittens frolicking. ...
  25. Inspired by another member...

    I sit there alone and wonder to myself; will this be the last time, the last line?

    Not too deep my subconcious screams at me from where I have buried it some place deep within. I try to shut it all out, the compass held steady, poised waiting. I try not to cry and scream in my head but the pain that I can still feel is too raw. My emotions too real as I look at the world as I perpercieve it around me. why me? I think for the thousandth time. what did I do?

    My hand shakes ...

    Updated October 9th, 2017 at 11:41 PM by H.Brown

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