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This is my first blog.

Not being knowledgable about blogs but a little about post I will attempt to babble, which I have done frequently. Whats the difference between blogging and posting? I usely keep my post small and compact where I use to babble a lot, (and still do). This (sentence comes to mind here).

I am now a hobbyist reader and writer especially writer with the help of grammarly (the word [U]spelled right[/U] comes to mind here). That spelled [U]my style.[/U] I love to babble with most anyone because I have learned that's where good learning is, then write the same way. Thoughts? curious Paul

  1. I destroyed a childs life.

    by , October 18th, 2015 at 01:00 PM (This is my first blog.)
    By giving him back to his parents, who didn't want him in the first place. His grandmother and I after had him for four years and thought we had done a good thing, but totally destroyed his life, for he wants to come back to us. I believe we have committed the unpardonable sin, destroying anothers life. My pain is more than I can bare. Thoughts please. Writer one
    Tags: pain, sin, suffering
  2. Questions

    by , October 12th, 2015 at 01:24 AM (This is my first blog.)
    When a writer is writing does he/she challenge [U]every word[/U] they use when writing or editing, or [U]use complete sentences using non challenged words[/U], [U]by non challenged words, the writer knows what the words meaning is.[/U] By that I mean, [U]do the words make the sentence?[/U] If so I can quit worrying about using the right word within the sentence? Does the subject and predicate alone create a correct sentence? Thoughts please
    Writer One
  3. Emotionally moved.

    by , October 6th, 2015 at 11:10 AM (This is my first blog.)
    How can I move the readers emotionally in there mind and heart? Is that possible?I know T.V. can or the radio but in ones writing? Any ideas? Writer One
  4. Creative writing

    by , October 6th, 2015 at 07:37 AM (This is my first blog.)
    I love to see my thoughts on this screen, but am I communicating them correctly? I have a spelling dictionary but every time I use it I lose my writing on this screen. I have Apple computer and I am totally ignorant of it. I want to be part of this forum because I can learn a lot from all of you.

    If I knew what I wanted to say and why, I would be beside myself. I have two names, maybe three. Paul/Writer One
    but I can't remember the third one. I am a senior citizen if that helps. ...
  5. Why I write,

    by , February 28th, 2015 at 04:27 PM (This is my first blog.)
    All my life I have been a introvert and recently I have changed to a extrovert. Maybe the loneliness overcame me and I was lonely to talk to someone. curiousPaul
  6. I feel like I cannot communicate my feelings about how to write?

    by , February 27th, 2015 at 06:23 PM (This is my first blog.)
    I understand to a point, rules and regulations of any endeavor including writing. where I speak better than I can write or vice versa. The members have been overly patience with me. I always have been slow to wit and understanding some things like writing in English.

    Could it be I am not understanding the rules correctly because of the way the member is understanding my excuse of defining it? I am not criticizing anyone just my thoughts.Paul
  7. As I see it.

    by , February 27th, 2015 at 04:48 PM (This is my first blog.)
    [B]The word post I thought was just writing to a friend without rules and regulations having to do with returning ones answer or almost like a draft. The same applies to a post. I am looking at a draft instead of a edited post as a edited post.
    So instead of using the word babble I will use the word draft. [B]Can this oversite be corrected[/B]? I love words, but each word has its own definition plus the writers definitions. I would also think that a blog has rules and regulations ...
  8. I sense my writing days are over.

    by , February 26th, 2015 at 03:59 PM (This is my first blog.)
    In my attempt to learn how to write correctly in English
    I have attempted and failed.[B] I seem to be to set in my ways instead. One can't say I didn't attempt. [/B] To me, the subject of the post was the definition of the whole post. Using Grammarly was great but it went to extremes for perfection in the correct way to write according to it's creators.

    I thought I had found a new way to write and makes friends. But the members made it clear it was their way or not at all. I ...
  9. Words and the way they are used.

    by , February 26th, 2015 at 01:56 AM (This is my first blog.)
    :confused: I love words, but it seems to me others beside myself have another way of using them to their understanding and not mine. [B]The grammar and syntax seem to over-emphasize how to correctly use the words.[/B] There seems to be missing the writers creativity in using the words correctly.

    I seem to be missing something, but I am not sure what that something is. Adam and Eve were created perfect, except to understand what sin is and does when used. Something was missing and that ...
  10. My computer

    by , February 24th, 2015 at 05:43 PM (This is my first blog.)
    Brings me more enjoyment than going to the library. I just type in a subject that I am interested in and bingo there it is. The computer is a new way to study what you are interested in. In the past how did the people then get information about what was going on in their village or town?

    I today seem to be learning a new way to learn, it's called a computer. And the interesting thing is the inventors put in some of the ways my mind and brain works as well. So in a manner of speaking ...
  11. I am that I am.

    by , February 23rd, 2015 at 04:42 PM (This is my first blog.)
    :friendly_wink: God beat me to that answer. My ego is a I. My ego and I are the same. I have ask that question for years and years. I like me and what I have accomplished in my lifetime. I am relating to my[B] blind I am side.[/B] I like the word humble instead of prideful. I like to interchange words.

    I like to write and learn from others, like this forum! All these definitions and words define me or I. Small sentence but lots of definitions. I am now looking for short words that carry ...
  12. Shorter sentences more information.

    by , February 22nd, 2015 at 10:11 PM (This is my first blog.)
    Could the writer [B]shorten the word or use a word that would convey the whole meaning in one word or sentence?[/B] How does one draw the attention of the reader and hold it? And the way the writer chose certain words held the reader and the sentences plus the paragraphs as well? curiousPaul
  13. It seems.

    by , February 22nd, 2015 at 08:38 PM (This is my first blog.)
    That I have grasped some of the ways to learn English at my age. I understand that the words must connet and be related to each sentence with the [B]reader in mind[/B]. I have found out that the shorter the post the better the post. My [B]argument is, if the writer has many words to use and so does the reader then how does the reader know what the writer is going to use?

    I make my points with bold lettering.[/B]​ curiousPaul
  14. Writing style.

    by , February 22nd, 2015 at 12:54 AM (This is my first blog.)
    How can I keep the readers attention? I write to learn and inform and make friends. I try to be pleasant and humorous at the same time. Unless the writer knows the reader and what they [B]like[/B] the writer will lose the readers interest. Then how to keep the readers interest?

    I suppose to read the posts and find a reader with the same interest. I like philosophy psychology theology and now writing. I am a armchair philosopher, theologist and psychologist, notice ...
  15. Writing.

    by , February 21st, 2015 at 05:01 PM (This is my first blog.)
    [FONT=arial]I attempted at seventy-two to learn to write well, because no one taught me any other way I had to teach myself the best way I knew how to do it. With words, there are many many ways to create a sentence as a individual. Writing has a thing called a [/FONT][B]writing style the writer uses that stands out for them alone. I cannot use any other style, but mine. What upsets me is other writers use their style without thought of the other persons style. [/B][B]I feel both writers can create ...
  16. A retarded child talking to a adult.

    by , February 19th, 2015 at 07:17 PM (This is my first blog.)
    I sometimes feel like a retarded child talking to a adult. The things I do not know and understand.confuse me. I do not know what the word I.Q is. Why do people stare at me I am aware of it but that makes me wonder. Maybe it's my ego tho I do not know what a ego is, I hear the word often from my parents. I know I am different than other children yet I don't know why. I wonder if I will ever know? Paul
  17. My thoughts on writing.

    by , February 19th, 2015 at 04:38 PM (This is my first blog.)
    :tranquillity:I am a English minor and not English major. I see and understand today's minor words, Any more descriptive way to define the word better and I will lose my understanding. I am a regular[B] Joe [/B] and not a professor of English. I am still trying to create my own style of writing.

    Because nobody sat down with me and said, this is the way we do this, I had to learn it [B]my way.[/B] If you can tolerate my way within your patience then great I have a new teacher. About ...
  18. I want to believe.

    by , February 16th, 2015 at 09:32 PM (This is my first blog.)
    Since my mind is invisible I want to believe I have a spirit or soul. I cannot see the words in my mind but I can hear them and see them on this screen. And as of late I now see my words come from my mind to my screen. I believe we have a innate mass word dictionary within our mind.

    As a child, I saw all sort of objects and did not know what they were or their names, now I do. First the picture then the name. When editing now I can read a sentence and know what to change and what not ...
  19. My reason for writing.

    by , February 14th, 2015 at 06:20 PM (This is my first blog.)
    I now believe I can write. (I write to prove to myself I can, which means, if I never try, I will never know if I could write in the first place. The second sentence to me is a sentence within itself or my way of writing). At first I could not understand, why put the subject in the subject line telling the reader, this is the title of my post?

    Then in the second sentence define the rest of the post to the reader. Wouldn't that be repeating the reason for the writing twice? I love e-mail ...
  20. Sentence structuring.

    by , February 13th, 2015 at 04:30 PM (This is my first blog.)
    :-k It's interesting how different people use words in a sentence. I get lost after the first sentence. My words ramble from my mind into the word I want to use before I want it to. Then when I get to the next word, there it is. There is a software called Visual Thesaurus that brakes down a word into many parts.

    I would love to have this software in my head every time I write. It would make me a better writer. They say if one can visualize two thoughts at the same time they are a genius. ...
  21. The darkness before the dawn.

    by , February 9th, 2015 at 04:30 PM (This is my first blog.)
    I have lived in darkness of mind and knowledge almost all my life until recently. I accepted everything as (it doesn't concern me) attitude wise. then I started to question everything I didn.t before. The knowledge light came on bright and with questions galore. Questions like, where do I fit in the scheme of things concerning my life and there experiences?

    Guess what? I cannot shut off that light, knowledge and the forever questions. I am a armchair philosopher, psychologist and theologist ...
  22. Answers to (mystyle of writing).

    by , February 8th, 2015 at 11:47 PM (This is my first blog.)
    It seems I might have found a answer to (my style of writing). [U]Using my emotional problems as a personal therapy guide in hopes [/U][U]others to[/U][U] with the same problem can overcome it.[/U] I do not think I have ever been in control of my emotions, they have always been in control of me, as of late.

    Controlling my emotions would be the first step to finding out why I allow it and then take charge of them for the rest of my life. Thoughts? curious Paul
  23. Emotional writings.

    by , February 7th, 2015 at 11:56 PM (This is my first blog.)
    I have always been emotional, my emotions have always ruled over me so I have to write from my mind and heart, [U]it is who I am.[/U] This is as close as I can come to writing a story. I now see I have the ability to recognize some of my mysteries, ways like being held captive by my emotions.

    So maybe one day I will understand me better. I have written for many years (my way) in which I call babbling or just write what comes to mind without any order (structured sentences) plus syntax ...
  24. Words

    by , February 7th, 2015 at 11:40 PM (This is my first blog.)
    :scratch:I love words and there definitions. I want to communicate with other writers and learn from the correct way to write. It seems I now have the ability to know what the next word is when I need it. I am amazed at that action. I must have a word dictionary that's part synonymic, the single words just appear when I need them.

    I have come to the concusion I am not [U]perfect,[/U] (that word has always bothered me) but I do the best I can with all of your patience. [U]I just wish ...
  25. Blank mind comes to mind.

    by , February 7th, 2015 at 12:19 AM (This is my first blog.)
    I love words and there definitions. I love word structuring. I love seeing my words down on
    this screen, (for I only hear my thoughts in my mind). Why do I write? I am thinking (ego) tells me to, the question is why does my ego tell me to? There are many ways to write, which one is me?

    [U]Have I stepped too far off the thought about why I write? I have always [/U][U]went[/U][U] to[/U][U] far on everything I do and I still do not know why? ([/U][U]insanty[/U][U]comes[/U][U] to ...
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