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  1. I've been away for a long long time...

    So, have you heard of the song called, 'I've been asleep for a long long time' by Hey Rosetta! Well...the title of this blog and the song, not really the same. Being away and being asleep isn't really the same BUT it could be the same.

    But some things have changed since I've been away. A new phone--which is amazing... Taking classes to help better my chances in finding a job--which is really fun and exciting. I recently aged--which is weird because I still feel like I am 17, I will ...
  2. best. Tuesday. ever!

    I know what happens on Main Event and Smackdown. Ha haha hahaha hahahahahahamuwhahahahahahahah.

    It was awesome, I didnít know they taped Main Event before a live show. We, me and my sister got our seats around 6:30 and left the show around 10, no dark match after the show but one at the beginning.

    We got scared twice, first when Rusev dropped his flag, then another time when someone else came out.

    Dean Ambrose and
  3. the weekenders

    My mom is graduating college...


    It is because of this, our weekend has turned to a party and a camping trip. I am forced to wear a dress to these two occasions, this will not go unnoticed -.-

    I wanted to do something to make the trip more fun. We'll be staying in a cabin at a state park, I thought at first, that we would be in the woods but not really, so wouldn't be able to see cute animals like killer bears or evil bunnies that ...
  4. coooool

    ok, so aside from finding a bunny smilie face, this is so cool! So you can post blogs, stories, and artwork... but just not fanfiction stuff... ok, that's alright. I wish there was another fanfiction website other than ff.net. If anyone knows of one, that is active, could you share it. I guess I have a fear of posting something and someone taking it or something like that...

    *cough* I am Raleigh, but it's just my username because my real name is not Raleigh ;D

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