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Give me shit to talk about, it will likely end up here.

I appreciate the attention. <3

  1. What I've been entertaining myself with lately.

    So, I'm a huge gamer. I play multiple genres, but my two mains are fighting games (Capcom/Marvel/SNK/ArcSys) and shooters (Battlefield/CoD/MoH). I've recently been re-exploring the history of modern warfare, and I found these crazy ass videos on YouTube which opened up my feed to a whole bunch of new shit I hadn't seen before documenting and correlating historical events throughout history and including their social, economic, etymological, racial, and political despair/expansion throughout modern ...

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  2. Le sigh...

    It seems as though two of my previous blog posts have been erased from public view this month.

    I'm not sure if that's like a record?

    At this point I'm at a loss for anything substantial to blog about.

    I just applied myself to the thingamawhatsit called National Poetry Writing Month. I figure it will be an excuse to force myself to think creatively, if nothing else.

    I'm tired of entering creative writing challenges, so now I'm judging them. ...
  3. Smokescreen

    So I've not posted a legit topic in a while, and I feel like my blog is stagnating a little bit.

    Seriously, I'd like to think I know who my audience is and what they want to see from me. Today I will focus on weeeeeeeeed.

    I smoke a LOT of weed. It's probably my #1 passtime on earth. I've smoked, sold, and grown so much weed over the years that I can safely call myself an expert on the subject. I know what's the best, what can pass for the best, and what everyone wants ...
  4. Lyrics 4 (featuring music)

    Militant Genocide was the lead single for my second touring band. I had been working on 14 songs beforehand which I was unable to implement into my first band, so my second band was more focused on the music I had written in the meantime.

    This video features the song's rhythm section (it's an old recording, so I look younger xD ).

    Musically, this song is an achievement for me; it was the fastest song I'd ever written at the time, and despite its lack of overwhelming ...
  5. Affirmative Action

    M'kay, Im'a just post this now in response to the ridiculousness that recently transpired and move on. I honestly don't know if my last blog post is publically visible, but shit recently got very real (for no reason) in my blog; and to avoid any recourse or butthurtedness, I'm going back to my original stance of censoring myself on this forum (LMMFAO).

    PEOPLE are annoying.

    Everyone has shit to say to someone. Shit is pathetic.

    There's nothing to say or add ...

    Updated March 2nd, 2018 at 06:44 PM by RhythmOvPain


    Yar, I'm about to do some fly shit and probably leave the city again... the only thing is, I really have no destination this time.

    I assume that I'm going to end up regretting my decision, but this is a trend that has continued for some time now. I'm always moving on to the next thing, but I always end up falling back shortly afterwards. I'm not particularly happy about the idea of packing up and starting out fresh for the umpteenth time, but I can't really think of another method of ...
  7. Unlimited Potential

    Humans are born with an innate ability to make ANYTHING possible.

    If you think about it, we have absolutely no idea what it was like to live in the 1700's; people in the 1700's had no idea what it was like to live in the 1400's; so on, ect.

    It's actually a total mindfuck to think about what we've accomplished as a race over the past 5000 or so years. My friend who is a devout religious fanatic lives by the biblical representation of the past, and although I tell him to ...
  8. Meanwhile, in Nippon

    So I'm an Otaku. I love Japanese culture until it's like, wtf. I'm fucking obsessed with Japanese singers/Japanese music in general, I've watched literally COUNTLESS anime (in equally countless genres), Japanese movies, and I can speak Japanese almost fluidly (although I don't understand more than 30% of the language).

    Over the years, my love of Japanese pop music took over my love of metal. I found it incredibly ironic that Megadeth was my favorite metal band and Nanase Aikawa was ...
  9. Pimp My Blog

  10. Lyrics 3!


    This is a song I've been trying to find the transcript for, but I can't find it, so I'm rewriting it real quick.

    It's called "Say Hello To Fate" and I think it's the third song I ever finished lyrically? I really can't remember it verbatim so I'm going to try to revise it a bit.



    Insinuating heresy in all we do and all we say
    Corrupting minds with one shot lies
    It all ends here today ...

    Updated March 4th, 2018 at 06:16 PM by RhythmOvPain

  11. Lyrics 2.

    So I was scouring my email looking for an old transcript for a song that I was going to post here, and instead found a song I wrote the lyrics for but never finished musically (because I couldn't find anyone willing to sing it).

    Anyway, this song is called "Undying" and it's from 2007.


    I'm broken down and crawling (crawling)
    Your love has left me here this way
    Left now to lie and wallow
    In my heart
    Afraid ...
  12. Lyrics.

    So I got into a conversation with Smith about music and it made me feel like posting one of my favorite lyrical compositions called "Silent Assassins". It's a song about ninjas.

    I write metal music. Sue me.

    Silently they swarm
    Through the darkest black of night
    Following the scent of blood
    They seek their victim's life

    Creeping through the shadows
    Of the sleeping forest's light
    On the hunt and set to kill ...
  13. The Poem (Language Warning)

    Y'all are gonna HATE me for this one.

    Embrace the cold

    It's to cold to be sad.
    The hell if I'm not mad;
    Holy fucking god damn shit,
    I think I'm fucking glad!

    Sometimes, overwhelming shit
    gets in the fucking way,
    and then it's time to say "fuck you!"
    and go about your day.

    Embrace the cold and bitter day;
    That shit'll freeze your pain away.
    Let every brick-shiting ...

    Updated January 24th, 2018 at 06:21 PM by PiP

  14. And now, for something completely different.

    I have access to a computer presently. The keyboard is fucking amazing; at one time I could type 160 - 180 wpm with my eyes closed due to the massive amount of time I spent typing online, playing guitar and piano, and my drive to be the best at everything I do.

    I don't really have a particular topic at this point. My phone is out of data, so I won't be coming around much until next month or so. This will likely be my last blog post for quite some time as well, so I'm going to eat this ...
  15. Blogging

    So I've been doing this shit going on like three years March, and I really feel like I still suck at this shit.

    I post a lot of shit. I post sporadically, I post recklessly, and I'm extremely vulgar.

    I only ever tore down one of these bitches back in the beginning because if I didn't, every chick on this forum would have petitioned to have me permabanned.

    It was a greeeeeat post, BOI.

    Anyway, that shit was about my love life and experience ...
  16. Tales From The Drunk IV: LET'S DRINK SOME BEER

    When you call it a disease, it's seriously the best sickness I can think of:


    Why do I drink?

    I started drinking very early.

    My FIRST taste of alcohol was at the age of seven; it was a bottle of Heineken. I was camping with my uncle. I had been camping with him for a long time already, and he ALWAYS had a Heinie. One particular afternoon, we were playing draw poker for candy. I actually won, and by the time I got all of it (last ...

    Updated January 15th, 2018 at 01:49 AM by RhythmOvPain

  17. Tales From The Drunk #3

    Back by personal opinion, the series I love the most is here once again to shock and awe.

    To be clear: I am drunk. I've been drinking more in the past six weeks than I have in six months. My faculties are impaired. Many of you who know me, even in passing, know me as the drunk guy who curses a lot.

    Lately I've been putting myself to shame. I had an incident occur where I blacked out, passed out, blacked out again, and woke up in a random place. Shit like that only ...

    I will be returning to the internet at my earliest opportunity. I kind'a missed this place, so I'm definitely going to be returning here. I'm more focused creatively than I've been in over a year, and it's showing in my music and lyrics.

    Inspiration tends to find me almost every day, even when I don't have a medium to explore the depths of the creativity boiling inside of me. I feel refreshed in a way.

    I will attempt to write some shit and post around the forum again, but ...
  19. Feel the rhythm

    So lately I haven't really had time to focus on the things that I actually love (such as music) and I felt like maybe this would be a good opportunity to ramble for a while about the music that I personally love.

    From my line of sight, not a lot of people are interested in other peoples' taste in music.

    Some people really fucking hate the music I listen to.

    It's reciprocal.

    I could rant for hours about the music I dislike wholeheartedly, but ...
  20. Being homeless sucks.

    Dealing with my second week of being homeless for the fifth ot sixth time in five years.

    I'm tired of this shit.

    Talent, skill, determination and perseverance, hard work, dedication, nothing worked.

    Nothing ever fucking works.

    People are fucking assholes yo.

    Say they have work and then renig, fail to reciprocate the way they say they will, or simply fuck me over.

    Businesses don't want me.

    Can't ...
  21. Ahoy.

    A lot happened and is continuing to happen since I took my unexpected leave. Technically I'm not really back yet; I'm not sure if I have the energy or time to focus on writing at ALL.

    SFO is re-releasing with four new characters (and a lot more to come) so my responsibilities as a member of the dev team have been taking up all of my free time (including playing the game/moderating the community + hosting tournaments and shifting colors around, I mean this shit is TIME CONSUMING). ...
  22. How to write a book

    My earliest memories from school are reading and writing.

    I must've been six when I sat down and started writing my first book. I honestly don't know what drove me to want to write it. I had read a few books since I was four or five, but they were kids' books. Here I was trying to write an epic mystery taking place in the early 1900's at six years old.

    I wrote maybe six pages and never tried to write again until maybe when I was fourteen or fifteen.

    I ...
  23. Ugh.

    A lot of shit transpires on a daily basis.

    The shit I've been reading in the so-called news is sickening. The so-called reporting is enough to make you gag.

    Drama. A bunch of rich motherfuckers making more and more drama.

    Let's change currency to something cheaper to make. How about marbles?

    They can differentiate worth with size, color, filament, I mean they're marbles, what the hell.

    Frankly, all these motherfuckers out ...
  24. 28

    Well, it's been a hell of a ride.

    28 years of living like a rock star.

    A lot of things have been running around my head these past few months. I wasn't surprised by anything that happened this year. I'm more surprised that I found a way to get past the 27 mark.

    Just thinking about the times I thought everything was going to collapse around me makes me lol.

    My life has been utterly horrible since I was 24.

    Four years and counting ...
  25. So, like,

    It's been a long time.

    I've been in another dimension from a mental standpoint - that place where everything is disconnected and skewed.

    Auto pilot.

    When you have to deal with depressing situations but you lack the energy or even the capacity to allow it to affect you, you get stuck in the gravitational pull of the situation.

    I haven't even been able to get drunk.

    I drink all day long and the wave of comfort doesn't come. ...
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