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  1. When listening to the radio

    Some years ago I lost my apartment which looked over the Mediterranean because after my accident I could not work. So no work, no salary, no money to pay the mortgage.

    I sold the apartment for enough to pay the mortgage in full and still leave me enough for rental outside town. A "friend" said he would look after the things I could not take with me, and "lost" them. He also lost an amount of money. That is what comes of trusting a deputy bank manager you had ...
  2. Please Derail this Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Schrody View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
    There once was a girl from Ontonagon...
    Octagon? Why not dodecahedron (no, WF, I don't mean rhododendron)?
    Someone is

    and it is not me.
  3. Independence Day

    Today is, or was as it is late now, Yom Ha'Atzmaut. Independence Day. Our 68th Birthday.

    We are hated by so many but we are here and here is where we will stay. Me? I have been here since 25 August 1985 and will never leave here.

    Been through too many wars, seen too many horrid sights, but I will not leave because this is my home.

    Some people hate me for what I am, and many would like my Country to disappear, but I am proud of my religion and am proud ...
  4. Another fall

    I was sitting on the floor changing the puppy pad next to tiny Tikva's bed when I tipped over. As usual. But on my face as I went forwards and not backwards so ended up with yet another bashed in nose and my right eye closed from eyebrow to lower eye socket, and black. Again.

    My lack of balance, even when when sitting on the floor, crashing down is no longer a joke. Luckily, after a few total disasters causing loss of my eyes, I never leave my computer or move around the ...
  5. I am sick

    No doctor here until Monday afternoon and I keep falling but I am not sure why. Yes I know I managed to pick up scabies from the hospital which itches but why do I keep falling? Something has happened to my balance and I am frightened. And my neighbour is not here so I am totally alone.
  6. Tikva now has a harness

    It it is bright pink and black and is very small. But then Tikva is very small. She did have a scratch and roll about and the decided she would accept it. Whatever accept it is. But it reall does look pretty on her.

    This is a very strange puppy. She is convinced that I am her momma- she eats raw food except she is too young for raw?

    Go tell her that.

    Yeah, I think I will keep her.
  7. So I have an itch

    And a rash. Which started just as a minor rash from just below my right collar bone down my right boobie - and my GP gave me some cream which sorted it out.

    But it spread. And it itched. And kept me from sleeping as I would scratch in my sleep and oh sh!t it drove me mad.

    Gave up and went to see my GP yesterday as my upper arms, shoulders, backs of situpons and various other odds and sods of places which you do not want to know about - and she said Scabies. Now how ...
  8. Who am I?

    And what am I? Do you know? Do you care?

    I am not a writer, I am not a poet, I just scribble things as they come into my mind. because they are in my mind and I want to "get them out" as it were.

    It does not worry me if my grammar is incorrect - yes my mother tongue is English as I was born, brought up and taught in England/English, even though some people still think that English is my second language. It is not. My second language is something far different ...
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