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  1. A Place Dropped into Our Lap

    So, just when we'd resigned ourselves to waiting a year before house hunting again, using the time to build credit scores and fixing up this place, one of our friends came to me and said, "Are you still looking for a place or have you found one?" When I said we hadn't yet, she said, "Would you like to buy our place? We're moving to Texas and we want you and your family to have it."

    I couldn't believe my little ears! I joyfully said YES!!! Their asking price ...
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  2. Romance Book Covers

    I was going to start a thread for this elsewhere, but couldn't decide where the proper place would be for it, so I figured, hey, just blog it . . .

    I've put all of my books on sale everywhere including my publishing site to which I've added new Buy links to a more secure service. Payment is through PayPal and you get the books sent to you by SendOwl. I signed up for their basic service as I'm not in need of anything complicated and only have those few books.

    The basic ...

    Updated August 3rd, 2018 at 01:50 AM by Anita M Shaw

  3. More Cover Versions For Marooned

    Cover design can be fun and addictive. And a huge challenge. But I have the images I wanted from the outset, albeit in silhouette form except for Devynn who now now possesses those purple eyes I wanted to badly. Thanks to Jack of all trades.

    Here are some versions. I wonder if I should post them elsewhere with a poll . . . Anyway, here they are:


    Updated August 3rd, 2018 at 01:51 AM by Anita M Shaw

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  4. Ah, Such is Life . . .

    Here's a couple of memes I did today to cope with my disappointment of having to wait yet another year for a house . . . Yeah, they beat our scores down 15 points for my hubby, and 40 for one of mine. I fortunately, didn't ask for an update from Equifax, so that one is three points down because I opened a checking account for my business. Live and learn . . . Now we have to go open a few of those credit building loans. Lots of 'em!!!

    creditscoretrashed_12.jpgsonohouseforus_12.jpg ...
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  5. Shiny Things . . . and Bright Lights

    Aren't we all attracted to shiny things and bright lights to some extent. They arrest your attention and either you get drawn in further or you try to block them out.

    Then there's the shiny things and bright lights of all those neat offers from people you've let into your email address. Your home for communications from family, friends and newsletters and such from people you follow.

    I don't get many emails from friends and family. They all use Facebook for that and Messenger. ...
  6. Marooned on Planet EARTH - Devynn's Dilemma

    I've finally finished my young adult novel today. I'm really glad I went over it one more time. I'm sure there are a few flaws I missed, but I caught some big ones I can't believe I missed the last time through.

    Also had to do some research to make sure my legal facts were right and I'm happy to say, they are. My story would not be the same if I have to take a different direction at the end. Plus I had to also look up some military related stuff to see how it works when a married soldier ...
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  7. Sales and Download Stats

    I just checked out my total sales from the book stores Draft2Digital distributes to - which I haven't ever done in the two years I've been using them - and see that most of my sales - okay, downloads - come from Barnes and Noble. A handful from Apple, and Inktera, and finally Tolino, which actually is more like a distributor as well, and is located in Europe. In all that time, I've sold nothing of my own, and just two copies of a relative's book for a total of $1.19.

    Most of those ...
  8. Treasures Lost and Found

    Don't you hate it when you think you've finished a story draft, go back to it after a while - years in my case - and can only find copies of the story that all end at the same point or before that even?

    I wrote a short story I called The Disciplining of Mom. And I am so sure I finished that story to it's amusing ending. I know I did.

    Can I find that draft? No. Every copy I hunted up ends in exactly the same spot, or a page before that. Augh!

    I remember how ...
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  9. April's Accomplishments

    Can't believe April is just about over! Where did the time go?

    While I accomplished a good bit of writing, I didn't get to play with poetry as much as I'd wanted to for the month. I'm still working on one that I hope I can pop in tomorrow last minute. If not, I'll just post it here or in the poetry section. Having trouble ending the darn thing.

    I finished the final draft of my young adult novel and have some idea of how I'm going to open the next in the series. I'd sort ...
  10. The Poetry Conundrum

    I am scared silly

    For the coming month.

    What have I committed to?

    A poem a day!

    My head wants to explode

    Even now -

    Just two days before!

    Can I do it?

    Will I fail?

    How long does said poem

    Need to be?

    Two lines? Ten?

    A piece of epic proportions?

    I obsess, I worry, I doubt


    I shall try my best

    Updated April 28th, 2018 at 08:44 PM by Anita M Shaw

  11. Random Musings

    This being my first blog post here, I find I'm not sure what exactly to write. I should update all my website blogs; I'm notoriously bad at that. I used to be much more diligent at it back when I had my very first website called DreamWind Whispers. Created it all by my lonesome with help from my instructors at LVSonline which is now, sadly, gone. But, with their $10 HTML course under my belt I ventured forth!

    By standards of today, the site was crude, but at the time all my visitors ...
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