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  1. A Thug's Life...

    For the most part, I'd consider that I conduct myself in a gentlemanly like manner but for some reason whenever I watch Football (Soccer), out of nowhere I become a total thug.

    For a while I attributed it to simple tribalism, but I realized that just isn't the case. I get ridiculously involved in games which I support neither team. I'm cursing and jumping with such vitriol. The vitriol only increases further when my beloved Aston Villa play.

    But it's just so strange. I'm ...
  2. Screw you cruel Universe!

    We live in such a cruel universe. The powers that be are such a sadistic bunch.

    I'd finally got home after a long hard day. Now I live on the coast so it was quite cold and windy. So I'm caught up in all that nonsense and I get outside my door. That's when I realize that I can't actually find my key. I turn my pockets inside out, empty the contents of my bag and nothing. Much to my dismay I have to sit outside my house like a tool for an hour or so, in the cold, inadequately wrapped ...
  3. Anyone know any powerful depressing music?

    Good evening folks.

    So I am trying to write a short story which requires me to get into the mind set of sorrow and despair. I am currently thinking about sad things but it is only taking me so far, watching the news helps too but I need a depressing song to finish me off. I am almost there just need that final push. Something about music which helps to profoundly reinforce things for me. I guess music for me is just a place and time and really adds definition to what is happening if ...
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