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  1. Conquest of spaces

    Because when you aren't witty enough to come up with a title for your blog entry the good old fashioned way, you cram in a vaguely appropriate Woodkid reference.

    This past week has seen me take a plunge into the unknown. I had previously thought it futile to attempt a degree. I don't actually have the qualifications to even get onto a course, having chosen a culinary career instead. Don't get me wrong, I make a mean... well, everything, now... Only, intensive cookery like that, it ...

    Updated September 19th, 2015 at 03:43 AM by Boofy

  2. On the brink

    of a breakthrough! Gotcha, neh? Thought this was going to be one of those deep, introspective blog posts where I flick my fringe out of my eyes dramatically every three seconds, tears glistening on my cheeks, didn't you? ;3

    When I came here, I was uptight! A true hermit in need of a friendly coconut with a face... Watson? Wilbur?

    I was awkward, formal and the thought of starting threads terrified me. On my first day I struck up a friendship with somebody on the forum, who ...
  3. Choppy Waters

    Next week I say goodbye to my job as Commis Chef and start working in earnest on my novel, until September comes and I begin my English Language and Creative Writing degree. I'm now writing chapter 9 and I wouldn't have gotten this far were it not for a certain muse found in the proverbial jumble sale called WF. I've found some real gems, I am pleased to say. Some members don't give themselves a high enough valuation.

    I don't have any particular direction to go with in this blog post. ...
  4. Is this thing on?

    Well, this is different! A place to ramble the days away without fear of forcibly subjecting anybody to its torturous banality, why didn't I start a blog sooner?

    Since joining this forum I have never been more surprised by people. Their propensity for kindness, their respect, amongst a great many other things. I have had so many intellectually stimulating conversations already and now find myself ploughing ahead with my novel after what has been a four year agony, plonking myself down ...
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