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  1. Valid or Not: The Real Political Opinion

    I could definitely be wrong...

    In the end, I figured that people take a number of stances on a number of things and a variety of factors can lead to them sticking with them or changing up, but underneath I think the real political point everyone really endorses is survival.

    Different people have different methods of survival. Some hoard against loss. Some want to defend what they have. Some people want to band up while others prefer to be loners. Some trust too little ...
  2. Kinda Strange Track of Thought Today...

    Isn't it funny how "The Mother" always has a primordial presence in the God-Pantheon, but the Father is absent?

    I mean, there are "mothers", but the aspect of "The Mother" is what I am talking about. I am talking about the aspect of nurturing and giving life. But there is no father aspect. Or, at least, the father aspect seems to be split amongst other Gods.

    Strangely, I used to wonder about the order of progression in creation from the Christian ...

    Updated August 20th, 2017 at 11:48 AM by kaminoshiyo