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  1. Update: LRWG #9

    I managed to get a few more words written on this assignment. It's up to 695 which leaves only 2,305 to go. This might have something to do with the door slamming neighbors having moved out. Add in that the cold weather has kept the kids indoors. So, it's been fairly peaceful around me.

    What I don't understand is why this story is taking so long to write. Even with the chaos that's been around me, it's been over a year since I finished lesson 8. The most frustrating part with the story ...
  2. LRWG A Year Later

    Well, here it is August 2015. I should have finished the course by now. Sadly, things happened and I haven't finished. I'm still on assignment # 9. My deadline was mid-December 2014. So, what happened? The same crap just different days.

    It seems like right when I sit down to work on the project the chaos begins. It could have been quiet all day and then, right at the moment I decide to site down and write, the neighbors slam the doors, the kids materialize in the ...
  3. Lesson Received by LRWG

    This morning I found the notice in my e-mail account that Long Ridge has picked up my lesson. They will forward it to my instructor.
    Start the clock as the waiting officially begins. It usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks to receive the response. In the mean time, there are 5 projects on my ‘to do’ list. 2 reviews, some clones, a few posts, and some ‘in the mean time’ activities from Long Ridge. Once these are done, there’s still plenty more to keep me busy.
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  4. 2014 Updates 10-10

    Call this the week of necessary distraction. These are things like doctor's appointments and bus rides. They're not long rides, about 15 minutes to downtown and then about 30 on the outbound to the turn-around point. When it comes to getting out and about for things like appointments and shopping, I spend about an hour on just the bus rides. Sadly my budget cannot afford the expenses of a car.

    So, what did I accomplish this week? I tweaked the manuscript on lesson # 08 for Long Ridge. ...
  5. Adjustments Made to LRWG # 08

    After reviewing and contemplating the previous draft of the piece, I opted to drop the portion where Digger retreats to a tunnel. I did this primarily because it conflicts with his previous action of shuffling away (leaving the scene) to tell Doctor Gallaine that Lynn would be staying in the chamber. After removing his retreat to the tunnel, I polished the piece to adjust for the change and it flows much better.
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