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  1. I Am At A Loss

    I haven't been around because I have not been able to write.

    Right now, I think for me, at my age, my greatest worry / concern ( outside of spiritual) is the my stories will not be told.

    I worry that my characters will go unknown, dying with me without having been shared. Sure, I could create the profiles and leave detailed notes in the hopes that one of my children or another writer will tell these stories. It wouldn't be the same. They would put in their own creativity, ...

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  2. Change of Title

    Even though I'm heart-sick that I haven't completed any of my novels, there is a fortunate side to this. It's not too late to change the title. In looking at Wattpad, I find there are over 100,000 stories posted either titled Zodiac Chronicles or some variation of it. Whether title this or not, this is an excessive amount of stories revolving around characters based on the Zodiac signs. So, how do I make mine stand out?

    First- change the title, or switch it around. This is what I intend ...
  3. Failure to Understand

    I will never understand why, no matter what good a person does- some people can only focus on the bad, that one mistake the person makes.

    I'm getting ridiculed on another forum because of ONE single typo that I made. This one member ( who seems to think of herself as the guardian of the gate) continuities to post in the thread repeating my mistake.

    She is supposedly smarter than I am, she has a better education, a better life style, a better life. And yet she treats people ...
  4. Special Request

    hey guys, I need a favor... 51 days before I move- My landlord is being a problem - I'm hoping that doing a go- fund me campaign will help.

    Here's where I need the favor - I wrote a 1 page letter asking for help. I'd like someone to review it to make certain I avoided the whine factor among other things. I'm not a copy editor so I do what I can.

    I would rather not post it publicly, as I do not want it to be seen as an advertisement. So this would be done behind the scenes. ...
  5. First Submission

    Today, it was finally my turn to make that milestone we all have to make, eventually.
    This afternoon, I submitted Choices to an e-zine for consideration in publication.

    I am satisfied with the story as it is. It's been suggested that I expand on this piece, dig deeper into the characters. This is always a possibility, for now though, I'm content with where it is.

    It'll be somewhere between 3 to 6 months before I know if they'll accept the piece.
    In the mean ...

    First Goal of 2019 ACHIEVED!

    After many years of 'intentions to do it" and finally getting to it this year- CHOICES IS ONE.

    The first version was written in 2000 & submitted to my instructor on February 21, 2000) as the piece for assignment 4 with Long Ridge Writers Group (now Institute for Writers). The assignment was to write a new story between 750 - 1,500 words. The version I submitted at the time had 1,000 words.

    I then revisited this piece for ...
  7. And it's done

    Referencing Post

    I was told:

    Don't do it.
    You'll be wasting your time.
    Scrap it all and start over.
    You need to be working on 'forward-writing'.

    Like I said in the other post: as I age, if I get the notion, an idea to do something- and someone tells me not to do it- I’m still doing it. And it's done.

    For the last year, my focus has been on, not so much sorting my writing drive as it was eliminating the clone files. Today, I ...
  8. I Was Told Not to Do This but...

    I did it! I'm doing it!

    First, I've come to learn something about myself. As I age, if I get the notion, an idea to do something- and someone tells me not to do it- I’m still doing it. Of course, we're talking about things that don't cause harm and aren't illegal.

    In the mix of writing, I took up a project someone told me was a waste of time.

    I'm going to spare y'all the putrid spewing that we all know people spit out when they're against something,. We ...

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  9. Quick Links

    Because I got tired of the hassle in finding the threads- these are direct links to my scripts. It's more for my own quick referencing than anything but it comes in handy when people ask for links.

    Assignment 1: Developing your writers eye- describe a person you know or have known in 500 words.
    Title: The Wrong Man ( 500 words )

    Assignment 2: Use your experience as a springboard for fiction. Write a fiction story of 750 - 1,000 words. Use the person you described ...

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  10. Change of Plans

    Do you ever get that feeling? You know, that you might be in the wrong place? I'm talking about where you live. It just doesn't seem like where you're at- you're not getting anywhere, zero to little progress in life. Maybe you feel stalled or like you're treading water. The wheels are spinning but you're not moving forward.

    That's about how I feel this passed week. At least, since that phone call telling me that the class I signed up for was pulled from the schedule. The class I really ...
  11. Some Good News

    As some may recall, I've had issues with people disrespecting my writing and writing time. Over time I've cut people from my life because of this. This good news is about the woman who would show up unannounced after I'd tweet "Am Writing". She would take that as a coded message meaning I was home and drop by- despite my counts attempts to remind her to call first- like everyone else does.

    This woman has moved many times in the years that I've known her. This time, however, ...
  12. LRWG # 9 Another Update

    Tonight, I finally breached 1,500 words on this project. This puts me passed the halfway point. There's only 1,445 words to go.

    The rough draft may not be my best work but at this point- more than a year passed the deadline- and with the story dredging along, I'm just going with it.

    Changing from 3rd to 1st person has helped- borrowing characters from my YA has too- having characters based on real encounters was the boost tonight. That scenario was based on an actual moment ...
  13. So, you say I'm not a writer

    There seems to be a stigma in our culture that dictates 'if you're not published then you're not a writer'. This is only through traditional means of publishing houses and agents- forget self published- they don't count.

    Here's my thing- it's my opinion, and as a writer I do have a valid one, this is akin to narrow-minded thinking. You are dismissing someone's potential because it doesn't meet your concept of what a writer is.

    I speak from personal experience and I have ...
  14. LRWG # 9 Progresses

    The original due date was for somewhere in the middle of December 2014. Needless to say, I am more than a year behind schedule. So, what's the hold up?

    My fellow writers know that the problems have been external. It's the neighbors coming and going- slamming the fire doors on their way, their children using the stairwell and fire hall as a playground, and now, the neighbor across the hall has a new puppy that loves to bark.

    I have tried to drown out the noise- play the ...
  15. LRWG Lesson #9 1/3 done

    Progress! So, I'm contemplating as I read over what I've done so far with Long Ridge Lesson # 9. As I'm adding some new content an idea dawns on me- try a shot at 1st person! So, that's what I did. I shifted the piece to read as 1st person. I went from 890 words to 1,042 words in less than 30 minutes. While I have stopped worrying about the word count in general- I still have to keep it in mind for the Long Ridge projects. Lessons 9 through 12 have a word count max of 3,000. So, I'm officially 1/3 ...
  16. Update: LRWG #9 1/4 done

    Well, I've passed the quarter mark on the lesson with 860 / 3,000 words. And I've reached another transition point from one scene to the next. This is just like the last time I was stumped. That one took a few months to work around.

    There's a part of me that says "go ahead and share it now. Maybe folks can help with the rest." While that may be true, another part of me says "wait until you've finished the story before sharing."

    Either way, there are ...
  17. Update: LRWG #9

    I managed to get a few more words written on this assignment. It's up to 695 which leaves only 2,305 to go. This might have something to do with the door slamming neighbors having moved out. Add in that the cold weather has kept the kids indoors. So, it's been fairly peaceful around me.

    What I don't understand is why this story is taking so long to write. Even with the chaos that's been around me, it's been over a year since I finished lesson 8. The most frustrating part with the story ...
  18. LRWG A Year Later

    Well, here it is August 2015. I should have finished the course by now. Sadly, things happened and I haven't finished. I'm still on assignment # 9. My deadline was mid-December 2014. So, what happened? The same crap just different days.

    It seems like right when I sit down to work on the project the chaos begins. It could have been quiet all day and then, right at the moment I decide to site down and write, the neighbors slam the doors, the kids materialize in the ...
  19. From the Regret Thread

    I regret having trusted someone with my baby / my break-in novel. I confided in one guy about the problems I had with it, he suggested making it a group collaboration, and not only did these people each take creative license and ignore my plans i.e. The Story Bible- they betrayed me. One said it would be nothing without her; another has threatened to sue me should I attempt publication.

    I learned my lesson and will never do another collaboration unless it's for written RPG.
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  20. Lesson Received by LRWG

    This morning I found the notice in my e-mail account that Long Ridge has picked up my lesson. They will forward it to my instructor.
    Start the clock as the waiting officially begins. It usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks to receive the response. In the mean time, there are 5 projects on my ‘to do’ list. 2 reviews, some clones, a few posts, and some ‘in the mean time’ activities from Long Ridge. Once these are done, there’s still plenty more to keep me busy.
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  21. LRWG Lesson # 08 is Finished!

    This is a copy paste from my off site blog. Since not everyone visits it or knows about it, I'm sharing this here.

    I finished the project last night and sent the files this morning. It should take about 2 to 3 weeks to receive the response. What I learned with this lesson are things every writer needs to know

    • How to write a query letter, cover letter, and pitch.
    • The importance of having a beginning, a middle, and an end.
    • Being patient avoids mistakes. ...
  22. Update Step 3

    Ican skip over the cover letter! According to the website of the e-zine I chosethey prefer submission not include one. So, it's on to Part 4- the letter to myinstructor. Submissions are done electronically via a submission gateway.
  23. Update! I've finished Step 2!

    The 'Magazine Choice Form' - select a suitable publications from the book and fill out the details on the form. Of the 4 that remained on my list of possible magazines for submission- I chose the one with the best website, Strange Horizons.

    If you'd like to see a copy of the form about this online publication- shoot me a PM and I'll send you a copy in response. After my instructor has reviewed and responded to my lesson, then I'll put it up on my website.
  24. 2014 Goals for 10 / 13-17

    Good morning Writing Forums- it is Monday, October 13. Wow, we are closing in on the middle of the month.

    This is a roll-over week! Last week, aside from the necessary appointments, there were so many distractions I just couldn't get much done. At least I go part of the way through Step 2.

    My goal for this week to finish LRWG Lesson # 8.

    Part 1: Write a fictional story between 2,000 and 3,000 words. Done!

    Pat 2: 'Magazine Choice Form' - select ...
  25. 2014 Updates 10-10

    Call this the week of necessary distraction. These are things like doctor's appointments and bus rides. They're not long rides, about 15 minutes to downtown and then about 30 on the outbound to the turn-around point. When it comes to getting out and about for things like appointments and shopping, I spend about an hour on just the bus rides. Sadly my budget cannot afford the expenses of a car.

    So, what did I accomplish this week? I tweaked the manuscript on lesson # 08 for Long Ridge. ...
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