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  1. Dream World Chapter 7

    Dream World 2017
    Chapter 7
    New Friends


    The lava filled up faster than I expected, but it was also working in my favor. Once again, the plane floated on the lava like a ship and rose up the tunnel while grinding against the ceiling. Up, up and away it went, until we came to the opening. The ceiling began to crack as the plane was pushed harder and harder up against the ceiling from the rising lava. The ceiling refused ...
  2. Dream World Chapter 6

    Dream World 2017
    Chapter 6
    Cyborg Benefits


    I take back everything I said about not hating being alive. Now, more than ever, I wished to die, after all, whats the point in living, what's the point of anything anymore. So what if I got to eat new foods, so I got to explore, it all meant nothing now. I couldn't go an hour outside the purple room without almost dying. Than there's the fact that everyone I knew was dead, ...
  3. Dream World Chapter 5

    Dream World 2017
    Chapter 5
    The Mad Storm

    My body was being shredded by the harsh wind, I couldn't see a single thing in front of me and I wasn't alone.

    In the storm, I could hear things screeching past me and than something very light landed on my shoulder like a fly. I went to hit it off, but it felt like it was latched onto me, so I tried to pull it off. Quickly, I noticed this creature was not just latched onto me, ...
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