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  1. beaSTIE bAbiEs

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    beaSTiE bAbiEs #3

    When a beastie mates it salivates
    its demons blood of goo and mud
    It squeaks it squeals it howls it reeks
    from passion dripping off its cheeks
    It groans it moans it eats its bones
    as fangs rip and sink in beastie stink

    Beastie Babies crawl about
    Beastie Babies sing and shout
    Mommies lost and Daddies gone
    Damned We Be! Alone We Suffer!
    How can one scold us when no one will hold us?
  2. When Stars Collide

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    When Stars Collide

    shoes filled with sand
    frolicking on the beach
    two hearts as one

    an unexpected loss

    I ride amongst the stars on moonlit nights;
    hoping to find you riding beside them,
    you’re my shining star; the brightest of lights
    amongst these starry specks of solar gems.

    My search leads me to our favorite star,
    the pulsar that we studied in our youth;
    afterwards we went
  3. A flight into the Abyss

    A Flight Into the Abyss

    broken arrow-
    feathers in the wind
    fear unchecked

    let me drown in the mud
    rather than face the demons
    that crucified my pride

    shriveled heart-
    buckling knees
    trembling fingers

    I cry in the wilderness
    for those that I’ve forsaken
    a thousand deaths I die
    for the faithlessness of my acts-
    the facts of my deceit will forever haunt me
  4. Fractured Songs on Moonlit Nights

    Fractured Songs on Moonlit Nights

    frozen landscapes................brittle bones.................

    ................imploding stars



    cast aside like a broken toy
    no longer the golden boy
    revolution the only solution
    against a malevolent institution

    shattered.................seared................. ...
  5. Once Upon a Walrus ---(final draft)

    walrus 2.jpg

    Once upon a Walrus (final draft)

    As I basked in the illuminating sunlight reminiscing about bygone days amongst the walrus herd, Old Bellytooth, a very fat walrus weighing well over three thousand pounds, interrupted me in mid-sentence and said, “That’s not how I remember it. You’re leaving a lot out. Our young bulls and cows need to know all the sordid details about the day the Elephant Seals of the Macquarie made war against ...
  6. Once Upon a Dinosaur

    dino 1.jpgdino3.jpgdino4.jpg

    Once Upon a Dinosaur

    As I lie on the Dunes of the Dragamor Desert and wait for the impending sand storm to approach, my mind wanders to a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. They were magnificent. While God created the earth, trees, seas, a few bugs and an assortment of various bees, it was I who designed and created the dinosaurs of earth, air, and sea.


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  7. Spring Hymns

    dafodills 1.jpg

    Spring Hymns

    daffodils in bloom
    a caterpillars' retreat –

    a jog in the park
    smiles barking dogs and frisbees-

    sunsets and moonlight
    the songs of a humpback whale-

    a cup of coffee
    and a croissant on the beach –

    an awakening
    excited seedlings emerge-
    acceleration ...

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  8. The Insane Rantings of a Broken Down Poet


    Through the eyes of a Mouse

    His music makes my ears bleed---
    the seeds of doubt sprouts about
    It fills my head with an ancient dread-
    that the dead will rise from the fiddlers lies
    and they’ll feed and gnaw at my flesh and bone~

    what’s a little mouse to do…

    nowhere to run!
    nowhere to hide!
    nowhere to cry!
    only to die
    I dare not deny---
  9. Once Upon a Rhinoceros

    sad rhino.jpg

    Once upon a Rhinoceros

    While visiting my favorite watering hole
    I stumbled upon an old friend, the once great
    and mighty rhinoceros, Rhino Bob.

    He didn’t look in the best of shape and
    his health seemed to be in a bit of a decline.
    His eyes were filmy and he had a few broken
    teeth. His horns were worn to the bone
    and brittle to the touch~

    To put it mildly… he ...
  10. Once upon a Bear

    bear 1.jpg

    Once upon a Bear

    I shared an apple wile in the woods,
    with a hungry old bear the other day~
    We both enjoyed the delicious succulence of the
    fruit as our stomachs growled its appreciation.

    After we finished our impromptu snack the bear
    gave me the oddest look---
    No! No! I said, “My meat is not as sweet and if
    you eat me your stomach will twist up in knots. It’s
    bad manners ...

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  11. Once upon a Bear

  12. The Mad Rantings of a Broken Down Poet


    On the Horns of a Bull

    I fiddled and diddled my way out of my
    dire circumstance. I carved out a new fiddle
    from the wood floors of my prison and made
    its strings from the guts of my bikini clad
    captor which in reality was a man-eating plant.
    I burned it to the ground.

    I wooed and bedazzled those lovely nubile
    Nubians with my charm, good looks and
    musical abilities. I plucked ...
  13. Once upon a Giraffe


    Once upon a Giraffe

    While sleeping high up in a tree
    I felt something---
    sniffing and nibbling at my ears
    let me tell you~
    it was very disconcerting
    and somewhat discomforting-
    to have a twelve foot teenage
    giraffe vying for your attention

    I had to laugh when she tickled my toes
    with the tip of her nose-
    while whistling my favorite tune
    the song of ...
  14. Once upon a Elephant


    Once upon a Elephant

    I saw an elephant -
    sitting on my gazebo in my backyard
    she waved her trunk and hooted for me
    to sit beside her~

    Now to be sure-
    I was flummoxed and bemused
    amused and mildly confused---
    to see her sipping tea~
    while patiently waiting
    to discuss my spirituality
    with the likes of me-

    As you can see

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  15. Once upon a Elephant

  16. The Mad and Deluded Writings of a Sleepy Poet


    Hooray hurrah hooray a new beastie poem is here to stay

    Beasties Sings Those Songs
    of Wicked Things

    On tattered wings we floats and flies,
    high, high, up in stormy skies
    we sings of heaven’s pearly things
    as we brings our bows and slings

    on ocean clouds we skims and drifts
    flopping and flapping on our backs
    paddling our wings on vaporous strings

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  17. The Mad Writings of a Sedated Poet (language)

    shell of a turtle.png

    The Shell of a Turtle

    I woke up inside of what smelled and felt
    like a tree,
    took a pee,
    stretched my legs,
    scratched my ass,
    and had a little smoke.

    I pondered on my precarious predicament,
    while stuck in the bowels
    of a man eating plant,
    posed as a damsel in distress---
    clad in nothing
    but a skimpy and flimsy-
    handmade papier-mâché dress.
  18. Once Upon a Cat


    Once upon a Cat

    As I crawled amongst the bush and weed--- I came
    upon a one-eyed cat--- that was really, really fat--- that
    looked pretty much like a hungry lion. I soiled my pants, got up,
    and did a belly dance--- as it mewled and roared away. It
    sniffed my crotch-- as I watched-- the vultures circle patiently---
    for their tongue licking bone cracking human lunch.

    As it was ...
  19. Nightmares of a Tortured Poet

    Napalm Memories


    aces over eights
    a slow walk in the jungle
    tears fire and rain

    (collection of images and poetic muttering from the Munidaen worlds)
  20. The Wailings of a Broken Down Poet

    The Ninth Circle (the Beast)

    hell’s bane God’s flame
    brimstone ashes and dust
    burnt corpses dead grins and tainted

    dragons breath; death
    sickly winds frozen sin
    the mighty beast lies trapped within
    The Ice

    But It lives and…

    It Sings
    of ghastly things
    to the beat of its horrid wings

  21. The Rantings of a Pitiful Poet

    The Eighth Circle (the Totem Sins)

    The Seducers (The Snake)
    whispers in the wind
    a silver tongue and a wolf’s smile
    the innocent fall
    on the road to perdition’
    the snake bares its fangs and bites

    The Panderers (The Fox)
    fox III.jpg
    juicy meats ripe fruit
    flesh peddlers virgins and gold
    a barkers delight ...

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  22. The Hollow Dreams of a Mad Poet

    The Seventh Circle (the Blasphemers)

    The lone wolf chews and eats his young
    Too many roosters spoil the hen
    There can be only one with a golden tongue

    They bowed before me in all my glory
    The lone wolf chews and eats his young
    In Awe-were all who heard my story

    I am your only begotten son
    There can only be one with a golden tongue
    Jesus was the deluded one

    Stretched on burning sand: no ...
  23. The Broken Dreams of a Mad Poet

    The Fifth Circle (the Angry)

    It grows
    It leaps
    It lingers
    It sleeps

    It starts in the gut it grows it leaps
    Into the head it lingers it sleeps

    And it wakes

    FIGHT- hit her in the head
    STRIKE- she better be dead
    BITE- my rage turned red

    LIGHT- no more, no more, no more

    The Sixth Circle (the Heretics)

  24. The Fractured Dreams of a Mad Poet


    The Third Circle (the Gluttons)

    Pigs in the pen
    Feasting breathing eating
    Mud slides ostracized compromised
    Needing feeding seething beating cheating

    S i n k i n g

    S i n k i n g

    S i n k i n g

    In the filth with the scum
    and the dirt- YUM! YUM! YUM!

    Bellies sore rot and gore
    we want more- MORE! MORE! MORE!
  25. Dreams of a Mad Poet

    A bit of short poetry (form) These are imagery building exercises. I know you're saying where's the rest of his circle poems this is not a part of the series-don't worry they'll be back soon to bore you .



    loss pain
    what once was~ gone~ no more
    numbing grief tears perfuse no relief

    (the holy revelations of Storisosa: acolyte and middle priestess to the Blue Dolphin)
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