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  1. beaSTIE bAbiEs

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    beaSTiE bAbiEs #3

    When a beastie mates it salivates
    its demons blood of goo and mud
    It squeaks it squeals it howls it reeks
    from passion dripping off its cheeks
    It groans it moans it eats its bones
    as fangs rip and sink in beastie stink

    Beastie Babies crawl about
    Beastie Babies sing and shout
    Mommies lost and Daddies gone
    Damned We Be! Alone We Suffer!
    How can one scold us when no one will hold us?
  2. When Stars Collide

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    When Stars Collide

    shoes filled with sand
    frolicking on the beach
    two hearts as one

    an unexpected loss

    I ride amongst the stars on moonlit nights;
    hoping to find you riding beside them,
    you’re my shining star; the brightest of lights
    amongst these starry specks of solar gems.

    My search leads me to our favorite star,
    the pulsar that we studied in our youth;
    afterwards we went
  3. A flight into the Abyss

    A Flight Into the Abyss

    broken arrow-
    feathers in the wind
    fear unchecked

    let me drown in the mud
    rather than face the demons
    that crucified my pride

    shriveled heart-
    buckling knees
    trembling fingers

    I cry in the wilderness
    for those that I’ve forsaken
    a thousand deaths I die
    for the faithlessness of my acts-
    the facts of my deceit will forever haunt me
  4. Fractured Songs on Moonlit Nights

    Fractured Songs on Moonlit Nights

    frozen landscapes................brittle bones.................

    ................imploding stars



    cast aside like a broken toy
    no longer the golden boy
    revolution the only solution
    against a malevolent institution

    shattered.................seared................. ...
  5. Once Upon a Walrus ---(final draft)

    walrus 2.jpg

    Once upon a Walrus (final draft)

    As I basked in the illuminating sunlight reminiscing about bygone days amongst the walrus herd, Old Bellytooth, a very fat walrus weighing well over three thousand pounds, interrupted me in mid-sentence and said, “That’s not how I remember it. You’re leaving a lot out. Our young bulls and cows need to know all the sordid details about the day the Elephant Seals of the Macquarie made war against ...
  6. Once Upon a Scorpian


    Once Upon a Scorpion

    The desert heat is blessedly sweet if you’re a
    red bloodied scorpion like me. My granddaddy
    always said: if you can’t take the heat then go jump
    in a cold lake and swim till you drown. He said it
    was damn unpatriotic not to revel in it. He
    had only contempt for those who hid under
    rocks or bush in the mid-day sun. Old granddaddy told me
    those comfort seekers ...
  7. The End of Forever is Tommorrow

    end of time.jpg

    The End of Forever is Tomorrow (a Sestina)

    The songs of creation shall be sung, not spoken, and will last forever and Eternity-
    It arises from the nothingness that the wisest of the wise have called Nirvana-
    But those of the ‘Mark’ grown fat from ecclesiastical lies--- seek heaven through Rapture,
    only to find out that which patiently awaits them--- is not bliss : but Oblivion-
    They fall into God traps and ...
  8. Yin Yang a ding a ling

    ready to collapse
    breathing heaving deceiving-
    brimstone and ashes

    all the world’s a stage
    the misbehaving diva-
    exploding novas

    the wheel of life
    spins splinters and breaks-
    god’s demon
    writes a haiku!

    In the beginning...
    one hell of a bumpy ride
    out of a damn job-
    on the wings of a dragon
    the devil salutes the wind-

  9. going dark

    going dark

    cotton-candy high---
    sitting alone in a room
    contemplating death

    the edge of a blade
    cuts the skin with gentle care---
    clowns and acrobats

    walking the tight rope
    with sore feet and a headache-
    barkers and strong-men

    dispossessed of home
    adrift in a joyless world---
    jaws of a lion

    a wonder-less world
    of torn tents and empty trains---
    virtual ...
  10. Once Upon a Dinosaur

    dino 1.jpgdino3.jpgdino4.jpg

    Once Upon a Dinosaur

    As I lie on the Dunes of the Dragamor Desert and wait for the impending sand storm to approach, my mind wanders to a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. They were magnificent. While God created the earth, trees, seas, a few bugs and an assortment of various bees, it was I who designed and created the dinosaurs of earth, air, and sea.


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  11. Once Upon a Alligator


    Once Upon a Alligator

    I was taking a swim in the Utopian Swamps when I saw a hungry looking alligator rushing towards me. You can imagine my alarm on being eaten by such a creature. I was in a mortal shell at the time and would most definitely feel all the agony any creature would feel upon being eaten alive. Of course I would regenerate and turn back into my original form of ...

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  12. Summer Hymns


    Summer Hymns

    splashes and ripples
    evening sunsets on the beach-
    boisterous dolphins

    sweat heat and hot feet
    sunburn fevers and blisters-
    sunny florida

    pelicans in flight
    seagulls prancing in the sand-
    coffee on the porch

    tropical breezes-
    a bicycle built for two
    for lovers only

    a mid- morning swim-
    don’t feed the ...
  13. The Mad Scribbles of a Sleeping Poet (Language Warning)


    Buzz Kill
    We’re bad-ass mother-fucking thugs,
    cruel killers and disease infested bugs-
    we’re plague givers,
    shadow makers,
    fraudulent fakers and takers~
    stinking stalkers, death walkers,
    teeny tiny trashy little talkers-

    ripper buzzzbissszit ripper buzzzzbisssszit ripper buzzzzbissszap

    We’re bad-ass mother-fucking bugs,
    cruel killers ...
  14. Cartoons of a Mad Poet

    Strong to the Finish
    eat your spinach
    don’t you want to grow up strong?
    popeye is watching
  15. Spring Hymns

    dafodills 1.jpg

    Spring Hymns

    daffodils in bloom
    a caterpillars' retreat –

    a jog in the park
    smiles barking dogs and frisbees-

    sunsets and moonlight
    the songs of a humpback whale-

    a cup of coffee
    and a croissant on the beach –

    an awakening
    excited seedlings emerge-
    acceleration ...

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  16. A Mad Poet's jibber jabber

    Was inspired by the poetry competition prompt "Necessary Lies" was trying to make a poem but this bit of dialogue came bubbling in my head instead.

    White Lies

    “Honey, does this dress make me look fat?”

    “On the contrary, it accents your voluptuous figure.”

    “Ahhhhh, you’re just saying that to make me feel good.”

    “Would I lie to you? If I’m lying may the hounds of hell tear and rip me to pieces and
    feed my bones
    Tags: mutterings
  17. A Mad Poets Revision

    Here is my revised poem from the Grand Poetry Competition

    Negative Space (revised)

    unseen spaces, distorted faces
    sin-stained silhouettes
    insincere regrets
    the miasmic tide of doubts hovers about
    while skeptics shout “God is Dead!”
    as they walk, run, fly, and float, amongst
    shifting clouds that drift downward towards
    that fate filled fork in the road. It sways and
    swings to the left,
    on the path most

    Updated May 4th, 2016 at 05:16 AM by rcallaci

    Tags: revision
  18. A Mad Poets Dreams

    I've revised "the Weeping Willow" found in the poetry competition. It was not that good. The 7th stanza was messed up. I think I fixed it . It has a better meaning and flow.

    A Weeping Willow (revised)

    Willow, Willow, don’t you cry
    no need to atone
    in this hellish home of
    sin, sex, and bone-

    ~don’t be afraid my little baby girl
    daddy loves you more than you’ll ever know~

    Willow, Willow, no need to
    Tags: revisions
  19. On the Road to Paradise

    On the Road to Paradise
    I finally made it. A nineteen hour drive took me thirty three hours of driving time. It took a total of three days of cheap motels and lousy food to reach our destination. Thank God we were blessed with good weather and minimal traffic. If not it probably would have taken us a week.

    I need to state that I don’t like to drive, and when I do, I drive slowly to the chagrin of drivers who are stuck behind me. Many a truck driver honked and gave me the ...
    Tags: ramblings
  20. Once Upon a Kangaroo

    kangeroo1.pngkangeroo 2.jpgkangeroo3.png

    Once upon a Kangaroo
    I was hip, hop, hopping along, minding my own business, when to my utter surprise a pack of wild dingoes leapt out of the bush and blocked my way. They snarled, growled, and bared their teeth in a show of ferocity. The leader of the pack with spittle dripping off his tongue said to me,

    “We will let you go free and unharmed if you surrender the baby that’s ...
    Fiction , Poetry
  21. On the Road Again

    We finally did it. My wife(Virginia) and I left our beloved Long Island this morning at 3AM. We're on a way to Florida, home to lizards, alligators, and an angry Sun. It's been one heartbreaking week saying goodbye to family and friends but with social media and all those other gadgets one would hardly notice our absence.

    Drove for twelve hours and stopped. I'm somewhere in VA in a Quality Inn. There was a time I could drive non-stop but the fact I'm an old fart has dampened my enthusiasm. ...
    Tags: ramblings
  22. The fractured fairy-tales of a Mad Poet

    The Dance of a Cockroach (language)
    My name is Periwinkle Salomon and I’m one angry pissed-off cockroach. Three of my colonies have just been destroyed by the evil dust you humans love to plague us with. That’s over a million of my comrades in arms who’ll never again see the sun rise or fall. Who the hell do you humans think you are? You malign us, disparage our good name, call us pests, curse our ...

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  23. The fractured fairy-tales of a Mad Poet


    The Hoot of an Owl

    While polishing my fiddle to the shiniest of shines, I heard the Hoot, Hoot, Hoot, of an owl. I looked up, and lo and behold! I saw the largest and most fearsome looking owl one could ever have the privilege to see. His big round yellow eyes stared directly into mine. They looked hungry as he seemed to ponder if I was either predator or prey.

    I ...

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  24. Countdown to Oblivion-A Revision

    I came in last in the grand fiction contest. Did i feel good about it-no, as a matter of fact it sucked. Did I learn from it-yes. Did i get angry at the judges for crucifying my glorious work -for a minute or so, but my anger waned after I realized that their criticisms were spot on.

    I kind of choked on this one, not that I didn't put in the effort, I did that in spades, but SPAG and my convoluted way of writing didn't sit well with some of the judges. I tried to play it save, rather ...

    Updated March 3rd, 2016 at 05:45 AM by rcallaci

    Tags: revisions
  25. The fractured fairy-tales of a Mad Poet (Adult themes)

    pig 3.jpgpigs 2.jpgpig 5.jpg

    In a Pigs Eye

    My name is Thaddeus P. Cornsuckle, I‘m one of the pigs in that old chestnut of a story “The Three Little Pigs”. I’ve been called the smart one, the pig who made his house out of brick; the other two were my idiot brother and sister who barely knew how to tie their own piggy shoes, let alone outwit the Big Bad Wolf, the notorious villain who was terrorizing the fairylands. ...
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