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  1. Sex, God, and a bunch of other stuff

    So this rambling piece of reflections by a fictional character I am writing will be finish by the end of April. The character talks about everything from what is right and wrong to God to politics to eating pie to sex to love to how to make a cocktail, and how to drink your soda to well, you get it.

    So, I'm pretty conservative, and not religious, but believe in the importance of it. Kind of in between religions right now. But the F word and reflections on sex, comparing an orgasm to ...
    Tags: politics, sex
  2. I think it is going well

    So I've developed the characters well through action. I burned, so to speak, all of my novel (one of them) past chapter five. I just felt it got shallow. Here I've managed to develop. I made, for example, one character a total jerk, when I meant to make him a rather good guy with flaws. I have done that. There is hostility now between him and the protagonist, but it will end, like such hostilities often do. But there is a constant one between he and one of the main characters. A hot girl throwing ...
  3. Alexander Pope is right

    "For what I have published, I can only hope to be pardoned; but for what I have burned, I deserve to be praised." --Alexander Pope

    I burned a novel, most of it, today. Trashed it. I kept the first four chapters. I am in one of those moods where I am really not confident about the work but feel the drive to go on. Not that this is a habitual lack of confidence. I go between vanity and self-judgment. That's good I suppose. I am reading a novel, which sold very well, called,
    Tags: flannery o
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