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  1. W.Goepner's Avatar
    Umm... I do not know if I should be excited or not but I got this e-mail from David Zeolla, President of Dorrance Publishing co. "Bagla's Children; The Searcher" Has been accepted. I have been assigned a Publishing Services Consultant. I as of yet have not heard from him but I am anxiously awaiting his contact. I can post the form letter I received explaining the details. But it is just the SOP and telling me they are accepting it.

    Oh Boy, Oh boy, Oh boy.

  2. W.Goepner's Avatar
    Well I took the next step. Before I joined this Writers Forum I had filled out the questionnaire at Dorrance Publishing Co. on line. I told them my manuscript was complete and I needed a reading. but I did not send it to them right away. Two phone calls from them and two e-mails later I sent it. Now i need to wait about a week before they decide to give me a personal publishing consultant. From there they will help me decide what and how I might proceed. Needless to say I am nervous and wander if I have done enough. I was undecided as to what way to go first, post it here in the forum or send it there. Depending on what they say will determine my next course. In the mean time I will work on putting up here some other works I have in progress.

    Wish me luck.

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