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  1. Generation ship

    The generation ship in my story has artificial gravity. The aliens rely on specific protocols.

    Here is a link to the floor plan thread:


    I am currently working on a floor plan starting with the first floor and going up and down the generation ship. I will probably then get into the aliens and their culture, what each room is for, and the humans.
  2. First Post

    Hi guys. This is my first blog post.

    I can solve the 3x3 and 4x4 Rubik's cubes.

    I am right now writing a story about a world full of twisty puzzles where it starts out like a city with 3 friendship networks and becomes 3 empires with 1 being the cubes, 1 being the cuboids, and 1 being the other shapes which include dodecahedra and pentahedra and tetrahedra and lots of others.

    In my story for both the cubes and cuboids the maximum dimension for any side is 17 ...
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