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  1. Almost 10k...

    So I'm into the rewrite! Let's get last weeks totals first:

    Mon: 2009
    Tue: 2102
    Wed: 2120
    Thu: 1178
    Fri: 1437

    TOTAL: 8846

    So it's a FAIL. But I also wrote a handful of short stories (okay, two short stories) that impeded my writing time by a little bit, making this failure a little more acceptable. Either way, this week: No fails. Seriously, I'm back on this damn horse and I don't care who knows it.

  2. Rewrite Time!

    So, while I have a handful of projects ready to go for my next novel, I've shifted my priorities some. It's time to work toward publishing, in some capacity, and as a result I've decided to rewrite my first book, for a couple of reasons.

    The primary reason is that I love that book, but I'm not the same writer I was when I started it. I'm much better, writing more concisely with consistent voice and overall, better habits. As I said, I still love the tale itself, and I want to ...
  3. Surgery

    So I had some surgery.

    That's the main reason I've been gone, but the other is just life getting in the way. The surgery I had was a septoplasty and bilateral turbinate reduction. They fixed up my nose, and for a while there I was completely unable to breathe through my nose and experiencing serious sinus pressure headaches. In any case, the air is returning to my nostrils and with it my will to write and post and all that. I've been a flake on this, my own blog, for a while ...
  4. IT Intel 1

    A good chunk of my job in the IT department at my company is to take calls from field managers where they are having issues with their local networks and servers. These managers are often better suited as managers than as computer technicians, so my team and I provide on the phone support for them for the tech aspect. As you can guess, as with any job out there, there are the technically illiterate people among us. That isn't to say they're not skilled or intelligent; they're just not great with ...
  5. Critiquing the Idea

    One of the things I've seen asked a lot is for people to give advice on or critique an idea for a story or a novel. It's something that's difficult for me to get a full grasp on, because until recently, I've always been rather private with my ideas (see: how this blog has very little of my actual ideas written out!) and have never really sought advice in that stage of the process. These people obviously have a different mindset, and it makes me wonder how they're approaching the process.
  6. A Month Of Failure

    Greetings internet! It's been a short while, eh? Let me explain. So when we last talked, I'd not been here in a while because things were getting busy around me. Well, just when I thought the storm had cleared, I got floored! My boss came in with the news that she got another job elsewhere (a better one!) so while we were all very happy for her, it did make for some real changes here in the office. We had to restructure a few things and one of the senior members of the IT team got promoted to her ...
  7. Not Dead!




    No! I'm not dead! Wait, you didn't notice? Oh... okay... Let's go to the counts! FOR TWO WEEKS!

    Mon: 4032
    Tue: 2605
    Wed: 3602
    Thu: 2700
    Fri: 2067

    TOTAL: 15006

    Mon: 2011
    Tue: 2061
    Wed: 2026
    Thu: 2135
    Fri: 1579 FAIL

    TOTAL: 9812 FAIL

    I'm calling it a win. Nearly 25K in two weeks is not bad, if I do say so myself. Deal with it! ...

    Updated July 1st, 2014 at 05:50 AM by Bishop

  8. Momentum

    Ever felt like something was coming to you and going so fast that you felt like gliding through it was almost effortless?

    Mon: 2207
    Tue: 3200
    Wed: 3665
    Thu: 2000
    Fri: 3312
    Sat: 1636 BONUS
    Sun: 1016 BONUS

    Total: 17036

    Finally! A week with NO failures! And look at that total. Whew, I'm loving this new book. It's coming along swimmingly, as you can tell, and the plot is advancing nicely.

  9. Retail Recap 1

    One of the many jobs I had before I was blessed with my position in IT was at an electronics retail store. I won't say which, for obvious reasons, but I will say it's a small-box electronics retailer that's been around a long time, and most people wonder why it's still relevant. Even the employees wonder this.

    In any case, my wife (then girlfriend) worked there in college for a summer and when she left, I took the open position at that store. I went to college in a very small ...
  10. A New Project (Again!)

    Alrighty! Some big things happening now, let's hit the counts:

    Mon: 1689 FAIL
    Tue: 2099
    Wed: 2025
    Thu: 1039 FAIL
    Fri: 2020
    Sun: 1510 BONUS

    Total: 10389

    "What's that bonus mean?" you may well ask. So, Monday was Deletion Day. You already heard a little about that if you read last week's update. I cut back 30,000 words. Part of those words were the 1689 that I had already written, so I stopped for the ...
  11. A Step Backward

    Today's a rough day... let's look at last week's numbers:

    Mon: OFF
    Tue: 2116
    Wed: 2295
    Thu: 2074
    Fri: 2076

    Took Monday off, but really these numbers are irrelevant because...

    Today I deleted over 30,000 words! Okay, not really DELETED, but I removed them from the work (saved them in another file, just in case) and am considering whether I want to keep it or not. I really got bored with what I was writing, and that ...
  12. A Break

    Okay, so let's just dive into the numbers:

    Mon: 2108
    Tue: 2131
    Wed: 1122 FAIL
    Thu: 302 FAIL
    Fri: 0 FAIL

    Total: 5663 FAIL

    I'm posting late because I took a bit of a break this holiday weekend (and some of the week, as you might be able to tell from the numbers). I pulled myself away from writing and internet and sort of enjoyed life for a weekend. It was nice, it was refreshing, it allowed me to catch up a little ...
  13. Graduation Situation

    So, this weekend was a big graduation weekend for many schools across the country. In the windows of cake stores (and by cake stores, I mean that section I walk by in Walmart that makes me want to buy a cookie cake ‘just because’) you’re probably seeing a lot of graduation-themed cakes. Yes, ‘tis the season for diving into a horrendous job market… And ‘tis the season for sitting in a huge room listening to inane speeches about the next steps of your life. Which ...

    Updated May 20th, 2014 at 05:12 AM by Bishop

  14. Like... Bay of Pigs Levels of Failure

    Iím actually afraid to go to the counts this weekÖ

    Mon: 1035 FAIL
    Tue: 2179
    Wed: 1156 FAIL
    Thu: 1222 FAIL
    Fri: 1530 FAIL

    TOTAL: 7122 FAIL

    How is Tuesday my victory day? I hate Tuesdays. Like seriously, Tuesdays are the worst!

    Anyway, sorry I didnít post this all on Friday, but itís been a fairly busy weekend and Iíve been trying to beat the living hell out of the rest of my cold so that I can ...
  15. Coughing II: The Return of Cough

    I hate to go into more detail about being sick (as it might make this part of my blog seem like nothing but my whining) but really, that's all that's going on right now so...

    Last night was fun! If you read that line sarcastically, then good. If not, go back and read it again and emphasize the exclamation point as much as possible in your head. Or out loud, provided you're either alone or don't care what those around you think about you talking to yourself. It's okay, I'll wait. ...
  16. Major Failure 05/12/2014

    Well, this is depressing... let's go to the counts:

    Mon: 2008
    Tue: 488 FAIL
    Wed: 0 FAIL
    Thu: 2141
    Fri: 0 FAIL

    Total: 4637 FAIL

    My first weekly fail. Sigh. The reason for it is my sickness. I've been just plain exhausted and barely able to do my essential work at my job, so writing has gone by the wayside this week. I'm still coughing relentlessly and when I'm not coughing my body is trying to tell me to go to sleep ...
  17. Adventures of Bishop: Coughing

    So, as promised on my blog proper, I'm adding some snippets of my own life and mental insanity... here's the first.

    My wife, Bishopette, is a teacher. This means that every few months she comes home with fresh germs from her students (who I'm sure are lovely, but I picture them as walking amoebas at this point--usually with cigars hanging out of their mouths, spreading pestilent fumes) and offers them to me by way of "breathing." I'm not sure why, it could be an immune
  18. Trying Creepy 05/02/2014

    Another week down! Let's go to the counts:

    Mon: 2146
    Tue: 2120
    Wed: 2057
    Thu: 2133
    Fri: 2288

    Total: 10744

    Woo! No failures! Then again, no days broke past the 2500 mark, so that's a bit of a bummer. But, either way, here we are.

    I'm enjoying working with 1-week posts, I get to write more about what's going on and I feel like my posts are more substantive. If you want, you can still check in everyday ...
  19. Romance Me! 04/25/2014

    Aha! Here's this weeks totals:

    Mon: 2806
    Tue: 2859
    Wed: 2153
    Thu: 3001
    Fri: 1795 FAIL
    END: 12614

    As you can see, I'm failing today. At least for now. It's the end of my work day soon, and I have a horrendous headache and I'm having trouble deciding where things are going to go in the book right now, so I'm cutting myself a break. Also, I got 2K above the weekly goal, so on some level I still call it a win. Especially yesterday: ...
  20. Back from the Dead! 04/18/2014

    Hello internet! Miss me?

    Let's start with the counts for this week, shall we? Starting on Sunday of this week, I totaled 14,761 words into book three. Here's the breakdown:
    Sun: 2079
    Mon: 2545
    Tue: 3038
    Wed: 2962
    Thu: 2054
    Fri: 2083
    Total: 14761

    That's a good week! Things have been heating up in book 3, we just got past the first fifth or so, and I'm really enjoying where it's going. It has a long way to go--this one ...
  21. A Change 04/09/2014


    2109 words written today! Back working on the stand-alone book rather than book three. I wager I'll be swapping between the two quite a bit.

    I've also been giving consideration to updating this blog once a week rather than once a day. It's not for lack of wanting to keep myself up to date on things, but for lack of things to write about everyday! In the beginning it was easier, just commenting on writing as a whole, but it's getting more difficult. ...
  22. Inaccurate Count Day 04/08/2014


    Don't have an accurate word count today. I was working between two different stories, adding to scenes that were bare-bones before. I know I hit over 2k, because I started book 3 of the series (I know, I'm supposed to be working on the other book, rather than my series, but I couldn't resist) and the count there came up at 1944. So, I hit somewhere over 2k, probably around 2100.

    Other than that, it's been a rough day and I'm not up for posting much ...
  23. ...Aaand We're Back! 04/07/2014


    2184 words written today.

    I worried a little about pacing today in my work. This next novel I'm writing begins somewhat more slowly than my last couple have, and I'm trying to focus on the character arcs at the expense of some plot. Everything still has plot relevence, it's just slower at putting it together.

    I pride myself in my character writing, particularly dialogue, and I think it's going to work out well. There's some humor, ...
  24. The End 04/03/2014


    Completion. Today I wrote 1895 words, which you might notice is under 2000, but fear not. Thatís because Iím celebrating. Book 2 is done. Well, rough draft is done. But still. Massive victory dance time!

    I honestly havenít feel this goodÖ since book 1 had the words ďthe endĒ typed into it. I know thereís probably not a lot of people watching this blog often, but to those of you who do read, thanks for sticking with me these past couple dozen entries to the ...
  25. Changes by Chapter 04/02/2014


    2042 words written, and I'm well into the last chapter.

    It's been very busy at work and every free moment was spent writing, so I don't have much to say, but I will say a little about how things change when you reach the end of the story. I keep up on my progress using Microsoft excel, and have a spreadsheet for each of my ongoing projects. One tab is a chapter-by-chapter overly with chapter names and the status of the chapter (rough draft, first ...
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