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  1. Back in the old routine.

    After having been to a town some 12 miles away on the previous two Saturdays, i was back in the old routine, i needed to go to the library, and talk about contrast, my usual haunt has a main street, this one it most certainly isn't.
    Well, i bused into town at the usual time, got off at the police station, started off down the alley and was greeted with an almighty ARGH! ARGH! ARGH! from Joe Crow as St.Peters half-chimed for 10.30. I'm very well thank you, i thought, to myself. Noisy little ...

    Updated May 27th, 2014 at 05:46 PM by dither

  2. Dithering

    A busy Town centre, where shocking is the norm, and the outrageous is so yesterday.
    And would you believe that the first thing i saw as i got off my bus, was a man leaning on a wall writing into a pocket-size notebook. Really! The market was buzzing, as i headed at a leisurely pace for the chip-van. He seemed as busy as ever.
    Chips in hand, salted and vinegared, i took a nice easy stroll, checking out the stalls and as i walked, the strangest thing occurred to me, so many ...

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  3. MegaRiderGold;

    For a while now, i have felt, there has been an awareness , a voice in my head, growing in tone and volume, with each passing Saturday, bored'bored'bored. I was in need of a change, Northampton beckoned.But when you've been awake since 1.30.pm on a Friday, done a nightshift, got home at around 7.30. the following morning, had a few mugs of tea, and kicked off those daisy roots, bearing in mind that i can't just hop on a bus to Northampton, there's a change-over along the way, suddenly it's not ...

    Updated March 8th, 2014 at 04:37 PM by dither

  4. Turn it around,,, but how? PIFFLE ALERT and Apology in advance

    What is it with me and buses?
    Just a short trip to my nearest "Morrisons",
    shopping to the old Eagles Track "long run",
    i get on the bus to come home,
    and by the time i get off the bus,
    my head is awash,
    spinning, a maelstrom, a tornado in my head.
    I sit leaning with my head against the window,
    not licking it i hasten to add,
    and i think.
    i ruminate, cogitate, wonder, self analyze,
    and the more i think,
  5. Vive le weekend, dither.

    Well, anyway, today is, was, shopping day. So, as is my wont on a Saturday morning, having got a bus home, i dragged a brush through my hair, pulled on an old pair of boots, i really do love those guys. I hate the thought of throwing out boots that have got perfectly good uppers just because they let in the wet, there must be a small crack, or split in the soles somewhere.They're not falling apart at the seems, as i seem to be some days, so what the hell? It's like walking in house-slippers. ...

    Updated May 27th, 2014 at 05:51 PM by dither

  6. Cheese 'n' chutney....And MegaRider-Gold

    It was mid-morning, i was readying myself for the weekend shopping-trip, and not sure how to dress/what to wear. It certainly wasn't cold, but, after much deliberation, i decided to travel light. Thermal underwear, polo-shirt, two pullovers, a body-warmer, and hi-viz work-coat.
    I got to the bus-stop with a few minutes to spare and was instantly presented with a dilemma. Should i stay here and risk getting spotted by the silly old devil who, whenever he catches my bus, spends the whole seventeen ...

    Updated March 12th, 2014 at 09:21 AM by dither

  7. And all for a brolly.

    I hate making "to do" lists for Mondays because it just doesn't happen. I lie, i lounge, and i fester, in bed, for much of the day, it's all about preparing for another week of nights. But i really need to get myself a brolly, so, i set the alarm for mid-day, shit shave and shower, and another bus-ride into town, it's a good thing that i buy a weekly bus-pass. Another six and a half quid saved. Messing about, small unnecessary distractions, had me running for the bus, with just enough ...
  8. Feeling short-changed, as guilty as sin,and i'm seething....

    Okay, you all know how the weather is right now,and i was out in it all last night, same as any other night. But after a week of it, it gnaws, it really does. So, i get home this morning feeling, how can i put this? A little frayed shall we say? The wind, still howling like a banshee, had some how manage, during the night, put lift one of those children's trampolines over and/or through a six foot larchlap panel and plonk it down on next-doors' lawn. Shit happens, like aids, it's everywhere. ...

    Updated February 15th, 2014 at 07:28 PM by dither

  9. dither omelette, Valentine's day,going home,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    My beaten-up run-down bus-stop shelter, a "lazy Z" roof, and the Jet car-wash, " Jet! Wooo'ooo'ooo'ooo'wooo,ooo'wooo'oo." Damn you McCartney, can't get that tune out of my head now.Fuzzy lights, seen through a persistent drizzle on a dull grey late afternoon, and the hum and the drum, of people heading home.
    Valentine's day, and a red balloon ( "DIDO" wasn't it? "ninety-nine red balloons go by".Oh never mind. )swirls around amongst the litter,whipped ...

    Updated February 15th, 2014 at 09:33 AM by dither

  10. Eating cheaply,a nutritious snack,and a pet hate:

    "Write garbage,write badly, but write". Was one forumite's answer to the term "writer's block"." WB is just an excuse." He opined. What the hell? "I can do that". I replied.

    Going back to when i was single, living in a small flat, when it came to feeding myself, i was always a big fan of the great British spud. Roasted jacket-spuds, to be exact.
    Easy,filling,nutritious,versatile,cheap, the list is endless.
    Well now, in ...

    Updated February 13th, 2014 at 07:05 PM by dither

  11. Not a day for dithering:

    Nine-thirty, on a Saturday morning, the sky is a simpson, it's bloody cold,the wind is blowing an absolute howler, and I, fresh off the night-shift stand freezing my nuts off, waiting for a bus going into town.
    I haven't washed,or brushed my teeth and am in need of a shave. All i've cared to do is drag a brush through my hair, and put on my black snorkel-parka.
    The bus, with the same driver who delivered me safely here two hours ago, is bang on time. "Thank-you sir", he greets, ...

    Updated February 8th, 2014 at 02:56 PM by dither

  12. A snapshot of empty

    Empty room,empty house,empty, me.
    From my bunker window,
    men in hi-viz vests,polish i think,
    tread scaffold boards,tap'tap'tap.
    Home improvements,
    running repairs,
    house maintenance,
    all on-going and doing good.

    My walnut tree,
    i started cutting all of a pop,
    now only half done,
    forced by the weather to stop.
    Mud,and rain,and aluminium steps,
    at my age you have to take care.

    Larchlap fencing, has taken ...

    Updated February 3rd, 2014 at 03:18 PM by dither

  13. Just another bus ride

    10.30. ish, on a saturday morning, aboard a bus, on the way to my nearest Aldi store, a ten minute bus-ride, and i'd nodded off,again. The wailing of an ambulance siren, the bus, braking sharply, and pulling over to make way, had suddenly, and quite sharply, roused me from my doze.Then,having wrestled with my senses, the "what?Where?When?" Confusion of it all, and acute feelings of embarrassment , not for myself, but for my fellow passengers, i snore you see, quite loudly, apparently, ...

    Updated May 28th, 2014 at 04:26 PM by dither

  14. When you just can't be bothered.;Creaking under the strain of just an ordinary day.

    although it wasn't you see.Today is the sort of day that i'd been waiting for. It had everything.As i waited for my bus to Asda's, under a grey sky, that was leaking, just. The dirty,shabby greyness of it all. Everything seemed ,so, dull,so tired, and maybe it's just me.
    Well, i got to Asda's, got what i needed, and headed back to my derelict bomb-site of a bus-stop-shelter, like something out of a dispatch from Beruit. No offence Beruit. Waiting, i found myself thinking about ...

    Updated January 17th, 2014 at 05:49 PM by dither

  15. Maybe i just think too much;

    Yesterday, as i stood behind some young woman,
    waiting to board my bus,
    i couldn't help but think how nice her hair looked.
    Ash blonde. Shoulder length, just. With the tightest ringlets. Corkscrew. Totally Marc Bolan. Y'know?
    But she looked anorexic, and she was on her way to corby.
    That place gets a lot of bad press.
    I've never been there, and i don't like the place.


    Updated May 28th, 2014 at 04:29 PM by dither

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