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  1. The Chapter comes to a close, but not the story! :)

    Finally got the Black Powder Rifle out for some shootin'

    I waited 'til night-time so the flames really showed

    Ok, the US adventure draws to a close now.
    I still have a few videos to upload though, plus a nice surprise for the forum. That should come in a few days time.

    I'll miss these rugged, ...
  2. Construction Time!

    Found some time to get a shelf put up in the warehouse complex.

  3. Back to the Gates Again!

    First gate frame ready! They’ll be four of them in all. Two for the main entrance way and two for the emergency exit / auxiliary entrance

    Second one ready!

    And a third one also done!

  4. The Gordion Knot...

    4th to 16th August

    The rope used for pulling the rock of the ages had been bothering me for a while. Under the strain of the come-alongs it had become as tight and difficult to undo as surely the Gordion Knot of Alexander the Greats time. I had my camera handy and decided to have a go at cracking the myriad and fiendish challenge…

    Tags: gordion knot
  5. Forest Friends...

  6. Building the Mountain Gateway Part 2

    1st – 3rd August

    I have returned intact!

    The next few days passed without incident. Work on the great dig continues, I went at it like a berserker for about half an hour and got all the remaining surface soil pick-axed to oblivion.
    Mike, obviously impressed with my prowess wielding the thing said he was ok to carry on by himself.
    That gave me plenty more time on the ‘Gulch Gateway Project’.
    The Entranceway into Mike’s Gulch will hopefully be two sets ...
  7. Heading into the Deep Wilderness...

  8. Building the Mountain Gateway!

    25th July – 30th July

    Woke up a bit later this morning, the nightly mouse-traps I’ve set up are working, I’ve had great sleep since most of the little rodents have been culled. Otherwise I’d always be disturbed by their scurry-scurry underneath my tent!
    I make sure to trigger any one’s that haven’t gone off first thing in the morning, as MMM doesn’t wish any of the squirrels, chipmunks etc being harmed. Which I agree on as they don’t chew holes through tents etc and are ...
  9. The Mountain Man Rendez-Vous


    A buxom blonde girl in period dress ‘greeted’ us both with something bordering on a scowl. At first I kind of reckoned this was a person not happy, but then again maybe some of the mountain women could be like that also.

  10. Fence Construction

    24th July

    Completed work on the first of hopefully many barrier fences for MMM.

    Here’s the story by video and pictures…

    Sawn ...
  11. Digging Out the Mountain

    18th – 23 July

    For now the latest focus is on digging out the hole so the cabin can be built. I reckon a week and it’ll be ready.
    Mike would be up and ready at 6 in the morning as he’d usually make a start. Then I’d join him by about 9 and do some digging.
    Then by about 11 in the morning we’d take a break until late afternoon where we’d get a few more hours done.
    During the day I’d try and get some other stuff done plus chores.

    Mike’s garden ...
  12. Deer in the Streets

    17th July

    A day of many happenings both on and off the Mountain Hold.
    Getting out to the town for a resupply saw us do the shopping and other usual chores.
    After a databurst at the library we were leaving to return back to the mountain when, right across mainstreet ambled two buck deer as bold as brass!!

    I stomped on the brakes and stopped the wolverine there in the middle of the road and had the camera out and rolling…

  13. American Culture

    We were in the nearby town a few weeks back and something of what I'd consider a very American Cultural Event.
    Interesting to watch...

  14. Tree Chipmunk

    16th July

    The fire-department drove past yesterday, heading up to one of the Cabineer’s near to us.
    Mike reckon’s that they are having plenty of good tree’s cut back from their buildings to claim a $1500 bounty. Supposedly this is so there is less fire-risk but I consider it a city-origin scheme to get more tree’s down (fire prevention is the stated reason). Some type’s out there don’t like tree’s I guess and will dangle plenty of silver coins to get their way with folk who ...
  15. Intermission

  16. Something in the Night...

    15th July

    There’s been some strange mooching’s afoot outside my tent at night, this doesn’t bother me too much as I’m within It’s semi-secure confines.
    However, the night previous I had a strange experience having woken from a dream. I could here the unmistakable noise of a beast making a ‘hrrr, hrrr’ noise a short distance away from my tent before making a charge at something. At least dog-sized, but probably a bit bigger.
    The direction it was moving in was across ...
  17. Finally Getting the Rock Shifted!

    It took a few days overall but we got it to where it needed to be.

  18. Mountain Mobility

    Today we made great progress on both the ATV and Dirt Bike.

    MMM's Fuel Bunker

    After putting some fresh gasoline in the pair we had them both started up and ready to roll!.
    MMM went for a spin on the ATV.
    Grey coloured and over twenty-years old, it reminds me of the Pine-Marten ...
  19. Rangework

    Then I got back to some projects.
    One of which is setting up a firing position on the range and zeroing the .22 carbine.


    I gathered an old pallet, two thick logs, some mesh sacking bundled together, some padded material and hessian to waterproof it in.

    That was my bench rest set-up. It’s only good for prone position firing but I don’t mind prone-firing. ...
  20. Projects and Roof

    8th July

    MMM got his ATV out of storage today and it’s battery still had some charge.
    We got the tires pumped up on it and the scrambler bike.

    I cleared an area for a 100 yard firing range, paced out the distance, set up the swing target and looked for a decent firing position.
    A lot of survivalists and preppers make noises about guns and so on, but don’t even zero them in or become proficient with them. I intended to zero in the Mossberg in the coming ...
  21. Hammer and Nails ladies, Hammers and Nails...

    Then I returned to the Shed complex for more tidying and preparing the area for storage.
    While I was reinforcing the pallet’s with more wood and nails I struck my thumb nail with a clout from the ‘lump’ hammer.
    I was using the wrong tool for the job, a lighter hammer would have been far more efficient.
    I also wasn’t wearing my yellow ‘waldo’ gloves but the thinner ones I’d normally have for delicate work.
    As I jumped about in agony I clouted a few dead trees and mother earth ...
  22. Rock of the Ages, getting it done...

    July 7th

    Today Britzen and BnB left the Mountain Hold.
    BnB had been having issue’s dealing with the high elevation also Britzen had pressing work engagements elsewhere in the US.
    Before they departed though BnB lent a hand on the rock in the morning.

    We’d managed to move the rock several more feet using a car-jack, come-alongs and shovelling. Only a few feet more ...
  23. Campfire Rambles and Ravings

    Later on Randy showed up and invited us all to his place.
    His cabin has a shower and plumbed in toilet! He kept offering the use of it and I took him up on that offer.
    Liberal Mark showed up making teenage noises and being bothersome in general.

    I made moves to a distant valley cliff and took in the scenery. Even from there I could here LM’s voice criticising Idaho for an unknown reason which echoed over to me.
    Understandably Britzen and BnB did not take to LM much. ...
  24. The Y2K Cache, Mountain Rainfall and Work

    6th July

    It rained through the night and the following morning the mountain was a different place in some ways.
    The mosquito’s were subdued and docile along with the heat being way down.
    Plenty of clouds and a few patches of sunlight here and there.
    BnB, MMM and I tackled the rock once again in the morning.
    After a few hours of that we separated onto separate projects.

    An area of MMM’s collapsed shed complex was still intact and it looked ...
  25. Return to the Rock

    5 July

    Today was the day of the rock! Mike started on digging around it at about 0600hrs, while I was in the land of fey dreams I awoke to noises of shovel on dirt and activity.
    I joined him an hour or so later and I resumed the ordeal of come-along work. I had no luck and the morning ended with Mountain Mike losing his cool, in spectacular fashion, partly due to my ryder ideas clashing with his own mountain ones it must be said.
    I heard a few seconds of distant ...
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