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  1. The circle is complete

    My love of writing started with a story about a demon, a priest and a thoroughly nasty piece of work who ate the immortality of all and sundry. It was inspirational to write, but taxing to read due to my ineptness... Well, I'm back rewriting it now, but with a chunk of inept removed... It feels a bit like meeting up with your childhood sweetheart again, decades on. - A mix of warm naive memories and the sharp pain of that first rejection...

    I don't know if I can resurrect the love affair, ...
  2. Humbled...

    I am surprised more people don't blog. - It feels a little like self-analysis, and that must surely be wholesome?

    This last few days, I've received some of the most helpful critiques from other members on this site. - The difference is that their suggestions make sense, and are within my ability to address and correct. - A couple of days ago, I'd felt a little despondent (just a little), but criticism is a supporting hand for a traveller stumbling on a rocky road.

    So thank ...
  3. Hurry up!

    Waiting distracts me.

    A few weeks ago, I sent my first ever short story submission to Clarkesworld, and it was rejected after two days. - Smashing, awesome... I can live with that. - The story was almost 7,000 words, and I'd realised they prefer a few less... A lot less.

    So three weeks ago I decided to send it to Daily Science Fiction. - The Grinder suggests they've been rejecting in 9-10 days. - In my acknowledgement from them, they suggested it could take up to three ...
  4. The Morning After...

    Feels strange titling my first blog entry as I have, considering I'm ready to turn in for the night...

    ...It's the feeling I have after finishing another novel, but the first I can look at with a degree of objectivity and think maybe, just maybe. - In a way, I wish I didn't have that flutter inside at the prospect it may of a standard. - Perhaps I long for the days of naivety, where I'd excrete SPAGless prose onto Booksie and lap up the likes and feel that I'd hit the big time.
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