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  1. Friends

    I will never have any. I don't trust people. Don't want to. I've only ever had them go behind my back and hurt me or my relationship. I'm done with people. I just want to be alone forever now. I don't care anymore.
  2. Working

    I'm enjoying work tonight. I opted to go up to the Flip Booth. Which is where we scale containers that are going to be loaded onto the train. It's very easy and the drivers who bring the containers up love me, because I'm fast at this job. I also get to be alone with internet access and I get to listen to my music as loud as the computers will go. And after 5am I am off for 2 days, Monday and Tuesday, so it can't be that bad of a night. I plan on writing tomorrow and enjoying the second book I'm ...
  3. Don't Know What To Do

    I am extremely depressed right now. I should be in a good mood, we are picking my brother up tomorrow morning, he's back from overseas. But work has got me so mad, so depressed. I went into this job liking it, thinking it would be better than my last job, that my bosses here wouldn't be total assholes like my last job.. turns out I was wrong. They seemed nice at first, then BAM!, lets fuck everyone over. I mean, I'm okay with everyone do my job, don't slack, don't cause trouble. Just like my last ...
  4. Music Saves Me Every Time

    I don't think I could live without music. The following make up my current playlist:

    30 Seconds to Mars
    Black Veil Brides
    Blue October
    Breaking Benjamin
    (Old School) Linkin Park (I hate the new stuff)
    My Chemical Romance
    Papa Roach
    Sick Puppies
    Three Days Grace
    Within Temptation
  5. Headaches and Egg Sandwiches

    I've been extremely depressed lately. The last few weeks now and it's just coninually getting worse. I slept almost all day yesterday woke up at 6pm and then after my boyfriend got home and we argued a bit I went back to bed, because it's easier than dealing with anything. So I slept then from 8pm until about 11pm and then went back to bed around 130am. Woke up at 830 this morning. Now I've got a terrible headache, I still feel miserable and me and Jeremy haven't talked to much. He said he's been ...
  6. Haunted

    I am pretty sure my apartment is haunted and it may be escalating. The sad thing is, is that my boyfriend has no feeling of this. He doesn't believe anyway and he is usually in bed when I experience anything. I at first was sure it was the mirror in the half bath, now it's that bathroom in general. Last night I closed the door to it because I was so freaked out by it. Then the shadows started, back and forth across the hallway... then across the doorway of the office, just inside. I tried to ignore ...
  7. The Spark is back

    I've found it. My spark. Tyler is running around screaming and jumping up and down right now. We.. I have figured out my story. I was just starting WAY to early. And I knew I wanted to start in the human world, but I was to busy focusing on our world. Now I've started writing again and I am in love so far. Tyler is finally getting his story out and it feels great. I went in my room and sat down with a pen and a notebook and I started thinking and then I started looking at my Dragonlance books and ...
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