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  1. TheWonderingNovice's Avatar
    No not yet.
  2. PiP's Avatar
    I'm intrigued, did you meet up with her?
  3. TheWonderingNovice's Avatar
    I see your point, thank you. I think I will meet up with her, after all it wasn't her fault. If she does have a message it is up to me to decide what I shall do afterwards.
  4. Ariel's Avatar
    It's a valid question.

    I wonder if maybe she didn't think of you all those years and want to reach out but couldn't. Maybe your birth father's family thought it would be hurtful and awkward to contact you and your sister? There's no telling what someone else's motives are. Even if she does have a message from your birth father why not hear it out?
  5. TheWonderingNovice's Avatar
    I hate feeling like a child, but I should face this.
  6. escorial's Avatar
    people are strange....you can't change the past and you will always carry the baggage..it's people that matter in the end..
  7. TheWonderingNovice's Avatar
    Yeah, I think that's it. I have slowly become a character and now it's hard to figure out what is what. I was not sure if anyone underatood what I was saying but I guess I was wrong. I'm probably wrong on a lot of things. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings it is greatly appreciated.
  8. Ephemeral_One's Avatar
    This sounds like you're bottling it up and pushing the pain away. In my experience, you can do that your entire life and you'll do little else but cripple yourself. Despite what people like to think, there are no 'bad' emotions. They may make trouble or be difficult to express, but emotions are your responses to life. Pushing them away places a mask on your face every time you do it. So, when trouble crops up, you add another mask. And another. Yet more and eventually, you won't be able to tell what is yours and what belongs to the mask. And, if you wish to be a character more than a person, then that will be your choice. Just remember, the problem with role playing is you have to remain within the limits of that character. And life all too frequently shakes up everything you know. So, being honest to yourself even if you upset others, may be the healthier option.
  9. Crowley K. Jarvis's Avatar
    Then it's a coping method. A away of release.

    Delightful ways our mind develops for coping with the stresses we have.

    Simply cursing isn't the problem. It's the negative thoughts and emotions, and your way of releasing them.

    There are many more healthy ways to reduce stress over the long term.

    But, for those flares when you just want to strangle a baby, sadly there is no magic way, besides willpower.

    But I don't want to sound preachy.

    I struggle with anger, and the resulting language. It can be as much a part of your personality as how you breathe. Difficult to change, but not impossible.
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