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  1. Relatives

    Recently a distant relative reached out to me through social media. I had previously added her out of courtesy and she would occasionally like some my posts. From what I was told, we used to be really close as children before the divorce, but that was years ago. Childhood memories are blurry.

    I received a message from her a few days ago. She is moving to the town over and would like to get together sometime. The mature thing to do is to agree and meet up. Yet, there's a little voice ...
  2. I Don't Know What This Is

    I have been having trouble sleeping and in those long hours of restless wake I'm forced to reflect. Self reflection is something I avoid like hell because it forces me to dig up things that I buried long ago. Thinking about myself is not something I like to do often. This doesn't mean I don't think about myself, because I do, its just I don't like reflecting on the negative.

    I realized that I have a limited emotions. It's as if I don't want to feel certain emotions so I just fall ...
  3. Difficulty Curving a Bad Habit.

    I started cursing a the age of nine. Yes I know, I was too young and I should be ashamed. In retrospect, I should've been. Like most children I wanted to show that I knew things when I did not. You know, like most adults do - old habits die hard, eh? I only used that kind of language around friends and school never around my parents. They were very fond of spanking as a means of child rearing. Ah good times, good times.

    At first it was just a means of rebelling against the good girl ...
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