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  1. If it ain't Broke Don't Fix it!

    I've been saying this to several people lately. "If it ain't broke don't try to fix it!" I feel like people around me are jittery and wanting to mess things up that are perfectly fine. In terms of my own surroundings, things are floating along peacefully and productively. It's hard to avoid stepping on a bees nest, but I'm trying my best to keep to my little world and let the stream flow by or better yet flow along on it on a canoe or something.

    There's got to be something ...
  2. The Red Lion

    The Red Lion

    A friendís toddler
    pulls a toy
    around my kitchen island.

    Turning away,
    I look out the window
    into the anemic afternoon light.

    Shifting my gaze,
    to an amaryllis sittting
    on my table top,
    I admire how
    the sun brightens
    the vibrant green stalk.

    My white-faced hound
    flaps his ears and
    walks away from my feet
    as my sigh tiptoes behind him.

    The sagging ...
  3. Blog entry

    Jesus, I'm just trying to write a new blog entry and I'm clicking all over the place. Bingo! i FOUND IT, but (capt- fuckers) I can't tell you how.

    I'm having a hard time- hahaha! Isn't that what blogs are for? The first line... the second line... who knows, but it's an anonymous place to dump your shit without having to go to a support group.

    Now enter the children, I have exactly 15 minutes until the husband enters the scene and I have to make dinner.

    Anyway, ...
  4. supreme court

    I am so disgusted today by the circus of the Judiciary Committee Hearings regarding the allegations of Judge Kavenough sexually assaulting Dr. Ford. I know that this is an extremely complicated situation, but I wish the senate could have avoided these public hearings. Dr. Ford didn't want to testify and Judge Kavenough lamented that it couldn't be taken care of behind closed doors. The implications for these two by-standards and their families will follow them for years to come. How fair has ...
  5. Red

    Red, think of me
    as you drive
    all those miles

    back to your

    Think of me,

    You will inhale
    the soar stench
    of modern realty
    on the NJ Turnpike.

    Please forget me

    When I cross down
    into the Hudson River Valley
    I will remember
    my old lover.

    A writer of past years,
    a damaged narcissist,

    but you are a musician.
  6. Applying for job

    I have been home for 2 years and want to go back to work. I can't keep sitting in the house stress free. I have skills- I can work with the special ed children. I sometimes want to slam the computer keys out of frustration when I think about the idea of many women still having to sacrifice time in your career to have babies. I understand why many women are opting out of not to have children. It takes away from their career. They tell you, "You can have it all!" But its a lie. You ...
  7. Waiting in May, 2018

    The first few days in May, before the leaves sprout on the branches and the sun is hot, leave one feeling as if in a place of disequilibrium. One might feel great joy at the anticipation of seeing a field of emerald, but confusion at sitting in the shade of leafless tree branches. The shadow casted over oneís head is of a spindly frayed umbrella. It reminds one of the long winter and the continued wait for more days to come of more unpredictable weather. It leaves one sympathizing with the ...
  8. kid jokes

    Amidst all the hurricanes and protesting going on here in the US, I am glad to be around kids, as frustrating as they are. My kid came out to me before bed with a moose puppet and proceeded to pull a marble out of the puppet's nose and have the moose puppet eat the marble. Because I have the maturity level of a 7 year old, I found it ridiculous funny, but gave him a critique anyway on better delivery. He tried it again on my husband, who lacks any sense of humor about farts, boogers, or poo. ...
  9. deer flies

    What the hell are these things? I know that they can be particularly bad around horses, but we don't have any near our house. We live in the woods in a deer sanctuary! Hahaha! They are brutal. They orbit your head and then try to bite. It's been raining a lot, so it feels like there are more. Dragonflies like to eat them, which is very exciting to see. I looked up spraying around the yard, but it isn't an effective method to reducing the population. I use Mosquito Bits for the mosquitoes ...
  10. Beauty as Illusion

    I realize that this is one of those big ideas that 18 year olds think about and I probably have no business wasting peoples time writing about it- but as I am currently working in a job that leaves me with ample time to read and I guess think, so I started to think about this idea anyway. As I was driving to a class I am mandated to take by the state, I thought about the concept of beauty. We know that beauty is a fleeting thing; in faces, changes in the seasons, fashion, time wearing down the ...
  11. Open Relationship

    I went to a party last night and meet an older fellow that was telling me too much information, after becoming adequately bombed. Anyway, he is divorced of twenty years and has 2 children. After his divorce, he has had many "lovers" as he put it. He then proceeded to tell me that he was in a relationship with a woman, with whom he lives with part of the week. Well, why doesn't he stay there all week? Guess what? Another man lives there the rest of the week. He explained that things ...
  12. resignation

    Well, after 7 years of going to work everyday to a place that made me feel anxious and poorly valued, I finally resigned. I performed at a proficient to above proficient level, so it is a shame that I felt harassed, when generally I was given constructive feed-back. I have always received proficient to above proficient level evaluations. I suppose, at this point in my life, I am just not interested in the feedback, since I am not a child and generally disagree with the feedback- since I get ...
  13. The Girl that couldn't stop writing

    Quote Originally Posted by tinacrabapple View Post
    Great concept, but poorly written.
    This is what I wrote in reply to this post. Is the forum expectation that you write more?

    I got PMed by a moderater stating I need to say more in the Writer's Workshop. I was quite surprised, but maybe I am missing the boat here...
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