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    Another meeting.

    I swear, they must try to find the dumpiest, dirtiest places. The rent must be cheap ( if they're paying rent). I can't say where it was, but let's just say that I wouldn't want to be there after a certain hour. The time of the meeting was bad enough. We do these things at night because some people have day jobs- 'covers' they call them- and the rest went along, though She -'E' had argued about it one time.

    I'm not saying ...

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  2. Thoughts outloud 8



    Officers, the higher ups,
    police, army, fire departments. Captains and above, eventually lieutenants.
    And anyone that is a professional with a degree. The possible exposure to the study of incorrect ideas in their past is greater. Dangerous thinking.
    Anyone scholastically inclined. Teachers, doctors...
    Obviously, writers, novelists, artists of all types. Self-expression, or any other selfish pursuits are a sure sign of discordant ...
  3. Thoughts outloud 7



    I was looking up the word cult/occult. It means hidden or secret; like our meetings. I had thought it was about religion, but it doesn't have to be that. Anything secret. Things that are not public, for now.

    I haven't told anyone, but I've already started. That's what's needed, so I'm doing it. When it's time, I'll show them.


    One of the important jobs will be the making of lists.
  4. thoughts outloud 6


    There's entirely too much talking.
    These others? Talking to the masses is ridiculous. First, they say they agree with us, but then they're not sure. They say things like 'that's too much; too harsh' or 'shouldn't we discuss it?' One even said there should be a vote.

    No! There are some things that don't need to be discussed, they just need action!

    Those silly S.D.s will never achieve anything. They can be voted out! What good is that? That's ...

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  5. Thoughts outloud 5

    (I've decide from now on to number these. The first one was about my favorite movie. The rest I'm calling my thoughts outloud. It's probably confusing, I know. For me, too. Oh well...)

    We had another meeting, and She was there at that meeting again. I'm not going to say where the meeting was because we're not supposed to, and there should be no written record.

    This is the second time I've seen her.

    I don't know who she thinks she is, talking over ...

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  6. thoughts outloud


    People have this misconception about freedom. It doesn't mean doing or saying anything you want. That's just wrong. You can't go around raping and killing at random, just like you can't yell 'Fire!' in a movie theatre.

    That would just be chaos, like we have now.

    True freedom has to do with equality. Like the French: liberte, egalite. Freedom means everyone gets to be free from the tyranny and oppression, forever. Not some silly, selfish notions of each ...

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  7. Thoughts outloud


    Breaking things, breaking eggs.

    There are those who want it all to be nice and easy, the transition period, but it won't be. There will be those who don't make it. Or those who were the ones that actually made things how they were, and they should go. They really must go.

    We know what has to be done. It comes right after. First you break the sytems, then you break the people. You have to in order to rebuild. Everything has to go, otherwise ...

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  8. ...just thinking out loud.

    I'm sitting here feeling wrong, again. I often do this.

    My friend tells me all the time that I shouldn't think about it- that in time all the wrongs that really matter will get fixed, and that any new problems - and there always will be new ones- will get fixed as they arise.

    For now, I might as well enjoy it- all the things that I 'have' - the things that are there, here, temporarily, that I get to use- like my imported coffee- right now- that I pay less ...
  9. watching my favorite movie

    I was watching my favorite movie Doctor Zhivago- which is about a man's struggles with giving up the last vestiges of his bourgeois life- truly inspiring and should be shown to all children- when someone knocked on the door.

    I thought about grabbing my glock, but decided not to as one time it was the Sherrifs knocking, and I didn't think it wise anymore, to answer armed. You see it was night, and I couldn't see them out the window.

    If they ask me I will ...
  10. a little tour of work


    What's all this stuff?



    They're Italian.


    I don't know, because they're Italian.


    So's the faucets.


    Italian, and expensive.

    Oh... Why?

    Gotta fit the house. It's expected.

    What's wrong with American?

    They can't do the finishes.

    Why not?

    I don't ...

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  11. wild things


    I grew up in the city where wild animals only came during the wild fires in the surrounding hills. The creeks and all the water that flows from down those hillsides goes into concrete channels built to get rid of that water into the sea as fast as possible.

    There used to be floods. Flood planes are nice and flat for building.

    Anyway... I'm on the edge of those hills and no longer nature-deprived except for cockroaches, worms, earwigs; or small birds and ...

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  12. fine photos messed up...


    Today on my Facebook someone posted fine pictures of Ararat.

    But then l looked closer and it was something there, man-made.

    What is this- I said to myself?

    No, it was not the Ark ( as I'm sure all of you were thinking) it was garbage in a ditch grown over with wildflowers.

    How sad, how embarrassing. Here is the mountain where Noah and his sons landed after so many days and nights of rain as it was written about, and all Noah ...
  13. Todd Gardling


    Todd Gardling walked up the hill from Sunset winding past mansions, well out of his element,
    no jacket or proper coat or other good vestment
    while occasional Jaguars and other foreign cars of a certain type's occupants looked on with unsettled indignation. No, or better Go ( go back)they might say if sure they could speed away behind rolled up windows.

    Through his haze
    he knew the Jaguar because of the nice hood ornament.

    Be-soiled ...

    Updated April 28th, 2019 at 10:48 AM by Kevin

  14. Mr. Rogers movie


    I watched that Mr. Rogers movie last night.

    It bothered me. He's like the real Mother Teresa, not the phony, like a person who just went around doing good.

    I don't know what happened, the show was my era, but I never watched him as a kid. And now, as an adult ( fogey, even) I am touched.

    I think as a kid (a little kid/ like four or five) I would have found him sappy, too slow, the messages, too... those two things. But now, as more... empathetic, ...

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  15. Sacramento


    I flew up to Sacramento last week on business. Never been before.
    I was expecting a Merced/Fresno-like town, which is like Bakersfield if you don't know, basically as about a drab, boring, not cosmopolitan place as you can get.

    I was pleasantly surprised.

    I guess I should've guessed, it being the state's Capitol and all that, but I've been to the Van Nuys Courthouse which is a large fairly modern complex and that place is about as interesting as ...

    Updated April 2nd, 2019 at 01:07 PM by Kevin

  16. Importance, impotence, impertinence, impudence...of poetry


    The coughing cacafeny
    Cacaupheny cacopheny,
    Cacophonous vermisilitude
    coming in a
    like the
    torrential nebulae
    of your
    momentous passion,
    falling flakey flakes
    from a magenta blackening winter sky.
    Verdant, shimmering



    ... ...
  17. N.s. sure lock.

    some minutes later, the couch's shivering blanket put aside- I am befuddled-muttering like Nigel Bruce:

    ...damned gadget
    Beeped and booped, but didn't put out a single cup.

    Very simple, Watson:
    An issue with the hopper.

    I fail to see any insects or 'roos?

    Not that type, no, a mechanical funnel if you will, but square sided; an inverted pyramid whose down-pointed pinnacle is the location of the blades that grind those gravity-driven ...

    Updated February 19th, 2019 at 03:17 PM by Kevin

  18. name dropping, swilling heated brown water, caffeinated- dreading heading to work.


    I once saw Hellboy, the actor.

    I remember Katherine, from Beast and the Beauty, but what was his name? That was him, too, the Monster. It was so atmospheric, that show, so 'candelabra'. She was beautiful in that light.

    He was driving in Los Felis.
    I think he lives there.
    She went on to marry James Cameron.
    Then she got really buff, for Terminator Two, and
    they got ugly.
    I'd worked on his house, once, Cameron, years before. ...
  19. stories of the day -(a vent)

    Rip offs, conquests, greed, lies and rewards.

    Another horror story ( witnessed today) , a man pays a man to do something, puts his trust, a contract - only to learn that the man has absconded. There goes a life savings. There goes a marriage. There goes his ability to sleep, drink, eat, think... he's hired the lawyers, but get in line: there are 15 other lawsuits. But he'd come so very recommended...

    A man goes overseas, works in a dangerous situation- life threatening- ...

    Updated February 7th, 2019 at 04:07 PM by Kevin

  20. Suzy Barlowe


    I was watching a friends post/share on fb. "Women"- of such-an-such "-boxing", a gym he works at.

    He posted some videos of women, trainees- several of them, in their workout gear basically chasing him around, beating on him in the ring. He is wearing protective headgear and a body shield but...

    the last one in particular brought back a memory of Suzy Bartlowe in the second grade.

    This woman throws viscous elbows to ...

    Updated February 1st, 2019 at 05:40 PM by Kevin

  21. Windchill


    Why do we persist?

    It would be so easy to hitch up the horses, un- circle the wagon, take the old Rambler and head-out west, 70 to route Six-six.

    Jack Frost is banging on the roof, huff-puffing/ howling at the walls.

    If that window glass breaks we'll be polar bear popsicles by morning.

    I can see him - some ursid - grouchy-growling, chewing ( not just nipping off our noses), spit-spitting out the little hard parts: fillings, ...
  22. Actually, it can cause a mild rash

    Why am I triggered? What level of trigger? Well? some... annoyed, yes, annoyed.

    Take oeanuts , for instance. I am deathly allergic to peanuts. Should I insist they ban peanuts in all public venues? No more peanuts in airplanes, stadiums, bars, or in snicker bars. Why? Because they hurt me. If I were to eat one I woukd surely die.

    And yet there are many who would insist that we need peanuts- that their choices to eat and use peanuts are more important than my life. Those ...

    Updated January 27th, 2019 at 10:23 PM by Kevin

  23. Scientists to Clone Earth's Stump


    Scientists to clone massive planet from Earth's 'stump'.

    Digging between the 'ruined-off' landscape, the collapse of former buildings, roads or other, passing through multi-layers of debris,
    polymers, metals, blended oxides, carcinogenic residues, and searching for remnants of biosphere, an un-manned probe successfully penetrated the hardened layers finding and removing what scientists believe to be actual organic matter from beneath the many layers ...
  24. Suzy, the corn and the cook pot.

    The phone call:

    "...I need to know what time they're coming. I have laborers waiting; they're not cheap and I know that sometimes things happen. If they're not coming I'll need to know when.

    "- So, if you could get me the the driver's cell , or their dispatcher, I can call them. Or, you could have them call me."

    "They don't work for us. We hired a company"

    "Yes... Okay. Then can I have whoever-you-hired-to-do-the-delivery's ...

    Updated December 31st, 2018 at 03:02 PM by Kevin

  25. Cathedral Sanctuary- Koreatown 12/4/2018


    4-terdee am and the water is coming down. I've put on a brew. Waiting...

    I was awake already, but I had to get up,
    though most likely I will be alone at work, what with the rain.

    12:30, I went to bed after we got back from a concert at a cathedral ( Pres'b'teerian...). Ian McCulloch was only ten rows away in a thousand seat hall but I could not tell you a thing he said in between songs except for a word here and there.

    The concert ...
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