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  1. Connect-ti-cut competition . Extreme reading hazard

    My outside is but a shell. My innards are the real inside part, outside of me is the real-but-falsely attributed to as to what I'm actually which is so so important to all of you- my inner whole being- in that your stabbing, slaughtering, oppression of references, your how dare you see and refer to what you think is obvious for thousands of years of evolution shows you- seeing with your eyes, is but a figment.

    That apple that makes you think Adam but I'm really Eve, how dare you? ...
  2. Wash the upper portions, thoroughly. - a po-em. Extreme WARNING!!

    And what are those ? Undetermined, unutterable, pale-obsolescence asked at the entire school on the stringer.
    Why, those are stunned pansy-fish.
    They don't look like pansy fish.
    Well, they are now.
    And what is that being applied to their... lower portions?
    We're candying them- makes them more pliable; 'tender'. I see that look, mister. And you just better watch it.
    Apparently, that's already my error.
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