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  1. Kevin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Winston
    Christ, are you living in 1955? With 10 cent payphones?
    Honestly, no one under 50 will understand the etymology of that phrase.
    entymology/ word origins. No one thinks about where it came from, what matters is if it's used or not. Jump the gun- wtf does that mean? Doesent matter, does it? Starting gun, yah. So? Anyway, dime is in the urban dictionary. No, I wasn't alive in '55. Haven't seen a phone booth in real life for a few years. People still know what a turntable is. Have to take a poll, maybe.
  2. Winston's Avatar
    They could drop a dime...
    Christ, are you living in 1955? With 10 cent payphones?
    Honestly, no one under 50 will understand the etymology of that phrase.
  3. Winston's Avatar
    If you're going all Stalin, can I be your Beria?
    You got a problem you need liquidated, I'm your guy.
    References available on request (allow 4 to 6 weeks for Siberian mail train).
  4. midnightpoet's Avatar
    I agree, we should all go back to the hunter-gatherer society, living off the land; of course, the best way to accomplish this admirable conclusion is to get rid of 98% of humans that are slowly strangling the planet. We can start by getting rid of politicians, lawyers, and other leeches on society like millionaires and Kardasians.
    (tongue stuck firmly in cheek)
  5. escorial's Avatar
    One dozen
  6. dither's Avatar
    People like that are, it seems to me, gaining in numbers, and, because, they have rights to don't you know, destroying what little social conscience that remains in this world. Trouble is, where will it end? There's no place for decency in the "modern world".
    So glad that I'm old now and out of all that crap.
  7. Winston's Avatar
    I'm still waiting for details on this "Greater Future".
    Is this going to be LBJ Great Society, or Mao Zedong Great Leap Forward?
    Because I need to know whether to get in line to get food stamps, or go melt my hoe.
    Updated September 7th, 2019 at 02:47 AM by Winston
  8. escorial's Avatar
    Legs eleven..wolf whistle
  9. Kevin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Winston
    And what "particular situation" may that be?

    Seriously, is this Scientology? I'll call Leah Remini for ya. We go way back. To Queens. And y'all can have The Talk.
    Particular? Our situation, with its own problems. A general sense of disunion has been nearly 100% achieved, a lack of hope for the future: almost, but a general desperation- at all levels ( except the 1% who are uneffected) is not yet there. Demoralization has done well, but is incomplete. To move forward we need to break the systems; overload them.

    Scientology- though to be admired, LRH lacked a certain world vision. His goal was not equality, Justice, it was creating a separate, self-propelled system based on a lie: religion. Substituting myths of micro-alien infection for traditional Judeo/Christian life-after myths still requires a leap of faith- a disconnect from the real issues holding us all back from The Greater Future. We are so past that...
  10. Winston's Avatar
    They all knew her and pretty much there was a speaker lecturing on basic ideology, nuances and how it pertained to the country's particular situation...
    And what "particular situation" may that be?

    Seriously, is this Scientology? I'll call Leah Remini for ya. We go way back. To Queens. And y'all can have The Talk.
  11. escorial's Avatar
    Boris den
  12. Neetu's Avatar
    Extremely strange....
  13. escorial's Avatar
    Doctors orders....
  14. escorial's Avatar
    #8...the garden gate
  15. Winston's Avatar
    Will you be dealing with those that wear glasses? And those teachers of imperialist oppression? When does Year One start?
    I know I ask a lot of questions, but it's only because I love our Dear Leader. Please do not think I'm one of those intellectuals (like THAT would ever happen).

    "You'll work hard with a gun in your back, for a bowl of rice a day..."
  16. Winston's Avatar
  17. Winston's Avatar
    People have this misconception about freedom. It doesn't mean doing or saying anything you want. That's just wrong. You can't go around raping and killing at random, just like you can't yell 'Fire!' in a movie theatre.
    People also have the misconception that "too much" individual freedom means Anarchy. Individuals are responsible for their actions.
    We just don't need a plethora of laws regarding buggary, spitting on the sidewalk, and what you are allowed to think.

    That would just be chaos, like we have now.
    Total agreement there. However, it appears that we diverge on the causes and best remedy.

    Like the French: liberte, egalite
    I'm not sure ya wanna use the French Government right now as your standard bearer for what a functional democracy looks like.

    Toward the greater future.
    Who gets to decide what that is? You? Me? Or 51% of the sheeple that have been conditioned by years of institutional indoctrination? To oppress the other 49%?
    It starts with demonizing "The One Percent". Then, it's everyone who makes over "x" per year. Freedom means calling them out BEFORE they show up with torches and pitchforks on your doorstep.
    If you like the French, re-read de Tocqueville. At least if you want this "thought outloud" confirmed.
  18. escorial's Avatar
    It's Kevin's Bible....it's way the world's been waiting for..number 7 soon
  19. tinacrabapple's Avatar
    It's a lesson hard learned from colleges days, I'm sure.
  20. Kevin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dither
    That's just about how I see brexit.
    Im sure we'll be able to find a job for you, my friend. When the time comes, I'll put in a good word. It helps to know people.
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