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  1. Early riser

    Too much sun,
    way too much,
    I see her most days,
    an early riser, too.
    Some days, agitated,
    others, walking as if a plan.
    Her hair...
    the un-died roots
    have grown out
    to the ends:
    Amadeus wig,
    or Einstein.
    The chatter is there- she speaks-
    and no one else.

    One day a man was there, beside her. Her hair was up, arms were crossed, and
    she walked calmly.

    The next day ...
  2. Mariko

    She sells sea shells,
    millionario estates by the sea for millionarios.
    It was very nice to meet you. There was a loneliness.
    May you find what you are looking for.
    A million grains of sand wash by each other in the tide, sparkling.

    I am just a worker.


    Updated September 6th, 2018 at 05:12 PM by Kevin

  3. Well, tough: you can't live without them

    Like you say tomato,
    I, tomato
    but deeper than potato
    and ever the problem:
    I hand dig the
    morning sugar,
    palm a partial scoop,
    and that puts you.

    "It... is a crystal-", I plead,
    same as pinch of salt,
    okay between fingers,
    but not the sugar...
    which puts you.

    Goods for gooses and ganders
    are of a different stuff.

    So now
    I will shake the bowl, ...
  4. Being Fogie and going out...

    Being fogies we feel like we tend to not go out. Not like when we ( 'scuse me, me and the wife; that we) were first dating. Though as I recall, there was a period of other indoor activity- never mind.

    I, being rash and impulsive, saw yesterday an online ad for a show, jazz - which we're not huge fans of, but we sometimes like- happening last night so I texted, got the ok, and bought tickets for it.

    Small venue, cheap, and off in some part of East L.A.-ish which is generally ...

    Updated August 20th, 2018 at 03:55 PM by Kevin

  5. if I die...

    I could quite possibly die from it.

    Okay, "possibly", I said. I don't know what the probabilities are - certainly greater than developing 'special powers'. Yes, unlikely, but...

    Spider bite- that's what I'm talking about. I believe I got bit -two bites- night before last.

    Unlike a mosquito, there wasn't a defined bite hole - you know, like where they stick the, um- 'proboscis' , organic hypo - No, this was just two mosquito bite sized ...
  6. Crapping in lunch pails

    I passed by a huge stinky on the side of the road. This is a place at the peak between two valleys where you park to go hiking, or go mountain biking, or watch the sunset,
    or park and get high, maybe leave your beer bottles or empty McDonald's, or park with your down and out family in your Rv, throw your trash up the trail a little off the side, decide your done with the place, and open the tank plug,
    leave us all a big, ten, twenty shits-become-sludge; now stinky brown puddle.
  7. Natural force and tool usage

    A new thing is not always grand.

    For instance, did you know that one tool may be used for, or like another tool? I'm sure you do, or have -like a screwdriver that you used as a chisel, or the handle of as a hammer - not that is just wrong ( because it ruins the tool), but it s common.

    There are, however, some improper usages that for the most part I can't think of, but some of which may come involuntarilly.

    I learned of such yesterday.

    The ...

    Updated July 29th, 2018 at 09:48 PM by Kevin

  8. O'mi-gahden


    The great goose is cooking.
    by three o'clock,
    and the denizens
    are curling, browning
    out. Poor potted
    are boiling;
    in their containers.
    A few more
    like this
    and we'll
    be sand dunes.

  9. Zankou Chicken on Sunset- a review


    I'm eating at Zankou Chicken again.

    For many years I've boycotted.

    Back in the 80's I'd had a bad experience.

    This was before the murders.

    I'd ordered falafel. It was slow to come. I'd thought, okay, they take awhile to brown. But that wasn't it. I think they were just slow and the girl that brought my order was rude. I was dirty from work but that's no excuse. It's a to-go joint, nothing fancy, cheap, fast-food; ...

    Updated May 19th, 2018 at 01:53 AM by Kevin

  10. Falutin

    Thinkest thee that
    thine own thyme,
    twine, and time most matter?
    Moist grey matter in-head, which does not heed to needs of others be-near, those deemed beneath except for those thee hold dear.

    Violets, tulips, and poppycock.
    Such is this tripe
    as garnish to
    the hollyhock.

    Goodness, be?
    Oh no, goodness me,
    no, what thou does
    thinkest is foul
    when set explinkest
    to custom curtsey scroll ...
  11. Stone Mountain in Georgia

    Went to Stone Mountain today. It's a park in Georgia, next to Atlanta. We hiked the forest trail around the backside of the mountain. It was beautiful, big trees. bodies of water.

    When we were leaving I saw the bas relief style carving on the mountain face. Something like Mount Rushmore, but flatter. It was of Bobby Lee, Stonewall, and our bestest, and only President of these Confederate States, Jefferson Davis.

    You know, over in the nature park the roads were named ...

    Updated May 9th, 2018 at 09:31 PM by Kevin

  12. Work and play


    "-The bosses at the next level up are incentivized to not fix things- it's the opposite. Fixing things involves cost and they are given bonuses to come in under certain numbers. So that's what they do: nothing.

    The customers call to complain and nothing happens. We're running skeleton crews and delaying any hardware upgrades." - talk around the campfire.

    Actually, it's a table. It's like camping except for we're not in tents, and we ...
  13. My day is just zippy


    This is day (something , a number. I forget) of the new regime. So far the wall hasn't happened. Our original plan to round up all the gays and illegals, together, and put them in summer day camps, as suggested by millions of deep state, Deep South Twitter accounts (and from all the other racist memes) has failed to materialize. Where are the Nazis? It's weird, like they just left the country. No night of the long knives.

    The several hundred world famous stars and ...

    Updated April 26th, 2018 at 01:28 PM by Kevin

  14. What exactly, is an Albingesian? And where the hell is Waldo?


    Where's Waldo got its start in the late 12th Century. It seems the principle complaint was Waldo's "...contempt of ecclesiastical power".

    I stole that term, word for word, because it's such a mouthful. Just thinking about it causes all sorts of mouthy turmoil, so be careful. It's alright in this day and age, but was not so, earlier. Not for many centuries.

    Waldo was a wealthy man who came to the conclusion that a love of worldly goods ...

    Updated April 18th, 2018 at 02:16 PM by Kevin

  15. 'Uncles' corner

    I was looking at a recent posted-pic of someone I know. He is male, but, I think a certain advice could be given that works for either gender : "Duck!"
    It's really not that hard to learn, probably easier than swimming, with I'm guessing...no, I'm saying/stating: with the same or less anxiety/fear factor involved as when learning how to swim, or ride a bike.
    Anyway, it's a good thing to learn how to do, and anyone can do it...

    Next week: Why Japanese condoms?
  16. the end show

    The executioner comes in faded black. Very... functional, you notice taking in the lack of adornment.

    "Shall I crack some jokes first, or maybe tell a little sad story, feigning empathy?"

    You wonder how to answer that, considering the finality, stall, or don't stall, panic setting in. The crowd is noisy, but you can't hear a thing. You say nothing.

    "All right... Place your head on the block."
    "Place your head on ...
  17. Desert reptiles

    A guy came to the house. He said he used to live here back in the forties.

    I wasn't home. Too bad. I would have given him the tour.

    He told my wife there used to be horned toads around, and desert tortoises. It's pretty hard to find them now even in the desert.

    There's something about human activity- I think it's the cars- that is killing off the the desert reptiles.

    Like thirty years-ago we had gone out to Palm Springs to catch desert iguanas. ...
  18. Down at the sunset grill

    Lunch- looking: Sunset grill. Hollywood High. Passing...

    Old Hollywood I recognize- residentially structurally challenged, on the sidewalk, mumbling, wandering, meandering, not shopping, no place to go, nothing to do. It's just like the eighties.

    I pull into the corner strip mall. Shit. Wrong one. Plenty of parking. I drive to the next block. That's it.

    Falafel is what I'm after. I pull into the corner strip mall. There's a delivery truck double-parked. Plenty ...

    Updated March 28th, 2018 at 09:11 PM by Kevin

  19. A foreign land

    We stayed up at Mt. Magazine. It was new, nice, high in the trees on a limestone peak overlooking Yell County.

    Yell County was where True Grit was; they name it.
    Neither movie was filmed here- They look like somewhere higher, and drier, Colorado, or New Mexico.

    Rooster was anything but dry.
    The valley and meadows below would've worked for the last scene with either John Wayne, the Duke, or The Dude against four men.

    "They rebuilt it, recently. ...

    Updated April 2nd, 2018 at 08:18 AM by Kevin

  20. Choosing the road

    I'm thinking about being homeless. I'm wondering about the lifestyle. Oh, to be a Bo, a vagrant , a Vagabond! - with just me and the freedom of the open road; a sack tied to the end of my stick!

    Maybe I was born that way, but have just been in denial? You know, it's so shameful and all that. Why, just the other day I tried not bathing for one night. You know that Chinese saying about 'He, who goes to bed with itchy butt..."?
    Well... Anyway, I'd probably fail at homeless, ...
  21. Beautiful Sunsets

    The bosses' red Don't Walk emoji halts me
    in mid- We are the champions - which I always find difficult, to hit that right note-
    "We---!" - Is it one note/two notes? being that the artist is always driven to try to insert his own ego/make it his own. Always. Even when the tune is borrowed.

    I go with two, and immediately see my mistake by the reaction of my fellow side-walkers, those around me- that that is not a good choice, so I add a pliť, and then left/foot-forward, ...

    Updated April 2nd, 2018 at 08:24 AM by Kevin

  22. Carchoon

    How's it going?
    What 'it'?
    Your life, your self, your day.
    How can I answer that?
    Okay, nothing horrible happened.

    Character-caricature of myself , I see Porky Pig or Elmer Fudd, stutterers and/or otherwise mangler/mispeakers. Idiot/savant without the savant part?
    I yam what I yam,
  23. Feeling I get when look to the west...

    Chem-trails, nGod's puppetry, telling me,
    pulling my heart strings, pulling my leg
    my knee-jerk sympathies and anger,

    Your legs are nice. I conceptualize you as a goddess. You are penultimate. I love your pedestals...
    Can't we all get along? I didn't mean you were crazy, but what are we to believe? I don't have any definitive proof. Okay, I give up.

    Yes... (ahem) (is this thing on?)
    I hereby... renounce Satan.
    My confirmation ...
  24. Union-Pico job

    She looked up at me finally, in her eyes there was... a try, a plea, a wish, a hope.
    It was a little-girl look in a woman- like this is me, before all the stuff, and how I am inside, behind it all. And see me, how I don't quite get how I don't quite fit with how things are supposed to be.

    There was a sweetness, a sincerity in that look, asking, but I could have no answers- not for her; already.

    None of this was spoken as I read it.
    I wanted
  25. Walking away

    Peter was a Japanese. He told me as a kid he'd been tortured and molested in a Christian cult up in Oxnard. He left, and his mother won't have anything to do with him as he is now evil.

    Peter was our estimator . He would disappear for weeks at a time, and we had to fire him.

    I read the Facebook share from another neighborhood warning about this Asian guy claiming to be a doctor who'd lost his wallet- could you see it in your heart to loan him a few so he could get his
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