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  1. I'm a winner, I'm a sinner, do you want my autograph?

    I've written a couple PMs now about "How does it feel to win the first WF Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge?" I figure I can maybe try to write about it here and get it sorted. First, the memory I'm going to carry with me is that poems I voted for in the People's Choice were award-winners. To me, that is more valuable than my win. Second, I want to say that my main feeling is one of relief. And lastly, I want to express my profound gratitude for all the folks who made it happen. ...
  2. ... nothing to do and all day to do it

    Not only is the project done, it is turned in. Now, it just has to be graded.

    Quote Originally Posted by INEW 2332 Syllabus - Spring 2016
    Final Grade Determination:

    • 100 Points (10 report 1 /week each 10 point, due date midnight of every Monday)
    • 50 Points (time log, for all activities)
    • 50 Points (Project description an explanation due date at the end of 4th week)
    • 50 Points (Final presentation for the project)
    • 150 Points (Course project documentations, source code, pseudocode, etc.)
    Okay, breaking this ...
  3. Here they come, and they know everything we must learn ...

    Dealing cards is tough. Especially when you're me, trying to do it in C++ with a limited grasp of vectors and what happens when you stack them. (A pile is a vector of cards, a tableau is a vector of piles.)

    Anyway, I'm stalled until the cavalry arrives. Dunno when that will be because I'm not sure who or what it will look like. I know some people, and I'm on some fora and I'll get the issue resolved. Of course, this next class isn't till Tuesday--even so, it's not actually meeting ...
  4. Every day I'm shufflin'

    So, my card game can now do the following:
    • make a new deck (which is really a double deck)
    • shuffle that double deck
    • show the deck (shuffled or un)
    • display a card (I was gonna say "draw" but that's not what people would think I meant)
    • display a place where there would be a card if there were one
    • display a face-down card

    This sounds really simple, but I discovered that C++ allows programmers to make many and creative errors--everything from mistyping to miscounting ...
  5. You may be right, I may be crazy

    It's Tuesday. So I took my troubles to class (the project is mandatory but attendance is optional). After loading all my goodies onto the classroom PC, I showed the instructor the errors and he suggested I simplify my expression. So I separated the parts of what I was doing (or trying to do) in one line into two lines. And both parts worked. So I kept it that way.

    In other news, my husband broke my recipe database in an unrecoverable fashion yesterday. Who am I kidding? He broke ...
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