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  1. Evening-Out Excellence

    My wife and I had to drive down to Oregon to pick up our son and other cadets from their Leadership Academy. My boy is exhausted. A ton of physical activity and sleep deprivation rank high on the curriculum. He's up and about now, having earned his feeling of accomplishment.

    I just can't not notice one thing. Female cadets average about 10 to 15 percent in our unit, and the other units I've seen at regional competitions. Yet, at the graduation ceremony, approximately 40% were ...

    Updated July 1st, 2019 at 12:55 AM by Winston

  2. Field Trip

    My wife and I checked out some properties today. We don't have an agent yet, this trip was just to get an idea of what we are looking at in-person.
    I mean, looking at stuff on-line doesn't cut it. At least not for me.

    The first property was larger, and the agency said it had special tax status for being "working woodland" (harvestable timber). So, we could periodically sell timber, and pay less tax. We need less than an acre for our homestead, and that leaves ...
  3. Daydreaming to Planning

    It would be hyperbole to say that I "hate" where I am now. There's a lot of positives to our neighborhood: Close to the grocery store, public transportation and public safety (fire & police). Traffic ain't bad, even though people drive faster now (and / or, I'm just getting older).
    When we first moved here, our kids were young, and the neighborhood was new. There were a lot of young couples, and our kids all played together. Now, the kids are grown, and a lot of of our ...
  4. Same Rant, Different Numbskulls

    A few days ago, a Chicago Cubs player hit a foul ball that connected with a young child. The player (Almora) was visibly shaken, but honestly was just doing his job. You know who wasn't doing their job? The kid's parents.

    OOOOOH! Winston is parent-shaming! Yep. Someone has to.

    I'm donning my Captain Obvious hat here. The lower rows of a baseball park are dangerous. Balls, sometimes bats fly unpredictably into the stands.
    Even the most dim-witted, distracted ...
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