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  1. The Science of Motorcycle Maintenance

    Screw Rob Pirsig and his stupid book. There is no "art" to working on a motorcycle. And Zen on your own time.

    There was no art to the way my bike leaned on it's side stand. It was balanced improperly, and on uneven ground it never sat stable. I could have meditated on the steady-state of the Universe, and come to the acceptance of my crappy kick-stand. Nope. Apologies to my Hawaiian relatives: I'm makin' it mo betta.

    Honda made a good bike, but it ...
  2. Back to School, '19-'20

    Well, it's that time of year that those of us with school-age kids love to hate. We love it because the rug-rats get outta our hair and into someone else's. We hate it because it's time to buy stuff.

    In today's society, we're buying things for our kids that previous generation would never have thought of. Hand cleaner? Christ. That's what sinks were for.

    But here's a recent addition: Backpack armour. With all these mass shootings, many people are considering up-armoring ...

    Updated August 26th, 2019 at 12:07 AM by Winston

  3. Enough / Overkill

    Few human habits irritate me more than the tendency for people to spread "Do Something!" disease.
    I'm a minimalist, fatalistic, Darwinistic, cold-blooded SOB. That said, I like a good idea as much as anyone else. As a matter of fact, I LOVE good ideas. I also like Unicorns, guilt-free ice cream and honest politicians.
    Yes, good ideas are that rare. But that doesn't stop mobs of idiots from foisting dumb, ineffective ideas on the public, and pretending that they are ...

    Updated August 18th, 2019 at 10:08 PM by Winston

  4. (Insert Catchy Blog Title Here)... and some vulgarity follows

    Mega rant: I'm feeling angry, sad, sardonic and fearful.

    Does a fish know it's wet? Does the fish realize it's filtering it's own waste, and all of the other fish's waste through it's gills? Of course not. It's just a fish.
    Does the average person realize the crap that they "swim" through? No. And if they do get a whiff, they just know it's the other fish's effluent, not their own.

    I'm (almost) speechless regarding this new Vivendi / Universal ...

    Updated August 11th, 2019 at 06:53 PM by Winston

  5. Clown Car

    You know that trope that itís impossible to just drive by a car wreck and not look? Sure, itís sick, and morally questionable, but everyone does it. Itís just human nature.

    That can be the only reason that I like watching the Democratic Debates. Itís like the typical smoldering wreck on the side of the road, only itís a Clown Car.

    As they all crawl out of the twisted mess, you wonder where all these clowns came from. Thereís a happy faced clown that likes to spread ...
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