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  1. escorial's Avatar
    were all hypocrites and corruptible just not in power for a plethora of reasons...i reckon democracy is built on a myth and it ain't perfect but what's a better alternative...i don't think there is one...do you have any correspondence with public representatives or do you use the media as a source of info...
  2. Smith's Avatar
    Well, it usually is the other side undermining him or a "political hit", because neither party in this fine country of ours cares about being hypocritical.
  3. escorial's Avatar
    what could you bring to the table...
  4. kaminoshiyo's Avatar
    Trump is a "garbage human". I'm not sure how people would arrive at something different- you'd have to be wearing pretty thick glasses to see otherwise. The media slanders him, but the media slanders everyone. You've just got to broaden your idea of media to include all of it and not just left-leaning news. Just because the news is sometimes wrong doesn't mean that he is right. The ironic part is that, as you said, Trump is a major source of fake news, mischaracterization, and slander. But he's a victim and a martyr and so people rally under him. It's absurd.

    They're all garbage. All of them. They'll- to the one- sell you on this I'm an every man's man who hates government so bad I want you to elect and re-elect me into it. And when I fail or do something wrong or illegal? It's the other side. The other side was undermining me or slandering me or it's a political hit.
  5. escorial's Avatar
    are you incorruptible...
  6. Smith's Avatar
    I actually don't mind his attitude. For his entire presidency people still won't shut up about why they think a president "shouldn't act like him". What do they know? Should he act like every other president has acted, like a rat in a suit with that same infuriating, pseudo-professional intonation, inflection? Seriously, every other president / candidate sounds like they went to the same school and go by the same playbook. In other words, THEY LITERALLY SOUND THE SAME. I don't mean they make the same promises, although that is largely true too. I mean "sound the same" as in going to Hollywood where every teenage girl talks like "oh my gawd, did you like seeee thaaat?"

    In my opinion, the reason why Trump is a divisive figure is because if you're on his side, you love him, but if you're against him you'll hate him, and that's because he's unapologetic about who he is and how he is, because he's not some phony, "well-mannered", prettied-up slimeball like Obama or the other 99% of presidents / candidates in the last hundred years.

    When I see "professional" sounding and looking candidates, I see corrupt career politicians, because that's what they are. When I go to a restaurant I don't hope that my waiter is just like the other 1000 fucking waiters / waitresses I've had in my life. I hope they're GENUINE, not a trained robotic dog, for fuck's sake.

    Then if I don't like him, at least the silver lining will be that he wasn't a liar. I hate disingenuous people far far more than somebody who can be a bit of an asshole like Trump.
  7. escorial's Avatar
    Politicians have always lived a double life...an the people that voted for them liked the public image and understood that they like their elected representatives had stuff best left indoors...Trump is more real and open with a closet bursting to open...who can throw a rock at him...I don't think he cares about the mob or average Joe but what he does care about is...I have no idea but like most things the money in your pocket or bank will determine individual perspective on him...I myself can't say he's a billionaire looking after the wealthy or the working people but I like him....
  8. Winston's Avatar
    I have my opinions and reservations about Unions...
    Funny thing is, I'm not even in the union. It's just assumed by people: If you work for "the government", there's the whole list from Menu A that you fit into.
    Same thing with law enforcement. When I worked in corrections, I knew some a-holes in the jail and on the street. And I knew some great people.

    We're so tribal / Balkanized right now. The Other is everyone not in your circle. It makes me sick. Simplistic morons lead by the nose by the media.
    Thanks for doin' the math, Smith.
  9. Smith's Avatar
    Thanks to you, I don't have to wade through mind-numbing Washington Post and other mainstream-news articles.

    I have my opinions and reservations about Unions but I'm certainly not as anti-police as some people are. There are bad cops out there, obviously, but if you're going to distrust or dislike police then you should certainly do it for the right reasons. And also keep in mind the good things.

    I did the math since nobody else fucking wanted to. I admit I'm only a layman and don't have access to the best sources, but I figured that a tenth of a percent of all law enforcement agents are charged with murder. And that's supposed to be an epidemic? That's a fucking miracle.

    EDIT: Sorry, it's actually better than that. If you take the ~750,000 (that's the low end of the estimated range) sworn officers in the US and take the total number of people killed by police in 2017 (less than a thousand, but let's assume it's 1000), and if we assume EVERY SINGLE ONE was a murder (which they clearly weren't), that's 0.13% of all cops being involved in a murder.

    In actuality, something like two dozen were convicted of murder in 2017, which comes out to 0.0032% of the entire police force.


    I had to retake Algebra 1 so somebody correct my math if I'm doing something wrong.
    Updated January 14th, 2019 at 11:34 PM by Smith
  10. tinacrabapple's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Winston
    You do know the alleged reason the Chinese were dumping those phones below cost, right? Supposedly, they were engineered with hidden "back door" access so the Chinese government / military could spy on any user, any time they wanted. Scary stuff.

    Oh, these days we live in.
    Yeah, scary stuff. This is why I went with the LG.
  11. Smith's Avatar
    I don't know if Nancy would win a wizzing contest, but she'd win a shitting contest, because she's full of it.

    The argument I constantly see from the Democrats regarding the wall is "it's racist", a testament to the intelligence of their die-hard supporters.

    Arguments for the wall: public works project. Fulfilling campaign promise (something that presidential candidates have a habit of never doing). Taking hard stance against illegal immigration because it's unfair to all the millions of people who immigrate legally.

    Anyway, my friend hasn't been paid for a long time because of this shut-down. He was smart and had a considerable rainy day fund, but still, he's starting to get a little worried now.

    For the rest of my life I'll see politics as a circus and rodeo. It'd be a lot more interesting if they dressed up in clown and cowboy outfits. Throw in a half-time trapeze act. Some dude off in the corner spitting fire for no reason while he balances on two beer bottles and juggles dildos.

    I'm so sick of it and the two-party, tribal, asinine paradigm, and every moron who is just OBSESSED by it. I just want to shake them by the fucking neck and get them to look behind the curtain.
  12. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tinacrabapple
    And that about sums up this week! I almost bought one of those HUAWEI phones but went with an LG from Amazon.
    You do know the alleged reason the Chinese were dumping those phones below cost, right? Supposedly, they were engineered with hidden "back door" access so the Chinese government / military could spy on any user, any time they wanted. Scary stuff.

    Oh, these days we live in.
  13. tinacrabapple's Avatar
    And that about sums up this week! I almost bought one of those HUAWEI phones but went with an LG from Amazon.
  14. Smith's Avatar
    Imagine if people were so up in arms about what's going on in their own personal lives, and how they could become a better person, instead of getting all worked up over TMZ-- err, I mean CNN talking about Donald.

    Sorry, I get our "news" and the tabloids confused all the time.
  15. dither's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Winston
    "LET IT GO, LET IT GO!!!"
    I think we can all acknowledge how messed-up stuff is, and agree not to let that stuff run / ruin our lives.
    I threw in the towel long ago.
    Just seeing out my time now. It's becoming tedious and quite scary actually.
  16. Winston's Avatar
    ...but I LIKE the state of "pissed off and depressed".
    "Pissed off "- how pissed off?
    I get you guys. I really do. I'm just suffering from "outrage fatigue". I hate that Disney "Frozen" song, but I find myself just wanting to scream along:
    "LET IT GO, LET IT GO!!!"
    I think we can all acknowledge how messed-up stuff is, and agree not to let that stuff run / ruin our lives.
  17. Kevin's Avatar
    The art of lies and betrayal were invented in Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Israel... Iowa.

    "Pissed off "- how pissed off?

    We were at a gathering last night. While discussing future retirement moves a couple told us that the South was out as she is Jewish, and he is Black. He said, "I know: I'm from there."

    Wifey saved it all, though, later in the evening, when she piped in with her one-liner :
    "- you drink some everclear, and then pop a quuaalude"
    Caused quite the uproar. We'd been reminiscing about the good ole '80s.
    Updated December 30th, 2018 at 10:29 PM by Kevin
  18. dither's Avatar
    Can't comment on the politics of course but I LIKE the state of "pissed off and depressed". It's what I do, where I'm most comfortable. If anyone ever had a reason for being, that's mine.

    Happy 2019 Winston.
  19. kaminoshiyo's Avatar
    I disagree.

    I think young people do commit most crimes, sure, but the worst problems of our society are not a collection of these petty crimes. They tend to be "sophisticated" complications usually administered by older men.

    Also, I've heard this argument before- that they youth (or the world) would benefit from military discipline. I doubt this. The thing that pushes the world is not rigid structure. I'd say that was a component in stability, sure, but if you want people to advance, to progress, to constantly challenge and dare, you need people who work outside of the box and who have the flexibility to make their own rules and do their own thing. The military and the formal education system (sort of like kiddie military in a way) is not good for this which is why actually gifted children are encouraged to deviate from these paths.

    There's more than one way to skin a cat and ironically, even in the military, the person who can break convention and structure and find a new way to achieve an objective tends to become much more successful. Hannibal, Caesar, Khan- all of them were deviants who broke the old system and made their own.
  20. kaminoshiyo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Winston
    Trust me, man, I am no "people person" myself. Perhaps that's why I work at it, and try to improve my skills.
    I resent people that are natural extroverts, and make social situations look easy. But that's all part of the game. Even if I "suck" at it, I ain't giving up.
    I used to resent extroverts, themselves, before realizing I resent extroverts because I'm not one. But stepping back I realized I always failed worse when I tried to hard to be something I wasn't. In that sense, I did give up on that and started just being what I am a little more.

    When I was in the military I had got in trouble once. I was brought before a disciplinary review board and in response to a question I puffed up my chest and said "I can do anything." He looked back at me and said, "No you can't. That's the problem. You think you can, and that's why you keep getting yourself into trouble." He wasn't any wise old man per se, but in that way people nail you he got me and I had to think on it for...a few years...before the message sunk in.
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