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  1. kaminoshiyo's Avatar
    I can't see why you would need a high-powered anything for home defense. If you are lucky enough to hear your intruder and reach for your gun in time, instead of risking a shoot-out in the dark I would shot in the air, yell "GET THE FUCK OUT" and call the police.

    I can only imagine either a cornered robber or someone specifically there to harm you is going to stay after that.

    * admittedly, this is all theory. I've never been robbed before or had an intruder in my home. I've seen video's of people getting robbed, though, and I don't think I've ever seen one wearing body armor or something where you need the likes of a high-powered rifle for.
  2. Winston's Avatar
    Kev: You know, the lever-action Winchester was the original "assault rifle". 12-14 round capacity. And I'm sure you've see the "cowboy action" experts empty the gun in 6 seconds. Accurately too. Pistol caliber rifles are pretty fun and versatile. Perfect for the aggressive coyotes y'all got down there.
    And yeah, the Korean grocers of LA... DO NOT MESS WITH. I'm pro immigration. A lot of times they understand our rights and values better than we do.

    PW: The KelTec is very cool, but I roll old school with my Mossberg 590. Besides, my shotgun has a bayonet attachment. ?!?
    What do those things hold? 16 rounds? I'm with that old Dick Van Patton show from the 70's "Eight is Enough". But two separate tubes is handy.

    And guys, I'll admit my bias. I'm am a cheapskate. And those AR rifles can be a money pit. I never wanted to get pulled down that rabbit hole of compensators, optics, custom triggers etc. I like to keep it simple. Y'know, because I'm a Fudd.
  3. Kevin's Avatar
    Plastic- l'm lol. l imagine you like a kid in a candy store - "Oo- oo- oo! I want one of those!"

    I have a remmington winchester lever action "cowboy-gun". That's my term for it. It's no bigger than a pellet gun, it's got that lever, and it shoots a 45 colt ( a pistol bullet). I liked it cause I can hit things from the hip. At the outdoor range you count before it hits and there's a poof of dust. Then you adjust. I don't really aim. I point it like a grenade launcher. It's a lot of fun when it goes *clang* on a metal target. You can hit it over and over and over, it's so easy. I think it would work well as a home defense gun. And you could clobber someone with the stock.

    Winston- Jr. bought himself an ar before they went illegal. It's cool looking. I don't have a bug-out bag but he does- incomplete he says. Let's hope we never have to rely on any of that, There was the riots here and for a few days it was every man for himself/No law. The Koreans armed themselves and fought because it was their businesses getting burned and looted. We weren't in the bad zone, thank goodness.
  4. Plasticweld's Avatar

    I bought one of these, it seemed to cool to pass up. It passed my test of, " I don't want to be on the wrong end of it. Mine is loaded with slugs and double aught.

    I have lots of black rifles, they would not be the first thing I would grab.
  5. escorial's Avatar
    I'm listening to a local radio station an the presenter always asks for good news stories for his two hour show..one wonders if this is what the public want...
  6. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by escorial
    ...prob just like Kim...
    Two sides of the same coin.
  7. escorial's Avatar
    I would not underestimate Kim...he got his uncle knocked of at the right time...you need others to put you in power an like Trump without his dad bailing him out these people
    probably wouldn't make a footnote in history...as for trump deflecting attention away from his detractors...there in his is strength and when his close aides turn on him he will be gone...prob just like Kim...
  8. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by escorial
    East meets west but no deal from the man who gets a kick of big deals....his staff must be telling him his internet's down
    If you're really surprised, you haven't been paying attention. I think disappointment is an appropriate reaction, but Trump accomplished his main goal: Distracting from the Cohen testimony.
    Seriously, I'm throwing this out there: Kim is an insecure, paranoid man from an insular, paranoid nation. The fact that Trump is paying him attention is a good thing. I used to work with juvenile delinquents. They say they want this or that, but you know what they really want: Attention. Hopefully (God, I'm a crappy optimist), Kim can see Trump as being authentic and eventually they can deal as perceived equals.
    You can't blame Kim, and the Norko regime, for not taking any of this seriously at first. They've been playing the US and UN for decades, and we've been chumps. Respect is earned, not purchased with pallets of Dollars. Perhaps Kim and Trump are learning to respect one another. If so, that matters more than centrifuges and rockets.
  9. escorial's Avatar
    East meets west but no deal from the man who gets a kick of big deals....his staff must be telling him his internet's down
  10. escorial's Avatar
    All the president's I know of can't keep it in their kex and this makes them more normal...look what happens when you make men celibatehe ....wood turns into a cross
  11. Winston's Avatar
    No. Reagan and Thatcher.
    Nancy would hide in the closet during the coitus. And watch.
    Or Trump and (Nancy) Spungen.
    Sid would lay on the floor. On his side, of course.
    Updated March 1st, 2019 at 03:41 AM by Winston
  12. escorial's Avatar
    I think Trump could pull it off...most think he is out of his depth on most things...he might lack a finess in political speak an none of that double speak politicians are adapt at...I compare him to the iron lady...what a baby that would have been...
  13. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Plasticweld
    I know from past experience anytime someone uses the words, social justice or level playing fields, I am going to get screwed.
    That term has been co-opted by those that have a preference to use government power as a sledgehammer, instead of a screwdriver.
    Equal opportunity means that the government simply treats everyone equal. A "level playing field" is the state where no preferences are given. No set asides for corporate welfare, no quotas for identity politics.
    SJWs now threaten to use the government Killdozer to crush and grade everyone to the same level. The sad thing is that many in society expect a government, or THEIR President to flatten all the obstacles in their path.
    It is truly a time when those meek of spirit look for strength in others. And those strong in resolve mourn the death of individuality.
  14. Kevin's Avatar
    I was going to make a comment about how even here in LilyLiver we know about some of the strategic euphemisms designed to yank our wallets.

    One thing about a Liverian is they really don't want to pay. They don't mind other people paying, but not them.

    Then I looked thought I should look up 'lily-livered', like maybe I'm senile, right, so I better check it, the definition?

    Vocabulary.com came up and I clicked. Three out of 4 examples were anti-gop or anti-republican usages by newspapers the WaPo and Seattle times. 4 examples in a row were political and anti-.... - from the same slant.
  15. Plasticweld's Avatar
    I know from past experience anytime someone uses the words, social justice or level playing fields, I am going to get screwed.
  16. Winston's Avatar
    PW, all people want today is their "captain" to set autopilot to Free Stuff Land, and not expect ANYTHING from the crew.
    Universal Basic Income? Howsabout Universal "take care of yourself, you're an adult, have you no shame or pride"?
    That's the leader I want. One that tells me I can, provides a level playing field, then gets the hell out of the way.
  17. Plasticweld's Avatar
    Leaders lead. They do it by focusing on objectives and putting those objectives in a form that the others can envision doing and accomplishing them.

    They verbalize the how, inspire those to action and create unity among those who share the common goal.

    A good leader is the captain of the ship who says we are going over there, the crew is the one who does all the work, he just makes it clear as to why they are doing all the work.

    A Good leader is the cheerleader, not the team.

    To what degree you believe in that, is the degree in which you understand how the presidency or any form of leadership works. You can not force others to follow you, but you can get them to want to.
  18. midnightpoet's Avatar
    You touched on a good point. The problem has always been the people. All systems have issues, if we want positive, common sense change the people need to do take charge. This isn't easy by any means, and you don't need to destroy the system, but expecting politicians to solve all your problems is futile.
  19. kaminoshiyo's Avatar
    I think I like the title "SHTF series" more than "Ponder the Unthinkable"

    I agree except to say that you shouldn't trust that the government has a plan either. They always have a plan...until things go wrong...then you find out how screwed the communications between this and that were, how crappy the funding or supply really was, how people were just checking off boxes without thoroughly proofing things. etc. Basically, have your own plan ready for something to go wrong.

    That being said...since when did recessions become acceptable, lol. You'd think it was winter the way people talk about it. If there's a recession it's because someone screwed up and acting like it's a natural occurrence sounds like a perfect way for the guilty to wipe their ledgers without paying a dime and without any responsibility.
  20. midnightpoet's Avatar
    "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

    A. Lincoln

    As someone who has studied history, you would think the human race would learn from its mistakes. It seems not.

    Another old quote from Shakespeare: : "A plague on both their houses!"

    Both sides need to look in the mirror and see their errors. Is that even possible?
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