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  1. escorial's Avatar
    Near by the main road leads to the beachfront and weekends waiting at the traffic light one often comes across groups of bikers mostly on new superbikes but through the week one tends to see lone middle class hells angels with the shiny dark bike with all the leathers helmet and beard....but there all abit polished and clean and the most anti social thing they done was vote in the brexit referendum..but hey everyone is allowed me time..I for one spent years on dating sites being international drug Baron or eccentric record producer but when the dates come of I would get confused which part to play...the only one I knew was not to be myself...so each to their own...
  2. Kevin's Avatar
    Mm... How much noise do them there e-motorbikes make anyhow? Stealth is important in my line of work. Stealth and a place to stow the money bags and a gat quickly- and quickly get away.
  3. Gofa's Avatar
    Oh dear how sad never mind I remember the neighbor in Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
    nice looking bike I googled
    as to centre stands I took mine off Some beer crates are just a perfect fit
  4. Plasticweld's Avatar
    I would hit like for this except for the ending...Any man who would talk about an electric motorcycle is abomination. The roar of a engine, the smell of burning gas and the politically incorrect image of a biker is what it is all about.... I think deep down you really wanted a scooter and had to settle for the CTX 700.
  5. Neetu's Avatar
    It's very sad, isn't it? The developed world's only country that has to think about armor for little children going to school among the other things you've listed.
  6. escorial's Avatar
    I've recently finished a biography of Mussolini....he was honest/dishonest... truthful/liar...he likend the Italian race to a herd who needed to be told what to do...I'm afraid as Lincoln said...most men can handle adversity bit if you want to test his character give him power....so true in the duce case but up until then I was kind of agreeing with him...odd to think on the same lines as these people but I have never had power...
  7. midnightpoet's Avatar
    Can you change people's attitudes, more importantly their hearts, their very souls? Can you change human nature? That's basically what Jesus was trying to do, but man, even Christians, have failed him. Don't assume that all liberals are evil any more than all conservatives are evil. These are horrible fallacies that are ruining the very fabric of human existence - and not just this country, but worldwide. Many may not agree with this, but if we all continue on this path ,we are doomed. My God forgive us all.
  8. Plasticweld's Avatar
    I can't throw stones...you remember this little gem I wrote

    I don't see the divide ending in anything but bad. I view liberals as those who hate anything good any only seek to destroy. Hypocrisy, deception and mis information the key to them promoting their twisted agenda. How do you deal with someone who claims to be intelligent, yet has no knowledge of history, a complete lack of common sense and any sense of morality.

    The good news is that I am far better armed, far better trained and willing to suffer far more discomfort to stand by my beliefs.

    Good essay.
  9. escorial's Avatar
    Yeah man...footloose one of my fav movies
  10. Winston's Avatar
    esc, I like your little one-line drive-bys. Many are quite insightful.

    As an individual, everyone has basic rights and responsibilities. The current political trend is a vain attempt to try to divorce the two. Everyone now has every "right" imaginable, from paid vacation to free cell phones. And someone else pays for it. In the US, citizens have access to good quality higher education. But no one has the individual responsibility to pay for it. Our citizens are lied to and told that it is the responsibility of their parents, rich people or the government to pay for an individual benefit that they receive. Same goes for all consumer debt. In Canada, a bunch of Chase customers just had all their credit debt forgiven. Today, if you are moral, and pay the bills you owe, you are a sucker.
    Society is sick. It is being made sicker by opportunistic scumbag politicians that play off of people's worst vices, fear and greed.

    So for me, esc, Freedom is an individual "thing". Mob rights only lead to tyranny and oppression. If I end up the last honest, virtuous citizen, so be it.
    But, feel free to join me. I'd like that.
  11. escorial's Avatar
    Can you do that as an individual or is it a mob thing
  12. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by escorial
    Free at last,free at last...God Almighty free at last....will you ever get to shout that in your lifetime...
    Freedom is a process, a mindset and a lifestyle. It is not a place you get to and kick-back. It is work. Never-ending labor. But it's worth it.

  13. escorial's Avatar
    Free at last,free at last...God Almighty free at last....will you ever get to shout that in your lifetime...
  14. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by escorial
    Leo Sayer singing dressed as a clown was moving
    As long as he was shuffling. Lido.
  15. escorial's Avatar
    Leo Sayer singing dressed as a clown was moving
  16. Winston's Avatar
    ...but thankfully they make up only a small percentage of the country.
    I try not too be too much of a pessimist, but I fear you're wrong PW. It may not be this time, or even over the next few years, but the ground work has been laid.
    Too many have taken the Blue Pill. The line for "crazy" has moved so far left, normal is now seen as fascist extremism. And when your opponent is no longer just wrong, but evil, the gloves come off.
    Violence will beget violence. I just don't see this ending well, for anyone.
  17. Plasticweld's Avatar
    I am not sure that clowns would be the right description. While they have taken the liberal view to the extreme, and seem to be in a race to destroy this country. I found none of them funny, none of them did anything but try and paint a picture of pure doom and gloom. Right now things are good, the economy is good, we are at peace, people are working and there is hope. None of the candidates even making any of those things better than they are today. Each of their programs seemed to dismantle what is already working.

    Not one of them has a chance with the average working American. Brain dead socialist will be happy, but thankfully they make up only a small percentage of the country. As long as they keep speaking and sharing their thoughts...they are doomed. That is enough to make me smile, they will have four more years of wearing a frown.
  18. escorial's Avatar
    Yep..were all gods
  19. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by escorial
    In a few short years there be no clowns/humans
    Esc, are you familiar with Fermi's Paradox? The Universe, even our galactic neighborhood should be teeming with life. It is not. Why?
    It is postulated that all intelligent life reaches a theoretical "wall". In most cases, that wall is the ability to commit global genocide without the moral evolutionary control to stop it. We consume resources until they are depleted, then kill each other over the scraps that remain.
    Maybe that's just the Universe self-regulating.

    Regardless, it's been real... I think. The universe could be a sim. If it is, it is a real buggy program.
  20. escorial's Avatar
    In a few short years there be no clowns/humans
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