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  1. Late Season Camping

    We had all been busy, but I took the initiative and reserved a camping site nearby for one final outing. Just an overnighter with my kids and nephew.

    We have an old tent trailer. It really doesn't have much life left I it. But it's still serviceable Most of the stuff woks. We've gotten quite adept at getting the thing set-up in about 10 minutes.
    Our site was a stone's throw from the Puget Sound. Off of an inlet called Hood Canal. My teenage son actually put on his swim ...
  2. Filling The Pantry (profanity)

    It's tough being "middle class". By definition, folks like us are stuck "in the middle", neither rich nor poor.
    For the rich, the benefits are obvious. Power, comfort, safety, opportunity... the list is long.
    For the poor, you own the moral "high-ground". The poor are "victims" and are given societal benefits and "resources" (i.e. Money).

    The middle class, often referred to as the "working class", our great ...
  3. National Preparadness Month

    This IS a joke. And it is not funny.
    I just sat through about 45 of that horrid movie, "This is The End". It wasn't horrid because it was crass and vapid. It horrified me because it seemed too real.
    I'm just going to pick on you Millennials. I can't help but think about your generation when I think of a major disaster, and the die-off that will follow. Gen X at least has a few years of maturity on you, and the Gen Z kids are flexible with a healthy distrust of authority. ...
  4. Stand or Fall

    As soon as he fell, the six of us waiting for the bus ran to his aid. The old man, and his motorized chair fell from the raised sidewalk to the street in almost slow-motion. I yelled to the bus driver as I ran, "Get on the horn and call some help!". We all naturally grouped according to our abilities. One guy (with the people skills I lack) calmly re-assured the old man and checked for injuries. I scanned for traffic to stop and divert. Eventually, we righted his chair and got him ...
  5. Memories. And Being There.

    I see people learning in books things that happened before they were born, things that I saw. They are learning what I lived. And a bunch of what they read is total nonsense.

    Through the lens of Revisionist History, Ronald Regan was a crazed warmonger and Bill Clinton was happy-times sugar-daddy. I was there.
    In 1995, the Clinton Administration gave China advanced missile technology through a transfer with a US company named Loral. Some high-ranking Chinese donors just happened ...
  6. Looking Down Their Nose at Coach

    Preface: Maybe it's not true. Just internet "click bait".

    One of these Bing / MSN stories about "What Airline Attendants (Stewardesses) Look For When Passengers Board".
    Here's the two that got me:

    Supposedly, they look for "big, able-bodied people (men) to help in an emergency". The article explained that if a Stewardess needs help with an unruly passenger, they would like to conscript some beefcake to subdue the miscreant. This misses ...
  7. The Garden

    I was out back again today, weeding and trimming. I hate to go out there, but once I'm there, I really like it.

    The smells are great. Not just the plants, but the dirt itself. A few finches sat nearby on the fence, ready to pick at the fresh soil in search of bugs.
    The weeds went into our chicken coop. "The Girls" pick at the weeds, also looking for insects.

    The potatoes keep spreading to other beds, even growing in-between them. I found a "volunteer" ...
  8. 'Tis The Season.

    It is not the season to be jolly. That's from late November to New Years. You can tell it's over when you're hung over and drowning in debt.
    So, until the third week of November, no "jolly". Just don't.

    Well, that's just stupid, right? Why do we have ANY holiday seasons?

    We're just in the middle of "patriotic season". Dust off your Old Glory and fire up a grill, just like Abe and George did. And don't forget the beer! Nothing says love-of-country ...
  9. Random Survival Tip

    One word: Adobo.

    It's a seasoning made out of Paprika, Oregano, Salt and Garlic. Not only does it taste great, it can help preserve your food if you lose refrigeration.
    It turns out that Paprika has antibacterial properties. Who knew?
    You can also make a "wet-rub" with citrus and vinegar added. I'm thinking that would be better with fish, or maybe pork.

    Anyway, I'm planning on fixing up a couple quarts "just in case".
    I may ...
  10. You Bein' Played... Again.

    It always seems that after every shooting, we get a lecture about how bad the firearm was, and why it needs to be banned.
    It was fairly quiet after the Virginia ball-field shooting this week I wondered what was up.

    The talking points repeated this time around was the the assailant used a "high-powered rifle". That's as nonsensical and useless as saying your car has wheels. All rifles are "high-powered"; some more, some less. Curiously, the mass-media wasn't ...
  11. Piece of Mindlessness

    Don't mess with my Marine Corps.

    For those that don't understand The Corps' mission, it's real simple: We hurt people and break things. Period.
    Sure, there's all kinds of secondary logistical and political considerations. That's stuff for the pin-heads to work out.

    No, there's a beauty and simplicity to what a Marine does. Those that don't know, often confuse the straight-forward nature of our mission with simple-mindedness.
    Nothing could be farther from ...
  12. What's Next?

    Hopefully, I'm wrong.

    There's that old saying about a million monkeys and a million typewriters eventually producing a sonnet by Shakespeare. These evil creeps indiscriminately killing girls and folks out for a stroll are just the beginning. The people with that kind of pathological thought process want more pain, bloodshed and fear. Through sheer luck, and perseverance, they'll probably get it.

    Here's the rub: Everyone is conditioned for what they are exposed to. ...
  13. Ignorance and Arrogance

    I haven't had time to read some authors I wanted, so I've watched a couple of their video lectures on Youtube.
    I watched lectures by Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss. All brilliant men, excellent communicators and, above all, rhetorical sledgehammers.
    They were also completely condescending, oafish arrogant jerks.

    I understand their impatience with folks of faith. I really do get it. I mean, they spell out their case very well. I myself have little ...
  14. Morlocks and Eloi

    That scene in the 1996 movie "Ransom" haunts me. The bad-cop, played by Gary Sinese explains how society has broken down along the lines of H.G. Wells future in "The Time Machine". According to Sinese's character, we're all either Morlocks or Eloi now.
    For those of you unfamiliar with the literary reference, we're either Wolves or Sheep. I've struggled with this.

    The fact is, I don't want to believe it. But reality is an ugly mistress. Everywhere I look, ...
  15. The Darkness Before More Darkness (profanity)

    I just have to do this "stream of consciousness" style...

    I was talking to Travis at work. He was having a better than normal day. That IED in Afghanistan fucked him up some, but he gets by. Day by day.
    Last night he was in Seattle, at a Social Distortion concert. He had to pass all the teen girls leaving their Panic At The Disco concert as he left.
    The Ferry ride home wasn't bad, he told me. The only problem was he was hungry, and the food on the ferry at ...
  16. That Guy

    We had some moronic, mandatory Federal training this week. The instructor tried her best (considering the vapid, insipid material she had to work with).
    One thing the instructor did to "break the ice" was ask each person to introduce themselves and tell the class something interesting about them. I gave up the boring fact that I make my own beer (just interesting enough, but not crossing the TMI threshold). Some guy behind me, though, just had to Jump The Shark:

    "My ...
  17. The Burger Half-Eaten

    My father-in-law is getting better. He is old, and sick, but he chose to live. He kept fighting.

    Many would look at him, and write him off. My family did wonder if it was "his time". But we respected HIS wishes. He did not want to die.

    After his massive infection, and loss of 1/4 of his body weight, Jim stopped eating. What he did choke down, he threw-up. Our marvelous "Obama Care" system only took about a month to run the tests to discover the ...
  18. Close Enough

    I am nearly sick. Physically ill. Most people have the emotional depth and maturity of a potted plant.

    Why is it OK for people to become flippant when they hear that an old person is near death?
    Tell someone a parent is ill. Usually the first question is "why?', but the second is invariably "How old are they?" If a person is at or past a predetermined age, there is a big sigh. Perhaps a nod, or a shrug. The context, the hidden message is "It's OK that ...
  19. Need

    Just a minor rant:

    Does anyone in the "developed world" have a true understanding of the concept of a 'need'?

    There is so much unhappiness, because people WANT what they do not have. The problem is that they lie to themselves and say that they NEED something.

    Let me cut right to it. If you are totally alone, destitute, with no hope of improvement... you can be happy. If you choose to be. Stop looking at others as some kind of ridiculous, masochistic ...
  20. Death

    Persons just slightly younger than me often bemoan losing a grandparent. I lost my last grandparent (my grandmother) over 25 years ago.
    Both of my parents died before my 50th birthday.

    it's like I can hardly remember having an elder to look up to. Guidance. Re-assurance. I feel like I've been on my own for a long time. I feel old.

    My In-Laws serve as surrogates. Tales of post WW2 Europe: Germany bombed-out... The Marshall Plan and Eisenhower's austerity... ...
  21. Two Mintes of Hate

    Everyone wants to be right. Factually, morally, correct. There's a certain contentment with being right. And it often degrades into smugness.
    Of course, if you are right, someone else is wrong. Now, They are The Other.
    Since They are wrong, they are less than you. Derogatory labels are flung about such as "uninformed", "closed-minded" and "bigoted". Those that are wrong are not only factually in error, but they are morally dangerous. They are a threat ...
  22. Civil War (couple 'o bad words)

    First off, I like my job. I enjoy getting out of that cramped, stuffy storage basement into the crisp air of the loading dock. I zip along on our forklift, breathing in deep the damp ocean breeze. I occasionally stop, and wave at some "cubicle monkey" starting their day hours after mine. We're on the same team. Mostly.

    But my workspace is cramped. Too cramped. We all know it, and have complained about it. It's so bad, it is a safety hazard. The desk jockeys upstairs ...
  23. Chicken Little Grow Up

    I'm not young anymore, and I never remember when we all got along. In fact, we never had.

    But now, it's all "the world is going to end" bull feces. Get over it, and your over emotional self. Set down your torch, throwing rock and inane, worthless protest sign. Your outrage and tantrums will change nothing. It's mental masturbation. And it's making you blind.

    Because if you open your eyes, there is good news.

    Many of you want to have it both ...
  24. Keep Your Head Down

    I'm all full of pessimistic Doom and Gloom on a normal day. But for everyone in The U.S., November 8th may be a good day to call in sick. And maybe the next day or two after that.

    This has been an emotional, contentious time and it will only boil over after half of the nation doesn't get their candidate elected. Things won't be bad in the suburbs or countryside, but for God's sake, I'd avoid every major city for a day or two. At the very least, you're looking at city centers and ...
  25. Broken Spring

    That digital vomit known as Wikileaks just spewed forth an other tasty tidbit.

    A Hillary Clinton adviser was upset at the "backwardness" of The Catholic Church, and lamented that they were not more progressive (i.e. in-line with liberal Democratic policies).
    The advisor thought there needed to be a "Catholic Spring", akin to that "Arab Spring", that went so well (sarcasm).

    Disclaimer: I'm not Catholic. I don't like their doctrine, ...
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