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  1. dither's Avatar
    PW, if that question at the end of your post is for me, then you have misunderstood. Winston, with his blog, would have us believe, rightly or wrongly, that there is, in his view, no or very little good in this world. You are the exact opposite. I would go along with views expressed in that blog probably more than Winston would but you...

    You only see goodness and light. In everything and everyone.

    I do accept that with the passing of time I have become the epitome of bitterness and resentment and maybe life isn't quite as bad as I would have it seem. I do wonder about myself.
    But at the same time, I cannot buy into your view of things.
    So, I am trying consider the possibility that... well yes... of course there are faults in how I see and perceive things but it ain't no rose-garden either.

    Respect to you both.
  2. Plasticweld's Avatar
    The circle grows smaller :}

    My jaded perspective, maybe.

    If life is like the high school cafeteria, and the WF is a just one of those tables full of geeks and losers then it is pretty tough if that is your only view of life. This however is not the only table.

    I will start by saying that there are some people here I respect and care for, you are of course one of them, but there are a bunch more, far more that I would never associate with in real life.

    The table here is full of misfits and losers throwing a pity party for themselves. While I admire the intellect of some, I am dismayed at their mental weakness in most areas in life. I am thankful to those that helped me learn how become a better writer, it is a skill and a craft that is to be respected, as it takes tons of work and does not just happen.

    Writers are storytellers, they invite you into their life to share their vision. This is what separates me, and you and a few others. While many here are gifted writers, they have nothing to say. Writers block for many, is a gift to the rest of us. The ability to say nothing well, is still worth well...nothing. There are no shortage of those here who see nothing but the bad in life, see hopelessness as the norm, there view is jaded.

    This is not a healthy table in life, you should swing by, say some pleasant hellos maybe sit for a few seconds, and then move on to where you want to sit down and eat. Eat and bullshit with people that share some of the same views, the same optimism. The guys that are excited about what they did, and are going to do, not those who have never done anything, nor ever will.

    Spending too much time at the wrong table as already started to jade you. I don't believe for a minute that you don't care. And really do you honestly think I don't care?
  3. dither's Avatar
    Today is my cheapo-shopping-trip day, the walk to and from, back to my house ,I suppose, probably takes getting on for an hour, and, for the whole duration, there and back, I couldn't stop thinking about this blog. But that's just me. So many thoughts, feelings, and stirred up emotions, but what to say and how to say it.

    All my life I've hated people, life, society, that I didn't belong, fit in, measure up. I didn't have a hope in hell, so what chance did THEY have? Well, I HAD to start somewhere and let me state right now, that I am neither suggesting nor implying anything. This just me. So many times I've been told that I over analyze. That I think to much. EXPECT too much. Yeah maybe but what if? I mean REALLY, what if?

    Forums, ANY forum is merely a microcosm, a world within a world, a society within society and probably, albeit on a smaller scale totally representative of, warts and all, the one that encapsulates us all. Are we inadvertently sending out and receiving wrong confused and confusing messages? Misunderstanding? Misreading?
    Are we/they, thoughts clouded by our own expectations, and their's, not least of ourselves, letting our own disappointments and imaginings run away with us? YES, there's a lot of bad shit out there, I won't argue with that. Discussions like this always make me think of my kid-brother. For him, the bottom line is and always HAS been, "they're only people, they can't help it." Another way of looking at that is "well? we're only people, we can't help it", and I DO wonder about that.
    I'd like to say that I too don't care, that it doesn't matter, any of it. But I do, it does, and I hate myself for that also but there it is.

    And now I'm thinking of Plastiweld and what he might have to say about this. No offence intended PW.
    I prefer to think/hope that you are BOTH wrong on this one, and that humanity is somewhere in the middle,, we HAVE to be, but also, I must declare, that in my opinion, it doesn't look good.

    I shall say no more.
  4. midnightpoet's Avatar
    When I was young, Jesus taught me not to be selfish; and while it's still a good idea, it's not exactly poplar here in the human race. Whether it's corporations, the government, the medical community, (you name it) you finally realize they are not your friends. You will not get help, you gotta walk that lonesome valley by yourself. I trust very few people; the friends I've made are people having their own struggles with life.

    Once in a while I see a spark, like the teenage girl who helped me get my wife out of her wheelchair into the car. Good deeds seem to be fading, but I keep going. Probably because there are still a few people who need me.
  5. dither's Avatar
    I won't click on the "like tab" for your blog-post , what's to like? but just for the record Winston, " I get ".
  6. Winston's Avatar
    ...they won't stop talking, it's as though they can't bear, FEAR almost, silence. I'm not a talker. Once we've done he "hello how are yous" I'm happy to sit quietly and listen to the others but they WILL go on. It's like, where's the off switch?
    I've gleaned from multiple sources that those with above-average intelligence tend to be quieter, and more comfortable with silence. A quiet person's mind is often more full, satisfied, and has no need for constant stimuli.
    Contrast that with an individual displaying Dunning-Kruger symptoms. They MUST share from their shallow pool of knowledge constantly. They have to prove to others (and themselves) how much they "know".
    My sister talks a lot. I nod, and smile.
  7. dither's Avatar
    Sometimes you just have to let people be. My problem with relatives is that they won't stop talking, it's as though they can't bear, FEAR almost, silence. I'm not a talker. Once we've done he "hello how are yous" I'm happy to sit quietly and listen to the others but they WILL go on. It's like, where's the off switch?
  8. Winston's Avatar
    Update: I ended up visiting her on Christmas Eve.

    She was trying so hard to be nice. I mean' it wasn't fake at all, but it kinda made me sad. I just know that she can't maintain that level of functional civility. At one point, we were talking about my deceased mother, and my psycho sis began seething when the subject of her jewelry (and it's disposition) came up. She reigned it in, but that nastiness is always below the surface. And my family doesn't deserve to have it unleashed on them by her. Ever.

    I'll see her again, just not soon (if I can help it). We tried helping her before, and we may again, but I doubt it. She is who she is.
    I love her. I just don't trust her.
  9. dither's Avatar
    I have/had two brothers and two sisters, I'm the oldest, often wish that I weren't but there you. My oldest brother died recently, oh dear, I'd forgotten about that already, had to edit in the "had". We didn't get on, no love lost there. My youngest sister moved away many years ago, no love lost there either. The other two, I 'm okay with but I wouldn't care if I never saw them again.

    I refuse to think of myself as bad, or particularly good actually, I'm just me, making my own way as best I can without the hubbub.

    We're not bad Winston, we're just different.
  10. escorial's Avatar
    most will not accept they live mediocre lives and find conflict with others as a release from themselves....
  11. Kevin's Avatar
    Mm... I may have mentioned that a few years ago my wife finally had enough and told my sister she'd rip her effing head off. We haven't seen her since. Jr. gave her (his mom) the fist bump, after. Still brings a tear to my eye.
  12. Kevin's Avatar
    Jet setters to give up jets - nobody
  13. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Biro
    Old Dr Spock was telling us about the worlds destruction in 1978 when .....wait for it......'SCIENTISTS' ........yes ......'SCIENTISTS'........were trying to scare us to death because all of their evidence collected was telling them we are all doomed because of...............an impending ....'Ice Age'.

    T'was only 40 years ago!!!

    Talk about blowin hot & cold.
    Well, we know Vulcans can't lie. But they can be wrong. Just like well compensated, tenured "public servants" that have significant skin in the game.
  14. escorial's Avatar
    Armchair prophet...
  15. Biro's Avatar
    Old Dr Spock was telling us about the worlds destruction in 1978 when .....wait for it......'SCIENTISTS' ........yes ......'SCIENTISTS'........were trying to scare us to death because all of their evidence collected was telling them we are all doomed because of...............an impending ....'Ice Age'.

    T'was only 40 years ago!!!

    Talk about blowin hot & cold.

  16. escorial's Avatar
    But what about the WF prophets...can they not save us
  17. Biro's Avatar
    'No Blade Of Grass' 1970............A film from a book written 15 years earlier. About pollution and world starvation.

    'Yellow Taxi' 1970..............Joni Mitchell.......Song about cars and building every where 'Urbanisation'

    'Crazy Horses' 1972............The Osmonds............Song about pollution.

    'This Town Aint Big Enough For Both Of Us' 1974.........Sparks.......Song about over population.

    'Never turn your Back On Mother earth' 1974..............Sparks...........song about the destruction of the planet by humans.

    'Burn Baby Burn' 1974...........Hudson & Ford..........Song about the burning of the rain forests.

    'Mama Nature Said' 1973.......Thin Lizzy.......Song about destroying planet.

    Just a few of the things I remember from my early teenage years when it was popular then to bang on about the environment and I believed to be all true back then and worried me to death.

    The movement faded away for about 10 years or more when they told us the ice caps would melt if we didn't stop using deodorant because the ozone layer (we had never heard of) was depleted and if the ice caps didn't melt we would have to stay indoors.

    Since then people have discovered a way to make mega bucks from all this. Even worse corrupt political people have realised a way to tax hard workers even more to line the pockets of themselves and friends.

    Some species since then have gone or are in trouble. Since the early 70's the population of the planet isnt far off doubling.

    The answer it seems is just to tax people or take away their wealth some other way. Nobody restricts babies or offers out free contraception which 'is' the cause of all the stuff they keep banging on about.

    Now we have young Greta at 16 who knows it all and how we all must live and we must listen too and change our lives now!!!!.

    If she was just a few months younger she would be 15 and not able to make adult decisions being a minor. Funny old world innit?
    Updated December 13th, 2019 at 09:47 PM by Biro
  18. escorial's Avatar
    There is always Chris Martin...
  19. Biro's Avatar
    Not if he has to pay tax he won't.
  20. escorial's Avatar
    Bono will save the planet from ourselves
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