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  1. Firemajic's Avatar
    So sorry for your loss... I know that sounds trite and I am sorry. I have been there--in that awful place of such terrible, numbing nothingness. My beloved mother was killed in a wreck after she left my home, July 30th 1996...Her legs were severed from her body and she had massive brain trauma. She bled out while the paramedics took care of the person that killed her...I was mad at God for a long time. I am better now but I miss her every day. It is said that time heals all wounds---not true! We just learn how to seperate the pain from our everyday life--or we could not function. Peace...Jul
  2. Plasticweld's Avatar
    You know I went through the same thing, you also know that we share the same faith "Christianity'

    My Dad is the one that used to bring me to church, it was because of him that I found Christ and found the relationship that God wanted me to have with him. Christ died on the cross for that reason, to be able to stand before Him, sins forgiven.

    You also know that when my Dad died he no longer knew the Lord, he had given up on him. When I was a kid my older sister died, my Dad blamed God. He began to drink and eventually he and my mother split up. It would take years for my Dad to get his life back together, he never ever did rely on God again or his past faith. He believed that God had let him down in both the failure of his marriage and the loss of his daughter.

    My Dad died and un-saved man just as yours did. We are not called to judge. We are put here on earth to see who we chose to follow. The reason we are here is that God wants those who want him. You can never force anyone to believe or put faith in something they do not want to. Some have the desire to have that relationship some don't. I have always shared my faith with anyone interested but never had the desire to force feed them by beliefs.

    You ask, "How can God ignore my father" He did not, your Dad just as mine choose to ignore God, he exercised free choice just as God had intended.

    Think of your relationship with our Dad and what was so important, what mattered, that is all that God wants with you.

    The same love that you hear in your children's voice when they say they love you is what is what he is also seeking. God does not want false love, or for someone to just mouth the words. I am sure as you were growing up there were times when you did not get along with your Dad. To mouth the words " I love you" in the middle of an argument or tough time would be wrong, there is no reason at the present time to feel guilty for not saying it.

    Your Dad never expected you to always cherish him, there would be times when you would butt heads and not see eye to eye. It did not mean you have given up on him forever you were just pissed at the moment.

    Fred you are in my prayers to be able to heal over this. I will also PM you my phone number if you wish to talk. I have been through this also, I just have the advantage of being further down the same road, I too suffered the bumps and bruises that you are seeing now...Your friend Bob
  3. Kevin's Avatar
    No comment, Winston. You're in a tough place that I'm positive many have been before. Lacking any faith whatsoever I will not add. Anyway, I hope that the better times come soon to you. We must carry on now, mustn't we? Stiff upper lip and all that. Think of the kids, your wife. I know you do already, but... sometimes it helps to say it. And...they do need your comfort. God Bless, if not literally, then figuratively. It's the sentiment that counts (at least that's what I can manage)
  4. ComplexVariable89's Avatar
    Common sense isn't something modern politicians worry about. Common sense doesn't win votes, after all, spin and money do.

    Let's think about another example of current lack of political will to take strong action where it's needed: why are the EU and NATO sitting on collective their laurels about Крым (Crimea) right now? Common sense would say that letting the Russian Federation take over part of any of its former territories as the USSR would be a bad idea, and yet, we do nothing because (especially in the case of the EU) it would hurt our economies too much.

    Just how far do you think the West is going to stick its neck out for anyone who can't do something for them in the here-and-now, politically or economically? The case is, of course, much worse in Nigeria, since no NATO territories are potentially in danger and Nigeria doesn't figure very much into the international economy, relatively speaking.

    Much Respect,

    John M. Carr
  5. Scribe101's Avatar
    Re: Korea and Vietnam

    This is based on the assumption that the U.S. power elite were motivated by humanitarian desires.
    What if this assumption is false? The conclusion would be negated.
  6. Plasticweld's Avatar
    Good post, I share your sentiments. I too am tired of talk, of red lines in the sand and not standing up for what is right for the fear of appearing wrong. Good men know what needs to be done, they do it because it right not because of the fall out from those who disapprove.

    Good men are both well hated and well Loved. Being luke warm in any comment is the 1st ingredient in failure
  7. dither's Avatar
    I think that one has to ponder the "why?"

    I'm being influenced greatly by the chimp paradox right now,
    and have become quite self analysing but I can live with it.

    In my case it's a kind of self-esteem ( or rather lack of ) thing.
    Trying to justify one's self,
    begging almost, for approval.


    I don't know, maybe.
  8. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dither
    I do, and it's a shame.
    But the dye is cast, and at my age, it really doesn't matter now.
    It ALWAYS matters why you do well. To succeed with little effort is no victory, yet to fail while giving your all is honor in the highest. If you constantly give your best, you may be numb to this.
  9. dither's Avatar
    I do, and it's a shame.
    But the dye is cast, and at my age, it really doesn't matter now.
  10. dither's Avatar
    don'cha juss luv'em?

    Good luck.
  11. Winston's Avatar
    Thanks. IMHO, baseball is the official sport of poets. And good looking, smart, humble people

    And if you really like your guy, vote early and vote often, ala the "Chicago Way".
  12. aj47's Avatar
    I'll go out to the ballpark and I'll punch the paper card.
    I think my guy is better, though the stat-geeks disagree.
    He's got a lot of hustle and he's working really hard;
    I want him in the spotlight so that everyone can see.

    Why should I cast a ballot if it doesn't really count?
    The guys who vote online can cast two dozen votes a day
    (They actually get twenty-five per e-mail account).
    On paper I cannot keep up--there really is no way.

    I have to vote my conscience as a knowledgeable fan.
    The odds are stacked against me and I know it will be tough.
    But even so I feel that I must do the best I can
    To let the world know that I believe he's good enough.
  13. Dreamworx95's Avatar
    I went to Seattle on Monday and now that I've read your post, I think I've seen everything you've mentioned here! Haha, I've always loved how sustainable we are up in the Northwest. In terms of knowing how to sustain ourselves and our environment, I think we are way ahead of everybody else.
  14. Taknovrthewrld's Avatar
    Very nice bit here. This has been an issue of scrutiny since the turn of the season.

    Commercials, radio ads, etc. People have been spreading 'motorcyclist awareness', which you've conveyed here, hitting on the subject of negligent or inexperienced 'newbies' as well as the common subject of senseless drivers being a danger. All from the perspective of a seasoned biker to boot.
  15. Offeiriad's Avatar
    I noticed the architecture ones at Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago. I think I will get one of the small kits for my architect friend for Christmas this year.

    Incidentally, I looked it up and Lego Group is a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. So much for getting in on the action there.
  16. Winston's Avatar
    Thanks for the compliments.

    I'd like to believe that's how I write (i.e. "If my son were to write...") 'Common man' does not mean 'simple'
    I think that so many writers try so hard to be unique, they forget how to be authentic. It's that old cliché'; I'm different, just like everyone else! Thanks again.
  17. egpenny's Avatar
    If I hadn't seen your picture, I'd ask if you were my son, who lives in Everett. If he were to write, the above would be what he'd have to say and I agree with everything. I enjoy your writing and always look to see what you are up to.
  18. Winston's Avatar
    Update: The clean-up crew was back the other day and finished repairing the mural. Perhaps a temporary victory, but a win for the good guys nonetheless. One day at a time...
  19. Offeiriad's Avatar
    I agree with Rob. I would also like to put in that I recognise there's a difference between those who are rich due to the hard work they've put into whatever it is they love to do and those who do nothing but inherit riches of their parents and grandparents. If I were to say that I hate anyone, its those rich; the ones who do nothing yet are rich.

    I work for a pair of architects and even if I didn't know them personally, I could tell you which of them was born into a wealthy family and which has worked hard to make the good money he has, simply on their spending habits. The one who has worked hard is a thrifty spender; the other is not.
  20. Robdemanc's Avatar
    I would say its not about hating the rich, its more to do with disliking the way our western society has got onto a merry go round of greed and lust for richness. Wealth generation is now the goal as opposed to the means to our goal (which should be security and prosperity). We have a short sighted policy when it comes to our future. Everything is about making money....why? The rich just do what anyone else would presumably do in their situation. But that doesn't make it right.
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