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  1. bdcharles's Avatar
    God puts us where we are for a reason.
    Assuming God exists. And Skipper Dan himself is a cartoon character, though one born presumably of satire centred around first-world problems. Much better, I feel, to save one's boot for the faces of the people that actually deserve it.
  2. Plasticweld's Avatar
    Good post Fred, Every day is a new day and you can be whoever you want to be. Yesterday doesn't matter, nor does tomorrow. Today the stage is yours...do something with it.
  3. dither's Avatar
    Sounds easy when you put it like that Winston but it isn't. It just isn't. I'm sorry.
    Y'know? As I get older I find myself wanting to do something about my life. Some days it's all I think about. NO I don't want to have fun or experience any kind of enjoyment. That would be over-doing it. Just to feel like getting up and facing another day would be an amazing thing for me. Counselling is out of the question, after 60 odd years where does person start? and I don't want to get into taking happy-pills either.

    I have no sound here so there would be no point in my watching the clip.

    Maybe this vivo character should consider a career-change whatever.
    Updated May 14th, 2018 at 10:52 AM by dither
  4. dither's Avatar
    Not sure about that J.o.a.t.
    I have two brothers and two sisters who I rarely have any sort of contact with and hardly ever think of them . Not sure that...... wait a minute....... maybe I'M the black sheep and nobody told me.
    Seriously though. A need to nominate a " black sheep "? I don't know.

    Might be more likely within a religious family I would have thought. Pious ones looking down on a member, or members, who refused to follow, or even doubted, the chosen path so to speak.
  5. Jack of all trades's Avatar
    It's not really religion to blame. Families are an odd species. There is a tendency, even in non-religious families, to target one individual. That person used to be called the black sheep. Now the term is target child. It's the same thing, really. The group feels better turning their backs on one. The reason is irrelevant. Often religion is the excuse. But that's all it is -- an excuse.
  6. Phil Istine's Avatar
    It's remarkable that you held on to some kind of faith after that little lot. I know that some manage it.

    Personally, I went into self-destruct mode for many years. Not surprising I suppose when the message I received throughout my formative years was that I would be "destroyed" at Armageddon if I ever left (then predicted to probably occur by 1975). The self destruction simply became a self-fulfilling prophecy

    And yes, my mother was a hypochondriac too.
  7. dither's Avatar
    When they knock on my door, if I'm feeling like answering it, which is very unlikely, I just say "look! I'm really not interested" and they just turn around and go.
  8. Winston's Avatar
    Yeah, PI. That's a great way to raise kids, right? "The world will end any minute! Don't make any plans for your future." It really is psychological abuse.

    I try not to think of The Puppet Masters in Brooklyn / Wallkill. I instead sympathize with those still caught-up in that unhealthy belief system. I applaud your strength. I'm sorry you were scarred, and hope your healing continues.

    My bonus was that my mom was a hypochondriac, and told me regularly that she was going to die. So, what comes first? Mom dying or "The End of This System of Things"? That's a lot for an 8 year old to digest.
    And when she was dying (many years later), I remember the fear in her eyes as she asked "I was a good mom, wasn't I? I was good?" That JW poison guilt was eating at her up to the end.

    That's the big hook for the Witnesses. right? Only 144,00 go to Heaven. That's my current spiritual hang-up. Most major religions have a filter-out element. Only "X" amount make the cut. God of Love vs God of Justice. The JWs are extreme on the vengeful God of Justice side. God is a real big Judge Wapner for the ultimate People's Court.

    But I still pray. I just don't attend any formal church at the moment. Just because some old evil men in Wallkill pervert faith doesn't ruin the relationship I have with God.
    I always fall back on the words of Galileo:
    "I don't believe that the God that gave us sense, reason and intellect intended us to forgo their use."
    Updated May 7th, 2018 at 02:07 AM by Winston
  9. Phil Istine's Avatar
    Yes, I was raised in that religion too. Some of the work I've posted on here over the past few years tackles certain aspects of it.
    Being bitter only harms me, so I try to avoid it. It's not always easy as the belief system, along with a highly neurotic family of origin, left me seriously damaged - not helped by being forced out of home at 16 because I wouldn't be baptised into it.
    Technically, I'm not shunned (that's what they call ignoring a former member); as I was never baptised they couldn't formally disfellowship me.
    I was sleeping in doorways and very rough places because I stood my ground - my father was a hard line Elder.
    I don't hold it against the individual members that I had to leave school early with no qualifications and had nowhere to live for a while, but I do hold it against those vermin who run the show from Wallkill (they recently moved from Brooklyn) whose procedures protect paedophiles and whose kangaroo courts ruin people's lives.

    But I leave them alone. If they try preaching to me I don't argue doctrine. I simply tell them why I want nothing to do with their religion, and I hold nothing back. I'm polite, courteous, and truthful and never make the first approach.
    They completely put me off religion very early in my life, but it took many more years for me to be able to start understanding the other reasons why religion is wrong for me personally.

    It took over twenty years after leaving that religion for the apocalyptic nightmares to finally go. I didn't realise at the time but believe I probably suffered from some form of PTSD.

    At least there's plenty of writing material when I choose to tap in to it.
  10. escorial's Avatar
    Olly is God...
  11. Plasticweld's Avatar
    Some real nuggets of truth in all you say. All of them hard earned.
  12. Neetu's Avatar
    Winston, I would highly suggest you use your sense of smell to good purpose! Well, you could earn from it, you know. Sniffing wine for wine producers and offering your services to homeland security or something to sniff out drug smugglers.
    I have known people who have completely lost their sense of smell after a viral flu type thing and never recovered it. Happened to my cousin a few years ago and she was pouring stale, spoilt milk in everyone's coffee because she couldn't smell it. Then there was an incident with a skunk....
  13. TuesdayEve's Avatar
    Ha ha Kevin, when in high school, I had a
    similar experience, puking but related to
    the looong, loooong, seemingly never ending
    string of nasal yuk... it was epic and has
    never happened since.... joyfully. Have always
    had a good sense of smell and it increases as
    I get older...something to look forward to boys
  14. Kevin's Avatar
    When I was about 19 I woke up once with that super power. It only lasted about a day. Normally my sinuses are a little clogged, so my sense of smell is just slightly more sensitive than usual. Late one night after puking up a bunch of beer I remember that there was a long release of fluid from up inside my nose. Not beer or puke, but clear water or liquid from somewhere up inside my head, Ha-ha, brains are white or grey so it wasn't that- not really snot, either. Anyway, next morning I was able to smell things like I'd never been able to before. It was like having a really strong sense of taste. Too bad by the end of the day I was just like I was before. I really enjoyed it while it lasted.
  15. Smith's Avatar
    I haven't opened it recently, but I'm in the middle of a book called "Leaders Eat Last" by Simon Sinek. A lot of great insights into not only what's wrong with the millennials, but also what was wrong with the generations that came before them, all the way back to the Great Depression. Has plenty of good data and research studies to back it up. I'm actually glad you mentioned the materialists of your own generation, Winston. The book mentions them too, and how big of a problem it's created.

    I planned on writing some blogs on it when I'm through reading it. For one, I think the simple concept of "leaders eat last" is - sadly - a mindblowing one today. During times of extreme cultural and social collapse, the simple things we took for granted (say, the idea of responsibility, or work) suddenly seem to become virtues themselves. I'm infected by the same malaise you mentioned Winston.

    Being a veteran Winston, I'm sure you thoroughly understand what "leaders eat last" means. But for those who don't, it simply means that leaders are supposed to look after their team. It's an unspoken rule in the military that the higher ranks are at the back of the mess-hall line. It's the "captain goes down with his ship" mentality. Or, at the very least, he's the last guy overboard. Winston may be able to explain it better than me.

    In today's workforce, people want to be *led*. They want *leaders*. That's what Simon Sinek says. They don't want to be managed. There's an important difference. Nobody likes a fucking manager. The best "managers" are leaders who are a manager by misnomer only.

    And regarding benefits? In terms of science and psychology, somebody giving you a hand-out means jack shit compared to somebody who physically helps you and spends time with you. Somebody giving you a hundred bucks for the moving-truck doesn't mean much compared to the friend who spends their entire day, or even weekend, helping you move, no strings attached.

    I'm not saying one shouldn't appreciate the money for the moving truck. I'm just saying that at the end of the day when the score is weighed, the scales don't lie. These people who think socialism and free-money will be the panacea of the world's problems are delusional, and so out of touch with reality I want to strangle them.
    Updated April 9th, 2018 at 03:36 AM by Smith
  16. dither's Avatar
    so much of that I can relate to. It's the way of the world mate.
  17. midnightpoet's Avatar
    My wife and I were eating at a buffet the other day and an older guy noticed I was helping her get her food (she's used a cane, stroke last year) and noted he was doing the same for his disabled wife, noting he didn't see the younger generation doing anything like that and I'm afraid I agreed with him.
  18. RhythmOvPain's Avatar
    When I see people under 30 getting SSDI it sometimes makes me wish I was like them; shoot yourself in the foot and get bread - zero effort.

    It just seems pointless to me to not appreciate the fruits of labor. A LOT of these millennial pieces of shit (people younger than I am) don't have the constitution or inclination to do shit for their fruit.

    They wanna sit around, get high, play videogames and post updates on Facebook; they wanna show up, do nothing, and reap benefits for time legit wasted.

    Shit pisses me off.

    I honestly grew up watching these dumbass motherfuckers develop into the useless pieces of shit they are now.

    If I had the capacity to shed a tear for my fellow man, at this point I'd be crying for all these retards running around like decapitated chickens.
  19. Winston's Avatar
    It's the American identity to have the freedom to carry weapons - another example of social cool, if you like - so again, everyone's at it, not just liberals looking to get laid.
    Carrying a firearm concealed (my blogs' topic) kinda negates the concept of being "cool". No one is supposed to know I have a weapon. That's the idea. And I don't give a rat's posterior what anyone thinks of me, gun or no-gun.
    It is a civic responsibility for those that are able-bodied to come to the defence of their fellow citizens. It's that simple. In a world filled with cowards, that's a crazy concept.
    It was entertaining reading the quasi-psychological / sociological analysis. But Freud said it best. Just substitute "cigar" with "gun".
  20. Smith's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by midnightpoet
    I'm not against responsible gun ownership, and I agree that media on both sides give a twisted version of the truth. I would like to ask the joint chiefs of staff a question, though. Does the U.S. military real fear an armed citizenry? In any case my concern is the non-responsible gun owners (however many or few they are). I've got to wonder why so many (especially school) shootings. Citizens have always had guns along with a distrust of government. Right after the revolution we had the whisky rebellion (1792 I believe). But guns aren't the cause of these shootings, and violence is occurring all over the world. Don't have an answer, though. Just questions.
    Another question would be how willing is the US military to slaughter and tyrannize their own people? Their own family and friends.

    It's unlikely.
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