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  1. How Bad does a Bad Guy Need to be?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gyarachu View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Terry D View Post
    Nowhere? Really? A new writer reading through this thread will see that it's important to consider just how she wants her antagonist to come across, and might realize that the nature of the antagonist could very well depend on the genre in which she plans to write. They might also learn that the most important criteria for designing an antagonist is the story itself. A world-eating-mega-demon might be just what's called for in an epic fantasy tale, or the charming sociopath who coaches your kid's
  2. Observations from Mount Crumudgeon

    Welcome to my first ever blog post. There's a large part of me that wants to apologize in advance for any offense this post might cause, but that wouldn't be curmudgeonly, so I'll forego the pre-apology. On to the meat of this thing...

    I just saw another thread which began something like this; "Hi, all, I need some help, lol. I've got this great idea for a sci-fi/romance/fantasy/zombie apocalypse novel. I just need some help getting started..." Or, maybe the OP I saw started ...
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