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  1. 23 November 2010 -- Bentley, Dog of the Frozen North (video and image)

    There's a picture of Smudge's hand with its AMPUTATED FINGER all covered with a million stitches below!


    Over the weekend me, Bentley, and Smudge (not seen in video) went to a place near South Park, Colorado, called Webster Pass. The pass was closed because the heavy snows have already started in the high country, but it was really pretty up there. This is in Pike National Forest.

    The video is really, really short so you
  2. 18 November 2010 Weak Haiku

    I know I said I was gonna finish my story about my hike up on Dinosaur Ridge and what I found that day, and I will, but first I wanted to put these haiku here. I was just sitting watching the sun rise. I don't know what happened to the blizzard that was supposed to come through according to the weather, but even though the sun's not up yet, it's already warm enough to melt the ice on the porch.

    Smudge took off for work awhile ago and Lenny just got home--er, or at least I HOPE that's
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  3. 1 November 2010 Curse Words!

    This is really funny. Yesterday (31 October 2010) Smudge was in a bad mood so he went to climb some cliffs that are a short drive from here; you can actually see part of them from the house. (This place is about 9500 feet above sea level in elevation and these cliffs are REALLY high, a popular climbing spot for experts and whatnot but also there are a bunch of regular hiking trails around them too.)

    He said he would be back "in a few hours" so I wasn't worried about him ...

    Updated November 10th, 2010 at 10:21 PM by Scarlett_156 (found a typo! :D)

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