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MJ Preston

  1. The Subway Incident

    Yesterday I was on my way back down to Edmonton and I decided to stop in at a Subway and grab a bite. I don't eat out of restaurants a whole lot, I usually prepare my own food on the road because it's healthier and less costly. When I happened into this Subway a woman in her late 60's to early 70's was standing in line in front of me.
    In trucking, time is money so itís very easy to become impatient when someone takes their time or is indecisive, but I wasn't in any particular hurry, ...
  2. Website Woes and Internet Foes

    At the end of 2012 I find myself at a bit of a disadvantage, thanks greatly to someone hacking my website and getting it listed as an attack site on Google. I'm not really sure what the motivation was, but after numerous attempts to plug the security issues I finally made a decision to pull the site right down and my webmaster is now working to get the site up and running.
    Unfortunately, once you are painted with this scarlet letter it takes 3 months to get off the Google crap list. ...
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