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  1. Of Shifting Exams, Storms and Shticks: The Gob-smacking Turns These Past Days

    Saturdays for a student usually meant his rest day. After all, its a Saturday and its a day to rest and, in some cases, heal the wounds inflicted the week before, or even just the night before. With all the booze? Come on, You need a whole day to rest for that.

    But that's not in the vocabulary of a medical student. Not by a long shot, not when you have the major exams looming the week ahead.

    I had it figured out. I scheduled my subjects accordingly and created a sort of ...
  2. And It Was... Sinful?: Reconciling God's Goodness and Man's Sinful Nature

    DISCLAIMER: The following text tackles religion. I am not imposing the belief of God to anybody who doesn't share the same perspective, so I request that there be no discussion about the existence of God nor the belief of Him. For the purposes of discussion, let us assume God does exist.


    I was talking with my family and some of the family friends when our discussion came to the topic of the reconciliation of man’s sinful nature and God’s creations being “good.” ...
  3. Do I Know You?: That Awkward Eye Contact

    You are in a public place, say a restaurant or a coffee shop. You are reading a book or playing with your iTouch while you wait for your order to be served. Suddenly the waitress brings you your coffee or pasta. You both look at each other in the eye, and you feel a spark. You say to yourself, I know this girl. And when you looked into her eye, you knew she’s thinking the same thing.

    Sounds familiar?

    Well, something very similar happened to me a couple of days ago when ...
  4. Human Life: Unpurposive, Unproductive, Useless

    I was playing The Frozen Throne not long ago and I came across one sentence that a character in the game was saying. He said that “death shall cleanse the world.” I think that it has been about roughly two years since the event occurred. Now I realize that this statement might just be very true.

    A lot of things have already occurred since this last event. I had been in my freshmen years back then. I am a junior now, entering my fourth year in tertiary school just roughly three months ...
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