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  1. Gumby's Avatar
    Excellent and true.
  2. TL Murphy's Avatar
    Wisdom is flexible.

    A wise man was once asked why he had changed his mind. He answered, “When the facts change, my opinion changes. What about you?”
  3. Gumby's Avatar
    Great observations, Katrina! Thank you!

    This is a very personal poem, but one that I hope can be seen to fit many interpretations. I actually wrote this about my husband. He is a force of nature when he believes in something and will hold his position with stubborn tenacity.

    We had a serious issue arise with our daughter and he (for 10 years) stuck to his stubborn viewpoint. It actually almost ended our marriage, but I discovered that I am even more stubborn than he is, when I believe in something so important as my child. I can happily report that he has now changed his position.
  4. Pulse's Avatar

    Kelvin sounds masculine, shiny and new. He seems to practice ‘positive thinking’ in an exclusive manner but his novelty is worn.

    I like the way you leave us on ‘the fall’, which could be moral, seasonal or temperature-related.

    You give each official unit a character and opportunity for relationship, vague and tentative though it is.

    As humans, we may expect a rise after the fall, though fever could be fatal, or Spring; morality is harder to measure.
  5. Gumby's Avatar
    I love your opinions! Very astute. Thank you for commenting.
  6. -xXx-'s Avatar
    i mean, if i could have
    a valid/legitimate opinion.
    on poetry,
    and stuff.
  7. thefloridapoet's Avatar
    I love this Gumby...... Awesome poem
  8. ShadowEyes's Avatar
    I've never had an experience with hound dogs, but the family 2 yr old beagle must. snuffle. everywhere. It doesn't help that he's a doorknob, as well.

    Good luck with the pooches.
  9. Gumby's Avatar
    Thanks bob. Isn't he adorable? His name is Guinness and he's a hoot and all of those things in his poem. He is actually my son's dog. At the time of that picture my son had three hounds and I lived with them for a year and a half, in his home. Two Walker Hounds and one Blue Tick Hound. Let's just say that I came to be very familiar with the nature of Hounds.
  10. rcallaci's Avatar
    Got a kick out of this. Your dog is an excellant poet with one hell of a sense of humor---

    my warmest
  11. Gumby's Avatar
    Thank you, Candy.
  12. CandyRot's Avatar
    I love it.
  13. Gumby's Avatar
    I'm so glad to know I'm not the only person who has experienced a... um... personal grooming incident. I admire both of you, so I consider myself in good company.

    Maggie, thanks for the sweet compliment. I used to be somewhat stunning, now I'm just a well preserved older lady.
  14. Foxee's Avatar
    Good advice...I just moved the Icy Hot away from the toothpaste. Considering that I nearly coated my toothbrush with deodorant once while talking with my husband (he was watching, fascinated, to see if I would actually do it) I can certainly relate.

    Love the pic, Gumby.
  15. MaggieG's Avatar
    * grinning *

    I've rubbed Preparation H on my face before. I found out years later some women actually do it on purpose to lessen their pores. lol

    Enjoyed reading this Darlin

    Oh and Btw ... Just looked at your pic, and you are absolutely stunning ! The outside you matches the inside you wonderfully
  16. Gumby's Avatar
    Ah thanks! I'm trying.
  17. caelum's Avatar
    You're a natural poet, Gumby. Very easy to read and pretty.
  18. Gumby's Avatar
    A Lady never tells, so I will let the smiley speak for me
    Updated May 9th, 2010 at 04:46 PM by Gumby
  19. The Backward OX's Avatar
    There seems to be a theme emerging here.
  20. Baron's Avatar
    Did he get the message?
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