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  1. Color Of The Earth

    Color of The Earth-Frances Ayers

    Beautiful color of the Earth,that I do love.
    You strike my senses and fill my soul with glee.
    Your vibrant hues fill the lovely sky above,
    And bring out the autumn color of the trees.

    Your pumpkin hues and copper shades fill the fields.
    Deserts bright and Midwest skies stun our sight.
    With glorius light that brightens and yields.
    You warm me with your healing touch so bright.

    Yet your fire
    Tags: earth
  2. Thirty Winters Ago

    Thirty Winters Ago

    It’s been thirty years since we laid you to rest on a winter day
    The Ground covered with snow,forming a blanket where you’d lay

    Wind rustling through trees,calling out your name as If In prayer
    Mother you died so young!,I thought holding back a tear.

    We chose a concrete vault to keep you safe from the cold
    As we bowed our heads in prayer,It was your story that we told

    Someone who suffered since youth,from pain
    Tags: remembrance
  3. Unseen Presence

    Unseen Presence-by Frances Ayers

    When life becomes hurried and choices are unclear,
    there is an unseen Presence who will surely get us there.

    We may not reach our destiny,at our chosen time
    but there is someone wiser whose help we’ll always find.

    He’ll give us hope to find our path,a light to guide the way.
    His Strength will pull us up the hill and help us see the day.

    He knows the road is rough,he’s been there long before.
    Tags: faith
  4. As Ol As The Sea

    As Old As The Sea

    Deep and mysterious
    With an endless roar
    Lies the ancient sea
    With its’ mystical lore

    What creatures you hold
    You harbor such secrets
    Rich stories you’ve told

    Both complex and moody
    In storm or breeze
    Showing a Clear blue face
    Man sails across with ease

    Deep within its depths
    Lay cradle and grave
    A final resting place ...
    Tags: sea
  5. A Patient Time

    A Patient Time

    A time for waiting,a hibernation
    Before we follow through on dreams
    Careful planning,with determination
    Putting away halfed baked schemes

    No day or night is ever wasted
    Patience builds slowly day by day
    The fruit of forbearance is soon tasted
    Sweet as honey where we lay

    Suddenly we are engaged in life
    Our souls’desire reaches out
    And wraps its lasso around the moment
    Discarding all our ...
    Tags: patience
  6. Why


    Empty dark eyes
    Staring into space
    Feeling devoid of purpose,
    Have you embraced the grave?
    Are you ready to leave behind ,
    All that you love?
    To give up your soul
    For an unknown place
    Without thought of the cost,
    To those left behind.
    Who will pick up the pieces
    Of a shattered life?
    Is one fateful moment worth
    All the pain?
    You have passed on to the living,
    On one tragic day.
    Tags: grief
  7. Erotic Fantasy On A City Bus

    Erotic Fantasy On A City Bus

    Vacous eyes staring across the way
    Becoming lost in my fantasies and lust
    Dreaming up scenarios to escape the day
    Escaping boredom on this city bus
    I focus on him slithering in his chair
    Feeling a desire and longing to touch
    Avoiding his glance,he is unaware
    of how I desire him,so very much
    Suddenly,the bus comes to a halt.
    Seemingly occupied,I miss my street
    I sprint to the exit,It's all my fault. ...
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