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  1. escorial's Avatar
    yeah..thugz life...
  2. Eluixa's Avatar
    Your feelings make the most sense in the world. And made me tear all up. My mother is in remission. Has been for years now. I was young and not so grateful, and since then she has been and given what no one else could or would. And every time she is there, I know that it might not have been. I am so sorry. And I hope I did not make it worse.
  3. Mistique's Avatar
    For what it's worth, this was very sad to read. I am sorry that your mum and you have to go through this.
  4. Like a Fox's Avatar
    I appreciate it anyway, Ox. You know I'm not looking for sympathy or anything.
    I just felt compelled to put that moment into words so I didn't have to deal with it.
  5. The Backward OX's Avatar
    I've been sitting here for over five minutes attempting to think of something appropriate to say. I'm no good at it.
  6. Katie D's Avatar
    Love it! Especially the soap and poo, It's such a great combination.
  7. Like a Fox's Avatar
    Aw, *hug* thanks Foxee.

    I've become very hardened to it, sadly.
  8. Foxee's Avatar
    *hugs!* I didn't realize you saw so much suffering in your job. I hope your mother is doing better. You're very much appreciated here.
  9. moderan's Avatar
    Yes, that's right. I was millering.
  10. Like a Fox's Avatar
    Right. I just googled. You mean a Marty Feldman. I thought you meant a Corey Feldman, and I was going to say "What is that, die?" but it was Corey Haim who died.
  11. moderan's Avatar
    Fun! I just wish I could do a feldman. That'd be super. *rolls eyes in opposite directions*
  12. Like a Fox's Avatar
    Haha. Yes, eye rolling will now be known as doing a moderan.
    I believe other definitions are:
    bunny squishing
    making tortilla chips
    and doing actions in stars *chuckles*
  13. moderan's Avatar
    *nods* character sketches, prose poems.
    *chortles* I'm a verb! I'm somebody now...thanks for posting. Seriously. Now let's go beat them LM people a little
  14. Like a Fox's Avatar
    *Blushes* I'm glad you like my writing.

    Have been thinking about getting these little things down, because I imagine, when I'm ready to write that book, these will be a good reference.
  15. moderan's Avatar
    Good gravy! But you can write, girl. You could easily do a book of these lil sketches. Thanks for making me a verb. I like that
    Could be worse. You could have done a feldman.
  16. Like a Fox's Avatar
    Oh she's okay. She probably is on my top fifty pain in the asses list, but only just.
  17. moderan's Avatar
    Great piece of writing. I'm certain that the experience is unpleasant.
  18. Sigg's Avatar
    rofl you have 2 stars on your blog, so you are the only one on the Most Popular Blogs list... I gave you 5 stars, which means someone gave you 0 stars.... hmmm, pawn? sneaky man, claiming to like it with his comment and then giving you 0 stars, for shame!
  19. Like a Fox's Avatar
    Pawn - I'm losing faith in you. If anyone should know where it is, it's you buddy. Haha.

    Sigg- You know poo is a less offensive smell than really intense BO/Urine/Ciggies.
    I hate that I know these things.
    And I believe the ranking is used for "Most Popular Blogs". (So rank me, rank me!) Ha
    Thanks for reading.
  20. Sigg's Avatar
    His friend came in who smelled of soap and poo and asked why we wouldn't loan him any money.

    Where's my "Like" button.
    I don't know but you use Rate This Entry I suppose, not sure exactly where the ratings are used though....
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